Written by happy bi

25 Aug 2011

i had been to the steam rooms many times, monday nights are often best , so i got there early feeling like a good night out,

towel wrapped around me ready for action i took a walk around,, one guy caught my eye, with a bulge in his towel when i neared him, with a nod we both went into the sling room, he dropped his towel and my eyes popped, i had hit gold, what a nice cock, my mouth taking in as much as i could, i sucked him hard and long, gagging as i tired to take it all, soon my arse was up and lubed, his rod, pushing against my manpussy, with one big push and poping noise it went in, 3 or 4 inchs at first, then with more pushing it all hid nicley inside my now contented arse, he moved slowly at first, not sure if i could handle the full lenght of his cock, but as i pushed back hard each time he soon realsied i could, he pounded me, and i fought to stay with him, my anal cums rolling out one after the other, some where along the way, my mouth was ripped open by another cock, without knowing we had left the door open and a crowd of guys were watching, I swollowed him deep sucking hard as my arse took every inch of my lover in me, soon i felt the surge of a cock about to fill me with its hot cum and I took it all ream after ream of cum finding its way into my mouth, big cock was still going strong, I asked if he wanted to try and dp with one of the other guys watching, he looked surprised, i pulled a nice large cock to my mouth and sucked it, then told him to lay under me, slipping his cock in first, then big cocks in with him , my arse was now at full capasity, they got into a slow but steady pace, my mouth devoring a 3rd cock, and we set of once more, i saw a guy standing next to me and seconds later my face and head was covered in cum, , i turned to lick as much as i could before he walked away for another cock to take his place, instantly filling my mouth once more with juices, this seemed to set of the guy under me who squirmed and shot reams of cum deep in my manpussy, wow, what a load too. his cock pulsed for ages inside me,this set big cock of and he to quickened his pace, filling me with more cum than my arse could handle, strings of it running down onto the guy below me, and yet another load hit my mouth, as they all pulled out I asked the guys watching if they wanted to join in too, no sooner had i siad that then my mouth was filled , myarse now being opened by 3 or 4 fingers, soon a fist slipped in and i felt him playing with my prostate, boy oh boy i was in heaven, did this guy know how to fist or what, then i felt him push his cock in and fuck me still holding his fist deep in me, mmmmm, I have had this done to me before but he was good, they kept me going for some time, a few more guys filling my mouth while they did, and then much to my delight big cock once more filled my mouth and pumped his cock in deep, after sucking him for awhile i told him to fuck me once more, with the guys fist in me too, i think i over did it,, but once in ,, oh boy it was worth it, the smile on big cocks face told it all too, it was so tight he only lasted 10 mins or so, before filling me for the second time, the guy fisting me told him his cum felt great as his fingers moved around inside playing in the hot juices, some 4 hours later i went home, still dripping cum as i walked