Written by Mathew_J

27 Jan 2015

I was lured to the plush motel room under false pretenses. This wasn't the meeting I was expecting.

"So you're a football star" he said mockingly. "I know who you play for and how much you earn", he continued. I looked down on him with disdain, he was half my weight and barely looked 18 years old.

"What's your game runt" I replied with anger.

"I've got film and photos of you with a certain Transsexual escort, got you fucking her, kissing and giving her a suck, and wow! didn't that end up messy". I was stunned into silence as he continued.

"See you could bash me senseless and walk if you want, but I've set it up so that if I don't enter codes and make calls at certain times your "out" simultaneously all over the country. It's programmed to email the media, opposition football clubs and porn sites. I could really fuck you if I want, financially, mentally or with my own cock".

He was right and I felt the pressure, he had everything to gain and I could only lose. Time to cut my losses I thought.

"How much"? I spoke with resignation.

"We'll talk finances later" he spoke with authority.

Then another young guy appeared from the bathroom. He was well groomed and good looking, introducing himself as Jason he spoke.

"I've put together a plan that won't cost you a lot and you can lose it on tax, you'll like it, but first me and Benny need to test the waters". I become aroused but apprehensive.

"Strip off" Benny ordered. As they both watched I slowly started undoing the buttons on my shirt, once off they both were complimentary of my physique. Before long I was nude, my cock wasn't slack either and that fact didn't escape Benny or Jason.

"Get on your knees" ordered Benny. He then started to walk toward me, nude with his erect cock in hand. He stopped, his penis head an inch from my lips, I wanted to lay a gentle kiss on its eye, then whack! Benny gave me a hard open handed slap that really stung.

"I don't like being called a runt, now say fucken sorry, and grovel. If you don't grovel good I won't blow my load in your mouth. I'll push the button and "out" ya instead". I've played a lot of hard football and ran through men, hurting them with ease but right now I feel scared. It's as if my will and power are deserting me and being picked up by Benny.

"Happy to suck you off real good Ben, you can cum in my mouth man, no problem". I uttered clumsily.

"You call that grovelling, that's pathetic" he snapped. With that he clenched his fist and banged his hand on my head like a hammer. "Do better" he barked. Then a feeling came over me as never before, everything was crystal clear, it was total submission and I was happy with it.

"Can I lick your arse Ben, you're a really cool guy, a beautiful guy in fact. I'd be honored to lick you arsehole, and Jason too" Bingo it worked. Benny flipped around and spread his legs, my first contact was running my tongue up and down and deeply in and around Bennys' hairy sweaty coinslot. I pretended I was eating a big ice-cream on a hot summers day. Benny turned around again and jammed his rock hard 7 incher in my mouth, it was cum time before I knew it. He didn't hold back either with plenty of passion and lots of noise Benny cum like a pig in my mouth. I got most of it down but left myself a little messy for Jason. I wanna be his bitch, I like him better than Benny.