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steam room fun

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Published 8 years ago
I had arranged to meet gary at 7 at the mens club in the city, he was tall and looked good, as we walked into one of the sling rooms he dropped his towel, wow nice he was hung,,I sucked him in an enjoyed the feel of his cock he pushed further in and made me gag, most of his 9 inchs went in, I was to horny to wait to long, so I turn and eased his cock deep in my wet arse, within seconds he took over and pushed me against the wall and rammed hard, after awhile I climbed in the sling and he again rammed his cock home and with such force the sling was banging loudy,, I told him to grab one of my vibrators out of a bag I brought with me and as he did slide that in with his cock, the vibrations feeling great, the noise must have been heard for some distance as voices out sie the door soon told us others were listening, he turned and undid the door an soon the room was filled with guys some touching me all over other wanking as they watched, my mout was washed with cum as one guy let loose, just as Gary filled my arse with cum, his cock no sooner out than another took over, some hours went by and my body was well used by all that wanted to, cum streamed down my face and legs, Gary spent some time fisting me and letting guys fuck me at the same time, his hand playing with their cocks inside me, I got out of the sling and sat on one cock and got gary to fuck me dp, both cocks pounding my hole hard, while I sucked other loads dry, soon 2 both cocks let loose in me and flooded me once again, I spun around and let the cum run over the guy below me, then licked him dry, my arse taking another cock as i did , I put my hand under my arse and pushed out all the cum , licking my hand clean and sucking of another cock as I did, more guys had joined in and had fun with me,, gary telling them what to do, by now I was soaked in cum and dripping wet,, late in the night we walked to the showers , guys looking at my cum covered body and smilling knowing they had been part of the fun,,
bottom biguy

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