Written by not2old_1

29 Mar 2012

After the fantastic fucks by the river, arrangements were made for us to meet at the public toilet car park the next night

I got there about 8pm (as arranged) and there was about 5 cars spread out, I sat there for a while and noticed one of the blokes got out of his car and come over, it was the last bloke that had fucked my arse the day before.

Small talk for a while then he asked if I had somewhere that we could go for a real fucking session, I had booked a motel room and said that anyone could come there if they wanted, he said they normally write an address in one of the cubicles in the toilets, with a special sign for group activity.

I drove off to the motel and waited in my room, I had asked for a room at the back of the motel near the rear entrance (Lol)

It wasn't long before the first knock on the door and within 5 minutes we had a crowd of 6 blokes in my room, it pretty much kicked off with one bloke dropping his pants and another starting to suck him, very quickly most clothes were removed and we started sucking the nearest cock.

I was sitting on the bed and had a nice cock in my mouth, someone crawled between my legs and started sucking my cock and balls, a bloke had moved up behind me on the bed and was pinching my nipples from behind, I am heavy set and have small man boobs, he seemed to like this, I love it, the bloke on the bed pulled me back so I laid on the bed and he moved his cock down into my mouth, the bloke at the end of the bed had lifted my legs up and was starting to tongue around my arsehole, the one I had been sucking had got onto the bed and started finger fucking the one that had his cock in my mouth.

He then moved in to start feeding his cock into the one I was sucking, fuck what a sight, a cock in my mouth balls on my nose, and me watching this cock being fed into his arse, the bloke tonguing my arsehole had started fingering me with a couple of fingers and then moved up to start probing my arsehole (condom on) with his cock, the bloke I was sucking had moved forward a bit and basically had his cock buried in my throat, and had spread his legs a bit to let his fucker start really pounding his arsehole, the guy in my arse was giving me full length and picking up pace,

I felt him stiffen up and blow into his rubber in my arse, he pulled out and another replaced him, before long I asked for a change around, I got on my knees, the other one being fucked sat on his fuckers cock and I sucked him while being pounded from behind, my arsehole had become very loose and I said I wanted 2 cocks in it, so I got one bloke to lay on the bed and I sat down on his cock and laid back to give access for another cock to try to get in my hole, bit of work, but finally had both cocks in my arse, what a fucking incredible feeling, they kept slipping out a few times but I was begging them to fucking give it to me, I felt one of them swell and explode in my arse and withing seconds the other one went off.

There was sex everywhere in the room and it was great to sit back and watch the others getting off, I eventually blew in a blokes mouth because he asked me to, while i was fucking his face one of the others pushed 3 or 4 fingers? into my arse and was nearly fisting my sloppy hole while I pumped cum into the blokes mouth.

Sounds like a lot going on, but I don't have many restrictions once I get going, which seems to be the norm for most blokes.

Let me know if you like the episodes as I have plenty more experiences to share