Written by bi playing couple

9 Jan 2011

we had met steve and jane before, a great couple, who had never swung before we corrupted them, but now they both loved it,

saturday night they came over and we started by having a meal and a swim, being nudist we were all naked any way,

but soon as always we started to get horny, and it wasnt long before my face was down on a nice wet pussy licking janes clit, Lin was sucking steves cock for him, seeing as they stay over we dont have to rush, as often 4 or 5 hours passes when we play, jane went down on my rod and sucked it hard, while i carried on licking her clit, I moved her over to lay on her while i ate her out, feeding my face with pussy juices, her fingers moved to my arse, and she opened my lips with a wet finger and played in me mmmmmm the first time she had done this, i loved it my fingers found her pussy and eased inside her,, the next thing i know, my arse lips were opened up bu steves cock, as he buried his 8 incher deep inside me and started to pound me hard, the cunning little bugger had opened my arse for him, knowing i would like it,, Lin was now watching him fuck me as she sat between janes legs, I smilled and saw her go down licking janes clit, feeding her face with juices like i had been, steve was going flat out now, jane playing with my arse and sucking my cock ,as he rammed deep inside, boy it was good, normally steve takes ages to cum, but the speed he fucked me with and the tightness of my arse mus have changed that tongith as soon, he pounded so deep my eyes popped and a flood of cum filled my hole, with one big anal cum i fell limp, jane was still sucking my cock as steves fell out of me onto her face, to my surprise she sucked the cum of his cock and licked him clean, mmmmmmm so hot, she knows im very clean when we play, but this was the first time she had done that, but more was to come, as i moved her fist started to enter my arse, this lady was breaking all her firsts tonight,, she pushed hard not having fisted me before and i had to lossen my anal muscles for her, but pop in she went, she was a bit wild in me her fingers going around feeling steves cum in me she was like a kid in a toy shop, not knowing what to grab next, but all the time i was having anal cums like crasy,

I looked to see steve getting his cock hard again, and working lindas pussuy for her, the smile on her face told me he was in and soon he started working his cock hard in her wet hole, seeing jane fisting me had worked wonders he was rock hard , Lin was still licking janes pussy, when i saw steve wink and move some what, i knew what he wanted and when lindas eyes lit up he had found it, his cock was now in her tight rear hole, and he slowly worked up speed in her,

she had taken my cock and others many times but this was her first with him and hes a big boy, and i wanted to get closer to see better, so i asked her to move around for me to see, they crab walked over and just about stuck their bodies on us, but mmmmmm what a view, his huge cock right in to the hilt and her hole nice and wet, then he pounded her hard and i saw her buckle with plesure, i know once she gets going she loves anal ,just like me,

jane was still playing, more than happy with her first fisting experiance, but i needed to try some thing else, i slide of her fist and down under linda, steve knew what i wanted so did she, with one easy push my cock went staight in her pussy, she let me know oh so quickly she was enjoying it with a big cum, us guys took over and just kept pumping harder and harder, jane was now trying to sit on my face for me to eat her, i just got to her clit,, with linda moving to the side, and we fucked like mad, must have been some 15 mins or so later tha my cock wanted to let loose its load, but i wanted to fill her arse, so telling steve to pull out for awhile i slide my cock in her are ready to unload in her, working up speed again i felt steve move his cock next to mine i thought to get some feeling from me fucking her hole, but it was a big surprise to feel him start topush in with my cock, linda had never taken 2 cocks in her arse before, esp ones as big as ours, but she didnt say any thing or move so he kept pushing in and soon we were both deep in her arse,, my cock now not able to move much but the tightness mmmmmmmmm my eyes met lins and i gave her the biggest smille every she was in a kind of mmmmmm thance, her eyes fixed and wide, both cocks now pounding her hole and mine still waiting to unload , but all the time i wanted to last as long as possible to get the most out of this new mix, but when linda blew her mind with the biggest cum i have ever know her to have, i couldnt hold on and my juices flew, as it turned out so did steves, but it was so tight in her, i didnt know, we all fell over and lay in a heap. jan laughed at us as we just took in what had happened,

we rested for some time talking about lindas new found fun, she said that had we have asked she would have said no, but because it happened while she was so hot and her arse was open she didnt mind,, and was glad she did, saying that it was the best ever cum we looked and our cum was still running out of her hole, my finger just had to play in it, evenbetter when jane got her vib and slid it in her, lins face lit up again, and janes eyes got that naughty look again, we watched as the girls played, lin eating janes clit while her arse got another working over, my cock saw a opening and filled it jane moved to let me in better, i normally take hours to cum but with all that was going on, the girls taking turns making one another cum and my cock nicley held by a willing pussy, my balls soon let loose my second load.. lin licking it up as it ran down janes pussy, just as jane let out a big moan to finnish her off,

we all lay resting, talking about the new thing we had done and liked,

what lay in store for our next fun night was scary lol