18 Sep 2019

For sometime I had been thinking of GH's and was on CL scanning all the various ads. I got the idea that I would contact some and see if I could get away in on this fun with the people who had them all set up so it was more of a private discreet way of getting cocks to suck

I emailed a couple of guys and didn't hear back from one and the other was a bit nasty explaining to me that only men knew what men wanted and he was not going to share at all. I left this for a period of time after getting negative response and often watched movies of this fun and got off on dildos or sucking

Anyway after about 3 months or so I decided to set up a private gloryhole in my storeroom off from the carport and put my ad on CL. I got heaps of time wasters and often guys in Perth wanked over the idea more so it was a bit of a hit n miss and couldn't be sure guys would show up

I waited for about 15-20 mins and a guy replied and he said 26yo married dad of two, wife doesn't give me what I need and looking to get head secretly and asked do you swallow?I replied back and after a few emails gave the address and he advised that he was only 15 mins from his place

I got into position and waited till we heard a car pull into his carport and my guts got so nervous and excited at the same time. I was trying to be quiet and breathing heavy at the same time. I heard the gate unlock and the guy walked in and kneeled down waiting and the guy unzipped and put his big dick through the hole and said "suck this you cock sucking slut"

I started sucking and licking the head and the guy moaned and said oh yea suck it good slut and went to work on his dick for about 5-10 mins and then I heard the guy say ohhh fuck, keep going you cum slut, keep doing that and my head got faster bobbing up and down as the guy moaned saying oh fuck, i'm gunna cum!

Then I hear its coming, its coming, swallow it slut and take it all! I moaned and mmmmmed and must have been about 4 or 5 shots and swallowed everything the guy blew. The guy said suck my cock clean and don't leave anything on it and I sucked and cleaned his big cock dry

He now drops by at least once a month and I take care of his needs. Love to hear from more guys in Perth who love glory holes and want to discuss a possible meet

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