Written by Park hookup

25 Feb 2013

Just back from the caravan park showers Mouth and arse have had a work out.

When I went into the shower block in the caravan park there was no one else in the other shower stalls, and I went to the far end one, and carried out my fantasy about getting looked at while wanking.

Nice opening near the hinges of the door would allow anyone to have a look, was there for a few minutes and heard someone walk in, they went in a stall a few doors away and I was disappointed, but not for long, he left that stall and came into the one next to me, turned his shower on but I heard the door creak open and tried not to look at him having a look through the opening at my door I just stood sideways and continued to slowly wank my cock , he stayed there for a while and then went back into the adjoining shower, There was a decent gap between the wall and floor and I got down on my knees and looked underneath and he was squatting down and wanking a very nice cock, I patted the floor and he got the message to come over and stick his cock under the wall, it was in my mouth very quickly and he pulled away to stop from coming I whispered for him to come in to my shower and as soon as he came in, I bent over and opened the cheeks of my arse and he put the tip of his cock near my hole and I positioned it to enter very smoothly, he was giving me long slow strokes and I was holding my breath so I didn't make a sound, he kept this up for a while and said he needed to cum, so I pulled away from his cock and squatted down under the shower and washed his cock and then swallowed his cock, it only took a minute and he was blowing in my mouth and throat as he was blowing in my mouth I was wanking and blowing on the floor of the shower, have made arrangements to meet at a certain time for the next few nights while we are staying here.