Written by not2old_1

24 Feb 2012

When the 2 blokes left, I just laid down in the back of my van and absent mindedly played with my cock and tweaked my nipples while day dreaming about the fuck that just happened, I didn't notice a another car had pulled in about 20 minutes later, and nearly shit myself when I realised a bloke was standing near the river bank and looking straight into the van watching me.

He was standing there with his cock in his hand and obviously enjoying the show, he came up closer and said a mate had told him I might still be down near the river, I just opened my legs and showed him the whole package, he got down on his knees and started licking my balls and cock, he moved one hand to start wanking my cock and lifted my leg up in the air to expose my arse hole and started to tongue around my hole, Jesus this was nice, he was really getting into this and pushed both my legs back and started really tongue fucking my hole, he pulled away and asked if he could fuck me in this position, my arse was more than ready and I said only with a condom, once he put that on, he pulled my right to the back of the van so he was standing outside and proceeded to slowly slide a very nice size cock into my arse, I asked him to take his cock all the way out and slowly slide back in, fuck I was squirming around trying to get as much as could in my arse each time he drove in, slowly but surely he was getting the whole length in, until his balls rested on my opened arse crack, he knew what he was doing as he would just hold his cock in fully buried and gently wank my cock, and then withdraw completely and watch my hole contract and slide back in, every now and then he would just bury his knob in and out of my ass ring.

He kept this up for a while and said he was close to coming and I said wank me and fuck me quick, as he said he was going to blow I started blowing and my arse contracting set him off, even though he had a condom on I felt every spurt.

He slowly kept sliding his cock in and out while we both caught our breath.

He eventually pulled out and asked if I was interested in a group session with some friends, fuck yes, that will be my next diary. hope you enjoy the stories as much as like to relive them when writing.