My first “Orgy In The Woods” Groups

The ultimate sexual encounter…

Shortly before Getting together with the Gorgeous Barbie, this is what happened......

My orgy experience

I’d love to contribute my experience in the lifestyle
I have always had an extreme interest in sex, A few years ago I separated from my wife of 20years , I have been busy fulfilling my group sex fantasies ever since,.
By far the best thing I have ever done to advance this was to Join a group called NBO (nude bi orgies) I was lucky … Read more

A Game of Pool I’ll never forget Groups

The denim skirt barely covered my arse cheeks. It barely covered the stretched and swollen lips of my cunt.…

I wasn't quite sure what to anticipate, but I knew I was in for a night to remember.
John had carefully selected my wardrobe for the night. He'd made sure there was no mistaking what I was. A slut. A slut who was obviously up for it. A slut who liked to spread her legs for strangers.
The denim skirt barely covered my arse cheeks. It barely covered the stretched and swollen lips of my cunt. It definitely didn't cover the weights attached. They w… Read more

The New Years nightcap. Groups

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

It was new years eve. I was in my home town and had been invited to a party by some good friends, Matt and Shaz. I had known them for years; as they were swing dancers and often attended dance events, when my jazz band played. I also knew them through gym. They were both personal trainers.

It was to be yet another 40+ degree day and no doubt a balmy night. I arrived at "beer o'clock" and helped set up. A marque in the front yard. Tables. Chair… Read more

Truckers Groups

Got trucked fucked…

Ummm hi I just got so much cock to be used by five of the biggest cocks ....everyone in my mind can get my pussy soaking wet! Hey guys how’s your day going. I have drove by this group of truckers several times a good dealivery was leaving as I was slowing down to get my morning perve is ok to grab a coffee I called they all stared at me in my tiniest mini showing my but. Cheeks hit heels on my white near see thru shirt on, thanks for the coffee… Read more

Young team bang Groups

I was older than the guys in the changing room, and I’m naked. I’m playing with a ladies sporr team. I’m running late thought it would be empty but half of the colts were still in there, at the moment I entered my knees went week. Young men are so hot and I’m not shy, guys in towels and a few naked wowed. Hey guys I’m sorry I’m gonna get changed In here. Hey how’s it going I don’t mind anyone else. A chorus of aggrement I was gonn… Read more

Imagine this Groups

So this is all in my head , I walk into a gb/swingers as a single woman and there is a large velvet wheel with 4 handcuff points it raised so that if you are strapped on it your pussy is at face level, you can be spun and eaten at random (per your consent of course) and it also comes with a raised curved bed so 69 and face to face can be done all in a common room with an audience fucked finger eaten dildo , literally someone could just tickle yo… Read more

Night out!! Groups

A night out with the girls was what was needed.. let loose with no cares in the world.
The four girls night started off with drinks at home, followed by shots at the bar.
Jugs were ordered and drunk as though they were the regular sized drinks they normally would order.
In no time soon the girls were more than merry. And very amorous.
The flirting, the dancing, the drinking led to kissing and plenty of touching.. it was as though there we… Read more

man for me Groups

My GF at the time had been out all day with me getting home to an empty house so I took a shower after which I just flopped naked on the couch watching music videos ,about two hours later my GF walks in with a man half my age following.on seeing me naked he just rips off his shirt throwing it on my lap .My GF announces that she is hot to try a threesome later but has always wanted to see me blow a guy turning to our guest undoing his belt motio… Read more

Maslin's Beach Fun Groups

Let me just start this by saying, all of the following is fact;

Well, the other day it was hot, hot, hot in good old Adelaide. I had a day to myself - a day off work, no appointments, no last minute shopping. So I decided to go to the best beach in Adelaide, if not the whole of Australia. Maslin's Beach, the first legal nude beach in Australia. The sand is pristine, the water crystal clear and because it is in a bit of a cove, not much wind… Read more

How many Men did I take? Groups

I would describe myself as a nice, polite, sensible, sexy, cock loving, filthy slut that knows my pussy is for guys to stick their cocks into. My Partner Paul is accepting of this and encourages me to be used as a fuck hole by strangers, and all of his friends, as much as possible. The night I am going to tell you about, I was offered to a group of strangers and many took up the offer.
It started as a regular evening of me kneeling in the corner… Read more

Got plenty Groups

Was day off so me and a play mate went to the river for a fun day of love making thinking was only going to be two of us as I went down for my second lick there was a noise behind but I was too into my fun I couldn't stop next I know I've got 4 people on top of me then I feel pressure on my ass after that it gets blurred as fingers tongue and even pussy in my face this went on for at least 2hours what I was let up I saw 5 couples who just raped m… Read more

Secluded and seduced... Groups

I watched on as Shona slept soundly, a little late that day. When she woke, we went out for a nice lunch and then a little dress shopping. Shona found a very pretty cotton dress for herself, I liked it of course - it was very short. Buttons up the front, and a bright floral pattern on white. I asked her to change in the store, she put on the dress and placed her other clothes, including her knickers and all, into the store's bag. I was excited… Read more

My Wife's Stupid Sports Bet Groups

Those of you who follow my posts know that my wife and I have a very special relationship. You probably also can tell that we are originally from the states. My wife hails from the Southeast and grew up an Atlanta Falcons fan. So she was naturally very excited when they made the Super Bowl this year.

As usual, we had several of my friends over to watch the game. My wife looked cute in her Falcons jersey and black shorts. As the pregame show t… Read more

My Naughty Fantasy: My Husband's Childhood Rival Groups

Today is a special day. Will and I will be celebrating our fifteenth anniversary. We have plans for a special evening: a nice dinner in town followed by a night of amorous love making whilst our kids stay the night with Will's parents. But for now, today has begun as any usual day. I dropped the kids off at school and have run by the gym for my daily work out.

Out of the corner of my eye I see him watching me. He always watches me. As I begin… Read more

A blindfold Groups

Blindfolded I wait. He told me not to move, be silent, no matter what. I hear footsteps, many of them. Hands on my shoulders make me kneel.
"Open ur mouth"
A cock is placed between my lips.
"Suck, make him cum"
I work hard, until hot cum squirts into the back of my throat, and the cock is removed.
I wait, panting, for what will happen next. I feel a tug on my collar and follow the direction they lead me, crawling.
I smell hot pussy before … Read more

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Huge young cock makes me fuck his mates Groups

I'd been checking out hookup ads hoping to find a random guy to meet NSA Woman wanted now my place, send you my naked pics if you call me now. It rang 3 times hi um I'm ringing about the add, you said ring for pic. Ok you want to see my big cock yea, well if you I'll give addy cum see up close. 5 secs ltr buzz he wasnt far from me. Cool , then his pic no way I thought. I txt him a tits pic asking if i should drive over. 10mins I'm there he ans… Read more

Sexy first experience at nude beach ... Groups

One of my favorite, recent days was a visit to lady bay beach with my Boyfriend. We happened to be in the area the night before and left our car overnight. The next day when collecting, I spontaneously suggested we go for a visit. Neither of us had been there before, however my partner had read some stories about what happens there and secretly knew what we were up for! I was going in unaware and I believe that added to the excitement and sponta… Read more

Watching Groups

James and I Sally have come along way in a little time in the lifestyle. I am now a hot wife 38yrs old and finally realising my sexual potential. I am short at only 5' tall but am shapely with nice boobs and gym fit legs. Mom to two teenagers I have discovered I am still attractive to men and have had some wonderful sex with a couple of guys.
James and I were out one night recently and while at a club bar struck up a conversation with a guy sitt… Read more

The first time Part I Groups

So the first time, we've all done it, it still gets me horny just recalling it, so I hope it does something for you too.

It happened when I was least expecting it, I had literally just broken up with my then girlfriend. I dropped into a mates place for a BBQ at their suggestion. I was expecting there to be a few people, turns out I was the only guest. Looking back, I should've read the signs, but I not only had no experience in the lifestyle, … Read more

First public gangbang Groups

I'd always wanted to be gangbanged, so I decided to make it happen! Posted an ad on Craigslist looking for guys willing to fuck my FTM pussy. I was more than surprised with the responses I was receiving, it seems that a few guys have a fantasy to fuck a man with a pussy. I was in luck, I was going to get the gangbang I always wanted.
A date, time and park were decided, I was dripping wet just thinking about multiple cocks using my holes.

To … Read more

First (and not the last) group fun Groups

Boyfriend and I head to QLD for a break at a great resort, lots of swimming, sex and relaxation. We were both 22 at the time and Fraser (my bf) had come from this area and was also keen to catch up with old friends. We met some in a bar and I was a bit put out that one of Fraser's ex's was there (Jill) , he seemed keen to see her but fortunately she was clearly too attached to the guy she was with (Mark). We agreed to meet up at our resort the n… Read more

Pleasing my LADY Groups

Finally it had come to this. I was invited to fulfill her lady’s pleasure. I was selected with one other of her choice to present ourselves and spend an entire evening pleasuring her.

We made our way to the bathroom. Got undressed and ensured we were fully erect. It was made quite clear to us… “…don’t even think of coming without showing me how much you want to be here…”.

We were to wait until we were called by name. … Read more

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Night at Club X Groups

I am a married lady late 30's who has i might say let myself go a little. I have put on a few kilos but according to my Husband I carry it well and am still sexy. I know i have a pretty face with long curly blonde hair and large boobs but i tend to wear frumpy clothes and to say the least our sex life has been in a lull. We booked a night at the theatre to see Les Miserables at the Capitol theatre and i was happy to get out on the town. A new hai… Read more

Shona's Motel Hookup. Groups

Shona, idly turned the business card over in her hand.
It had been a wild couple of weeks since the “Street prostitute” episode and she was building in curiosity for her next sexual adventure. Shona, was nervous but picked up her phone and dialled the number...

A few days later...

I watched Shona put on a black short dress, her shoulders mostly bare, thin shoulder straps, low cut revealing cleavage. The dress sat high on Shona's thig… Read more

Evening Out Groups

We don’t get the chance to play as often as we like, so when another couple from here recently invited us to a small gathering at an inner city hotel, we grabbed the opportunity. Selecting an outfit for the missus was easy as we had been shopping for a micro bikini and string top. She only needed heels and earrings to complete her attire, and an overcoat to keep her warm ‘til we arrived at the venue. I dropped the missus at the hotel entrance… Read more

Alot of random cock Groups

Driving into town I was looking forward to having a good nite in particular hoping Sam would relax and we'll basically be a dirty girl like when we first went out.
She looked awesome in her mini fish nets and high heels and I told her gee honey your gonna be beating the men off tonight , to which she said nothing for a few seconds and then replied your right you no , I'm gonna run amok tonight , as she then removes her pantys and applies black e… Read more

Alicia goes it alone Groups

My name is Alicia and my husband Mark and I recently tried swinging at a party in Newcastle. I was wary of swinging, felt curious but cautious but my experience turned out fantastic and a great turn on. A couple we met at that party had taken our email and we recently received an invite to a gathering they were planning for a small group of their friends. Gail the hostess explained that there would be 5 couples and one single woman and 4 single g… Read more

Surprise of my life Groups

A year after a friend broke it off with his girlfriend of 3 years, she contacted me through a social media site. Her name is Rachel, she is an athletic brunette with a tanned semi-muscular body and firm b-cup breasts. She had cheated on him twice and been forgiven but the third time it was over. I had known both from school and she had a reputation for hooking up with lots of guys. She started talking to me frequently, seemingly looking for some … Read more

what you can up to in mining camps Groups

My story starts 10 years ago when I started in the mining industry,meet the best people,one guy in particular certainly wasn't shy his introduction to me was do u fuck,well yes I do I said do you,it was t a few nights later we organized to meet at the pub,had a few drinks and he asked a mate of his to join us for some fun,his mate wasn't that keen,bugger he was cute to,so the little admin chick was there and a little drunk,we talked her into it,s… Read more

sarah was late part 2 Groups

As Sarah watched brad experienced a anal orgasm, as john was now pumping him hard ,which was to much for brad to continue sucking me , so I eased my way out and sat beside brad as johns fucked him hard ,reaching under I took brads huge cock and stroked him with each thrust ,
As Sarah watched ,she slowly removed all her clothes , as I watched her ,, giving her a sly wave to come over , as she did the guys stopped , and john withdrew his cock fro… Read more

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