Written by bi an dloving it

20 Jan 2012

I got the invite for a meet at a couples place I have met, tony is tall and his partner Kim, is a slim blonde, nice body and mmmmmmmmm good boobs,, shes more lesbian, but does enjoy seeing her hubby with other guys, lucky for me hes a top,

a few other guys were there, that I didnt know were comming, a smile on kims face told me she was looking for more than just a 3some tonight, I quickly got naked and sucked a few cocks, while Kim also took to sucking a few cocks too, she knew I liked fucking her, and she also knew I liked tony fucking me too, so tonight was looking good,

it wasnt long before tony slipped his cock up to my arse and wet my hole with some spit, slipping in easy as he always does, hes not to big about 7 inchs but it stays hard for hours, Kim was now on her back taking a cock in her wet pussy too, one cock I saw turned me on too it was huge, i made sure as soon as he cum near me I grabbed it and sucked hard, seeing it grow more was even better mmmmmmmmmm, tony was slowing a bit so I told him to lay down and Id suck his cock, then turned to ease the big cock in me, Dave pushed hard as he entered my wet hole, and to his surprise and a bit to mine he hit bottom first push, then proceeded to ram harder as he built up speed, tonys cock got a good sucking while I was able to stay on it, dave moving my body with his trusts, I told tony to slid under me and dp me with dave, his cock easing in and they both built up a thyme inside my arse, my mouth filled once more by a nice hard cock, soon dave grunted and shot deep inside me flooding my womb with sticky cum, tony saying it felt nice on his cock too, and dave slid out to rest, his place quickly taken up by a guy I didnt know, and away they both went, Kim was having fun, she had drained her first cock and looked at me I told her to move over so I could eat her pussy out for her, so swapping a hard cock for a wet pussy I licked away mmmmmmmmmmmmmm so nice,, tony asked if her cum soaked pussy was nice and I said oh yer love eating her out, with that my arse took its second load as the new guy filled my hole with his cum, it was then i moved up and slid my cock deep in kims pussys fucking her wet hole and tony looked on,, and I said dont waste a hard cock like that theres a hole here that can be filled and he moved up and popped his cock back in me,, we have fucked like this before, so we soon found the right pace, me going between the two, kims mouth was filled with a cock and seconds later a huge load of hot cum as she swollowed it all I kissed her and sucked the guys cock for him, draining the last drops out of his cock, it was then that tony let go his load in me too, I love the feeling when he cums in me his cock seems to grow and pusle hard whilst his cum floods my womb, kim looked at him and smilled saying " you have been waiting for weeks to fuck him too"

as he slid of I pulled Kim up on her knees , and lubed up my cock, pushing it in her arse , she jumped but soon took it all, pushing back as I fucked her hard, my balls building to a finnish that I hoped I could hold off a bit longer , As I love her arse its so tight and smooth but it just makes my cock want to explode, so with my last burst of energy I rammed her arse to the limit pushing her over to a huge orgasm and flooding her with my love juice, tony went down and fingered her licking my juices from her mmmmmmmmm horny sod,

it was then the night got kinky, as Kim told the guys to restrain me and use me, I was tied to a small bench and one after another my hole was used by them all, Kim telling them what she wanted them to do with me, my mouth and arse taking all they gave, Kim also got her strapon out and used that, vibrators and dildos of all sizes fucked my hole inbetween guys, she got the guys to go from my arse to my mouth, and back, not leting them cum, making them save it all, this went on for some 2 hours, then she told them to fuck me until they cum and she wanted them all to fill me arse , and they did some taking quite some time to cum a few cumming as soon as they began fucking my arse , their balls must have been hurting from holding off, daves big cock let loose inisde me and I could see the puddle under me filling with cum, as what seems like gallons leaked out, tony was last his cock pounding me, as Kim urged him on, soon I felt the full force of his pent up cum, ream after ream, his cock ripping me open as he flooded my insides, oh I was in heaven, then Kim pushed him aside and rammed her fist right in first go all the way my eyes popped but it was good too, the guys all stood watching as she played in their cum, my hole twiching wildly with her efforts, I was also having anal cum after anal cum too, she knew I couldnt resist being fisted and how much it made me cum, and with that she also reached around and wanked my cock , which also needed some relief, I let loose shooting wildly over every thing in fornt of me, one of the guys went down and sucked my cock mmmmmmm wild,

we sat talking and Kim said she knew id like her surprise and hoped we could arrange some thing similar again, it was a alround yes from the guys and a solid YES please from me,