6 Apr 2017

I had broken up with my wife and was spending time finding myself in my new single lifestyle - I had always had casual sex with guys on the side.

I wasn't sure about who I wanted to date, males or females at this stage of my life. I had been talking to a nice guy on gaydar for years but never met, and while scanning through the sites and previous messages one night had found a message with his phone number on it. What the hell I thought and decided to send a text just saying hello.

To my surprise I got an instant response and we starting messaging with me filling him in on my current situation. We organised to have a beer at a club the next afternoon, in the past I had just met guys at their place and played straight away, so this was a first for me.

I met Rick at the club and he was taller than I imagined, about 6'3" and very fit and good looking. I am only 5'8" so he was quite a bit taller than me. We had a beer and the chat was very easy and we clicked quickly. Soon one beer turned into 6 and we decided it was time to head off. I was dark and Rick's car was parked in a side street, he said he lived about 3km away and an evening stroll would be good to help us sober up.

As we walked through the park to his place he held my hand and we walked as a couple, it was a first for me and turned me on! Was I gay now, not totally, but as we walked past other people it felt great to be seen together. He put his arm around my waist and i put mine around him and we walked the rest of the way as I kissed his shoulder and he kissed my neck.

I couldn't wait to get to his place, I was under his spell and willing to do anything he wanted. As he was so tall I imagined his cock would be large and knew I was in for a pounding.

We got to his place, a cute renovated cottage and as we got through the front door and shut it he through me against the entry door way and grabbed my ass and started passionately kissing me. I moaned in delight and he started grabbing at my clothes to get them off as quick as possible.

He was very physical and rough, and he told me he wanted to fuck me the moment he laid eyes on me in the club.

We were still in the entry and had all of our clothes off, his cock was indeed large, and I said you will need lube to fit that inside me. He pushed me down onto his cock and said 'lube it yourself bitch' as I took it in my mouth. He was still forceful and push right down on my head to fill my throat with his thick hard cock. I choked and he didn't care.

I was rough and scary but I wanted it. I decided I needed his first load down my throat otherwise my ass would be ripped in half and an embarrassing trip to emergency could be ahead of me!

He was so randy he blew within a minute, the first shot well down my throat and choking me. I managed to survive and he fell to his knees, exhausted. I had tamed the beast for now, but I knew it would soon arise again to take me again .....