Written by bi fun

27 Nov 2011

garry was a fairly big guy with a nice 7 inch cock, and good body, we had fucked many times before and i met him at his place thursday night as i often do, we got naked and played,, his cock soon finding my arse wet and ready for him, after some 20 mins I returned the favour and fucked his tight butt, then as he lay in the sling I lubed my fist and slipped it in , slowly at first but deeper and faster after awhile, then once he was nicley opened up I slipped my cock in too, fucking him and fisting him, his door bell went and he popped out to see who it was, Mike came in and looked my up and down, more down than up, and got naked with us, I now lay in the sling and both guys worked my arse open for them to play in, mike going first, slidding his cock in deep and fucking me hard, garrys cock filled my mouth, i was cumming fast now, as mike fucked me hard, anal cum after anal cum ripped tho me, garry had moved away and i was tottally at mikes disposal, as I came down, i noticed a few hands rubbing across me, my cock was in a mouth and my mouth was also full, while my arse was still taking a bashing from a hard cock, I looked to see another guy with us, as I did I felt the fist of mikes cum rip into my arse, filling my body,, his cock soon replaced by the new guys, bigger too,, and he very quickly ripping me a new hole as he pounded me past caring,, anal cums rolled out faster than before and my mind was going wild as my mouth took a hot load , garry blowing his first in me, some time rolled on as new guy fucked me hard, his cock swelled and his face contorted as his cock let loose, I thought he was having a heart attack, falling on me as his last blast ripped me wide open, I slipped my hand under my arse and caught loads of hot cum,, licking it all up mike went back in, for seconds , whilst i sucked new guys cock dry for him,

I slipped my 10 inch vib in with his cock and turned it on, mike loved that, feeling the vibs on his cock, at one point I got out of the sling and got them to dp me, laying on garry,, new guy slipped in with him,, both going wild at the tightness of it, whilst i sucked mikes cock, they took turns changing around, one would cum in me then change , it was great, all up I took about 7 or 8 loads and the new guy said his last was most likely a dry blow as he never cums that much normally, so all in all, a good night we all want to do it again soon,,