Written by Jamie

8 May 2018

I love going to public toilets where guys get it on together! I like the horny messages written on the walls by guy wanting cock or asshole or mouth to fuck. Its great when there is a glory hole ( i have sucked alot of cocks n swallowed all n been fucked a few times thru a glory hole) or a small hole to peek at guys next door( been caught peeking by guys n have ended up taking their cocks n cum loads mmm).

One time in a toilet near a beach as i sat in a cubicle reading the filthy requests on the walls while playing with my cock and fingering my horny mancunt, an old man about 60-70? came in and i could see him thru a crack in the door as he changed out of his swimmers( i saw him flash his cock abit and was sure he knew i was watching when he sat a the bench where i could still see him and he started playing with his cock mmm. So i stood up and opened the door so he could see me and i pretended to piss as i blatantly showed him my ass and spread my cheeks so he could see my horny mancunt. I looked around and he was grinning and stroking his cock. I spread my cheeks wider and slipped a finger into my hungry hole and he grinned wider and put 2 fingers up so i then slid 2 fingers into my wet with spit asscunt and then he showed 3 fingers so i easily slide a third finger in and fucked myself while he watched!

I waved him eagerly into my cubicle and he came in shut the door and pulled out his very hard 6inch cock so i could suck it as he reached around and started fingering me. He said my asshole was nice warm n slippery and that he wanted to fuck me but didnt have a condom but i asked him to fuck me raw please as i love cum spyrting into me mmm but he refused n said he would love to fuck me another time asap with a condom. He started fucking my face n throat fast n good making me gaga n drool as he worked my mancunt deep n wide with his fingers. He said he could tell my horny hole loves fucking and that i sucked his cock very well and and that he was close to cumming. I said yes i love getting fucked and sucking cock and swallowing cum. He said WOW that i loved cum and when he came to show it to him in my mouth before i swallowed. I said yes please sir! and if i could also use some of him cum to rub into my hole as its good sticky slippery lube mmm. That made him fuck my face harder til he quietly but intensely spurted big streams of cum into my mouth n down my throat mmm. I showed him his big creamy load in my mouth and he got me to drool some onto his hand which he stuffed juicely into my man cunt as i swallow his warm rich salty load and sucked the last drops out of his cock as i licked his cock n balls clean mmm. I came in minutes with his fingers ramming my juicy cum lubed hole and he caught some f my cum and i greedily licked it off his hand as he said what a good dirty cum slut i was and that he would be there again most days and would bring a friend who likes raw fucking with his big thick cock! mmm. Unfortunately i never saw him again!