Written by more gay now

19 Jun 2013

It had been awhile since last going to the steam rooms, but today I had time and was horny as too, like the other guys I stripped of but hung the towel over my shoulder, I'm there to get fucked so I like guys to see my butt, I walked around checking out the rooms, then went back to the porno room and sat on the edge of the seating there, cock in hand lube on butt, it didnt take long,

A few guys looked on, one going down sucking my cock, while another fingered my hole, when I could, I bent over to suck a cock too, and the fingers went in further, I turned and asked if he liked to fist guys, he nodded, so I said put some more lube on and fist me, with this he did, taking it slow, but soon his hand went in and my first anal cum raced though my horny body, the cock in my mouth went deeper as he pushed in hard, my second anal cum sent him over the top I was rewarded with my first load of the day.

The guy fisting me said to jump in the sling nearby, as I did he went back in, my face was used once more, another cock fucking my wet mouth, as I started to cum more the guy fisting my arse, pushed his cock in too, fucking me and then wanking himself,

I took my second load just as the fister let loose covering my arse and cock with his cum, nice big load too,

I moved to the group room, still covered in cum, soon another cock found my hole, no sooner had he started fucking me then my mouth was filled once more, they swapped, using my holes as they liked, I moved between them, rocking and sucking to thier delight, one blew over my face, I sucked him dry, the other filled my butt, leaving me to look for more,

I went back to the porno room and sling, sucking a stranger cock, as I was bent over my butt got filled, we worked on one another as butt guy cum and pulled out to be replaced by a larger cock mmmmmm thats better, as I pushed back hard, it didnt take long, I was rewarded once more with hot cum both ends, mouth guy going of, leaving butt guy still in me,

he waited awhile then said, are you kinky, why I asked, as the warmth of his piss filled my butt, oh wow, that was great, as gallons of hot fluid filled my butt,

when he pulled out I held it in, he pulled my cock sucking me hard, I told him doing that was going to make me loose his piss in my butt, with that he moved, so I was over him and said let go,

It was so strange his piss flowing from my arse, onto his chest, it looked hot, as he rubbed it over himself, when I finished he got up thanking me I headed for a nice hot shower,

i was ready to go when a guy caught my eye, as he washed his cock grew, he kept looking at me rubbing his member, I went down and gave him a suck, he jammed my mouth full , now some 8 inchs sank deep in me gagging me some what,

I lookded up saying how much I'd like to have him fuck me, without a word, we took of, the mirror room was empty so I headed in, he grabbed me, fucking my face on his cock, gagging me gasping for air, I didnt mind, then just as quick he pushed me around slamming it all in first go, fucking me like a wild man, just what I wanted too,,,I shot out orgasm after orgasm, hi speed still going strong, I took time to look at the mirrors I could see his cock, wet with juices going all the way in then all the way out, my cock wanked hard by another guy now, the second cock sprang up in front of me, going in for me to suck,

I asked who would like to dp me, at first nothing, then the big cock said, 'what' ? and i repeated myself,

his reply, youd never get a second cock in with me, you bet I replied, soon mouth guy was pushe din from under me, and big cock took postion, 'push hard I said as his cock went in, I could see some of the flesh going in my arse, but as i kept cumming, I gave up, just letting the feeling take over, as soon the heat built up and i took my last two loads for the day,

I made sure the next shower I closed my eyes having to head of home but next time maybe