20 Aug 2019

This guy was a drummer in a WA Perth band and contacted me to try out the glory hole. He said that he had seen me on site and had heard about my GH sucking from another member. He said that he really enjoyed having his cock sucked and wanted to give my mouth and throat ago. I told him that was fine and that we should organize him to come and feed me his cock and try it out.

He said that he was all good for Thursday night as it was after a gig in Freo and that way his gf wouldn't really get suss on him. I said that I didn't mind and that really all I was interested in was sucking his big young cock down my cock sucking GH mouth.

So it's getting close to the agreed time and then I get a text saying "Oi u dirty slut" r u ready? I reply with an eager yes and told him to come and feed my mouth and give me your big fat cock. Anyway, I get in the GH and I hear him pull up, gets out of his car and makes his way to find the GH. He unzips his tight jeans and pulls out his big young semi-hard prick and says 'fucking suck it you dirty slut"...I moan with a mmmm and open my mouth and take in his hard young knob head and lick and suck that head till I hear him groaning...

Ohhhh you dirty old cunt...suck it good...ohhhh you mouth you fucking whore and take it all the way down!...I do this and love every inch of it...I suck it right to the back of my throat and hear him say....fuck I can feel the back of your throat!...I moan and slurp that big boy down like its an icy pole on a hot summers day!

Suck it you slut....keep going...yea like that...keep going...keep going...keep going...ohhh you dirty cum whore...your going to get it soon....keep going...keep going...I lick his knob and his piss hole and get right in there and this get a good reaction with an ohhh yea....ohhh yea...that's unreal...keep doing that u slut

The next 30 seconds or so this continues and I feel his cock jerked, he moans and groans....and then his cum blow exploded into my mouth and down my throat and I swallowed every drop and licked him clean. He leaves his cock in my mouth to jump around for about another 30 to 40 seconds and I drain and swallow every drop of his young cream and clean his cock so no evidence remains...all he can do is moan

He pulls his cock from my mouth which makes a popping noise and straightens himself up and puts his young big prick away...he says thanks, that was so good...I will be back for more!

He's been back every month which has been for the past 9 months and has since had his cock pierced... there have been times where he's had me suck him off in his car, on the side of the car, in the carport...he loves it....and so do I!

Yum, yum...who's next?

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