7 Jul 2019

I had been drinking. The night before. The next morning my BAC was a little over. But I took the risk and drove to get a coffee. Around the corner was a patrol car doing a RBT. FUCK. I stopped. He came up to my car. I got out and confronted him. I am 6 foot 3. He was 5 foot 4. He had a great beard. I am clean shaven all over. He was the copper. I wasn't. He checked my BAC. I was well under. There wasn't anything else he could get me on. I told him I had been speeding earlier. "look at my car - it is a twin turbo". And so on. He ignored this. Isn't there anything I have done wrong officer please???

He said - no. Get on . Shit. So I got in my car and floored it doing donuts over and over the double lines. Then I pulled up back next to his car and stopped. "Well?". I said. "You have just broken the law". He says. Oh oh. I am so scared. "What next?" I ask. He gets into his car. I hate how they do that. So I go and get in too next to him. He looks at me and says "What the fuck. You are not allowed in here". I say "By who's law? Who says that?" This stumps him. I put my hand on his leg. He doesn't move. I move the same hand up to his cock. He doesn't move.

I take his cock out. He doesn't move. I go down and take his cock into my mouth. He moves. He grabs my head and pulls it closer. I take more of his cock and he pulls my head closer. I'm now taking him all, right to the balls. I am starting to vomit; but he keeps me there. I stay. I feel his balls with my hands and suck harder. He starts to get tight. I know he is going to come. So I go harder. His cock is now rock hard and his balls have disappeared. I can feel his orgasm rising. I suck even harder. Then he explodes in my throat. I take it all. Leaving his cock there in my throat the whole time. Loving it.