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25 Feb 2013

Trying a fist


2 minute read

Met this bloke online We arranged for him to come to my motel room and we decided we would have a shower together to warm up, lot of swapping sucking under the running water playing with each others hole with soapy fingers, but it was when he got down behind me and started licking my hole that things got new for me, had never had anyone rim me and fuck was this hot. He was nearly suffocating with his tongue buried in my arse and the water running down my back, he kept this up for ever and when he decided to rest he was fingering my hole and wanking my rock hard cock, we semi dried off and moved to the bedroom where he got me to lay on the bed with my arse near the edge and held my legs back up near my chest, he really went to town on my hole and was eating my arse like there was no tomorrow, when he needed to rest he was diddling my arse and I was trying to push onto his fingers. I grabbed the lube which was laying in the bed and squirted some onto my hole and his hand, I could see him working my arse in the dressing mirror and he started to add fingers to the hole, I tried to watch as he had 4 fingers punching my hole and I was pushing down hard onto his hand, he worked his fingers in up to the top knuckles and was turning his hand, it was when he tried to get his thumb and hand into my hole that I was nearly passing out, I was dribbling pre cum all over my stomach and tried to take it all but just couldn't handle it, I got him to take his thumb out and pump me with his 4 fingers, he could get his hand all the way up to the join of his thumb, but no more, this was so fucking hot and when I couldn't take it any more he dropped my legs and sucked me until I blew in his mouth, I will try this again and he is keen to keep trying, I want that fist in my hole.

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