Written by Andy

28 Oct 2017

So first time writing a story here but I have one that just needs to be shared

I consider myself a bi guy, I’m fit young and I’ve been told I have a pretty nice cock, one day after a few drinks on my own I started to feel pretty horny so I payed in be playing with myself while looking through the internet for some blokes in the area, I started talking to one guy about 20 years older than me who was also looking for Some fun, he was an average build guy, a little hairy and had about 6.5 inch uncut, he wanted to meet up and so did I, seeing as though I couldn’t drive or host I told him about some toilets in a park just nearby my house so we met up there, now on the walk down I was extremely horny, practically running to get there, this place we went to was very well known for cruising at night so I figured if he didn’t turn up someone will, I got down there went into the toilets and immediately dropped my pants and sat on the toilet jacking off, these toilets were such a turn on too, dry cum everywhere, writing all over the walls with phone numbers from horney guys, I was so turned on I didn’t think Id last very long at all. After about 5 mins of jacking off I heard a car rock up, my heart started pounding as I waited for my fix of cock, in walked the bloke I was talking to and he must’ve been just as eager as me, I stayed on the toilet still playing with my cock, and he just walked up flopped it out in front of my face and I went to town on him, straight away taking the full length of his hard cock right down my throat, he seemed to be enjoying it, moaning and pushing my head further onto his wet cock, he mustn’t have been able to handle it anymore because he asked me if he could fuck me, I told him I’d only taken one cock in my life so he’d have to be careful, his eyes lit up, he was keen to slide his hard wet cock up my almost virgin asshole, just as he finished talking as I still had his cock down my throat, somebody else walked in, he quickly pulled his pants up just in case but I didn’t have, oh well the next guy that came in knew what was happening and put his hand down his pants and pulled out an even bigger uncut cock, going hard in a flash as he looked down to see me a young 20 year old jacking off on a toilet with another 40 something year old man quickly taking his cock back out and shoving it back in my mouth, the other guy walked straight over and started slapping me in the face with his cock while it stiffened. I was loving It, two cocks in my hands switching from one to the other deepthroat long then, getting them both nice and wet, then the first guy couldn’t take it anymore, dropped his pants and pulled me up and bent me over lining his hard cock up with my tight ass, he spat on his cock then my ass and rubbed it all in, was getting a little nervous but guy number 2 fixed that by putting his cock back in my mouth, then slowly I felt my tight little ass spreading apart and a thick hard cock slowly entering my asshole, it hurt at first but after a few strokes he realised I was ok and started thrusting harder and faster getting his cock deeper into my tight ass, at the same time pushing me onto the other guys cock pushing it further into my throat, I was loving it but I knew they weren’t going to last long with my tight ass, I was right, suddenly the guy inside me quickly pulled out still jerking himself, pushed me to my knees and shoved his cock deep into my throat before shooting his load straight down my throat, he’d had his fix now so he pulled up his pants and left, guy number two didn’t waste any time getting his cock nice and wet again before bending me over the toilet and aggressively shoving his even bigger cock straight into my asshole, this guy was a lot faster and bigger than the first, he stayed there slapping my ass cheeks and pounding my ass for a good 20 mins, then suddenly I heard him groan as he started shooting his massive warm load up my ass, it didn’t finish there he grabbed my dhoulder pulled his cock out still squirting hot cum on my back and spun me around onto the toilet shooting the rest of his cum all over my chest and face, I was loving it as I scraped it all up eating some of it and putting some on my cock to use as lube while i sat on the toilet jacking off while he quickly pulled up his pants and walked out, after that I jacked off and had the best orgasm of my life cum all over the doo and floor, I was more than satisfied and that was the beginning of many more encounters to come down there, my first time getting fucked by two guys at onece, I loved it.

Thanks for reading, I can tell you now this story is 100% true and I’ll share a few more when I get the time