8 Apr 2017

No sooner had I swallowed his chunky cum, Rick grabbed me by the throat and lifted me to my feet. We were still in the entry of his house where I had been made forcefully to suck him off, I was confused and wasn't sure if we were role playing or not or if he was just a monster!

He then pushed me across his living room, now strongly holding my neck and pushed me through a door way into a room which turned out to be his bedroom, he had large kingsize bed and through me down on it. He said nothing, went to his bedside draw and pulled out something, then pushed me on the bed face first.

I started to ask what he had but he angrily yelled at me to SHUT UP! This was getting a little scary, as he was a big strong guy, very hot, but I was still not sure if he was playing or this was real. I was laying face down on the bed, he had his hand on my back so I couldn't get up, and then before I knew it he grabbed my hand and quickly handcuffed it to the bed head.

I started to ask and he yelled I SAID TO FUCKING SHUT UP! Before I knew it my second hand was handcuffed to the bed head. He then put a gag in my mouth and blindfolded me.

Shit I thought, I've cracked onto a murderer and this is how it ends for me. I was scared now - I felt Rick lift my body and place some cushions under me to lift my ass in the air. Then in no time felt the cold liquid on his hands and fingers as they frantically ripped at my ass. He had lube on and was fingering me, one, then two, three large strong fingers inside me. He was spreading them, trying to extend my butt, it was hurting and I moaned hard with the pain. I felt more lube enter and then felt another finger enter - my senses were elevated as I was restrained and blindfolded, he kept stretching me until finally, after many minutes, he was fisting me! I had been asked in the past if I was into fisting and said never, my little butthole would never fit that in and now here I was with this animal fist fucking me.!

He continued on, more lube and moving his fist around inside me. This lasted for a long time, maybe half an hour, my pain moans had changed, it still hurt like hell but was erotic at the same time.

He then seemed to leave for a short period of time, it was quite, I could hear his footsteps on the floorboards coming back into the room.

All of a sudden there was this intense pain and large cracking sound, the bastard was whipping my ass! I moaned and yelled but the gag in my mouth suppressed any noise, then another hit, and again, and again, he was whipping the hell out of my elevated ass! God the fisting was much better than this!

He belted me at least 20 times, then it stopped and this must have been a major turn on for him as he was instantaneously on top and his cock thrust inside of me. After the fisting this was better but I was still massively sore, luckily he lasted only 30 seconds before he unloaded his second stream of luv juice for the evening.

He left as I could hear his footsteps and didn't return. I was afraid of what was next, but he didn't return.

It would have been a couple of hours later as I dosed off that all of a sudden my cuffs were undone, blindfold and gag were still in place and he forcefully picked me up and out the room. We were heading to the front door from what I could tell, he put something in my arms, and said, keep this evening to yourself or there will be trouble. I know where you live. Then pushed me out the front door naked blindfolded and gagged. I fell down his front stairs, and when I got up and took off the blind fold noticed it was my clothes he had given me. The door was shut and the animal was gone.

I quickly got dressed and headed home, walking all the way trying to work out what the hell had happened! When I got home I looked in the mirror, my butt and back of my legs were massively bruised and were for weeks after.

But, as I looked in the mirror, I smile, I was alive and had just had the most erotic sexual experience of my life! I watched myself masterbate in the mirror, which capped off a wonderful evening.