7 Jul 2019

I was way up in Central NSW pushing one of our tech products. I camp mostly and love to get on the various sites to see who is out there locally. There are always heaps of curious couples and often they are bi. I sent out a flare. About 2 hours later I get a response from a couple. It was the guy talking. They were keen to chat first. When the guys are the responders, I'm careful to make sure she knows what is going on. During the chat, I asked to chat with her. He put her on and I believed them. She was as horny as he was.

When they first answered, I checked out their media. Photos were very kinky. Right up my ally. Some good vids too. They played with other couples and singles. Perfect!!!!! I like to mix it up a bit - you know, add some variation, some spice. So in the chat, I asked them if they liked role play. They had never done it before, but were interested. So after racking my brain for the whole of 3 seconds, I suggested to them, I would come over as a priest to give them marriage counselling. They had to do whatever I suggested, no questions asked. They agreed. I could sense their excitement.

I went to an op shop and found an old dark suit and a hat that matched with dirty old shoes. I made a white neck collar out of paper. Wow, I looked like one of those old preachers in the westerns! Pity I had shaven. The play was on!

I drove to their place with a stash of wine and anti pasto which I left in my car. I was greeted at the door by a very plain looking young girl and an even rougher looking tradie dressed guy. They looked forlorn. "Hello father. Thankyou for coming at such short notice." Wow, for beginners, they were impressive already. I immediately realised it was I that had been played. Hahahhah. All good. Love it.

We sat at their dining table. They offered me tea (ho hum), but I declined. "Anything stronger?". Oh yes, out came the brandy. She was trying hard to stay in role, but her eyes kept straying to my crotch which was visibly growing inside my vestory trousers. She was about 5' 6" with long brunette hair, skinny (toned actually) with perky little boobs. Very young. Still in her twenties. He was thick set, 5' 10", big around the shoulders and a little too hairy for my taste, but I wasn't complaining because he had a hell of a bulge in his jeans.

"How can I help you my children?" .... "We are having trouble in the bedroom". She answers. He shakes his head. I address him." You don't agree?". He says "Im happy". I direct my attention to her. "Dear. Be honest. Be brave. PLease tell me your concerns". She looks at him with hesitation. He remains blank neutral... such awesome role acting. These two should be on the big screen, I was thinking. "Some on dear. Out with it". She pulls an awkward face then says "He won't give me anal. I have asked and asked. He watches it on porn all the time. I know he wants it."

FUCK. I nearly fell off my chair. Her face was so innocent. My cock just increased in size by 25%. "Is that all my dear?". "I'm sure we can correct that problem. Would you like me to counsel your partner? We will need some one on one time, if you don't mind?". She agrees and disappears. He smiles at me. He falls out of role and tells me how fucking horny I am making him. He asks me if I want to play here and now. I take a huge swig of neat brandy, stand up and drop my strides, revealing no underwear and a rock hard cock. He gets on his knees and takes me - all the way. Not bad. I'm not huge but 7" and thick is not an easy chore for anyone. No problem for him. I nearly come - so soon, so pull out. He asks why. I direct him to the pre-cum oozing from my dick hole. "What do you think?" I exclaim. He laughs. Better get the girl. She will be having kittens wondering.

When she comes back, she is dressed in a fishnet outfit that would make porn hub editors mouth's water. 4 inch black heels and Egyptian make up. She looked so hot, I just stopped and started. "Whats wrong?" she asks. "Nothing.... nothing. Just cant take my eyes off you." He smiles and says "Yep. Lets have some fun. Fuck the role play.". He cracks a bottle of champagne and we sit in their lounge and have a proper conversation. I'm still naked from the waste down. Shes checking me out constantly. I liked that. I could see even though she had lovely little boobs, her nipples were pronounced and showing themselves.

We have a normal every day chat for half an hour; drinks and a bit of a party. The mood was slowly building in intensity. We all had erections and were ready for anything. When I am in that situation, I let them take control. I sit back and be compliant. This is why it took 30 minutes. I think they were waiting for me to act.

Eventually she asked if she could touch me and looked over at him. He gave the nod and so did I. She sauntered over, sat next to me and grabbed my cock which had relaxed in the last 20 minutes. It recovered immediately. She moved her hand up and down and played with the head. Down she went and sucked it. Ironically, she wasn't as good as him, but I kept this to myself obviously (derrrr). I moved my hand to her pussy which was so wet it was starting to leak. He looked on enjoying. While we were starting, he stood up and completely stripped off. Wow, what a bod this guy had. Wash board stomach. Nice big guns. Tatts on both shoulders and chest. Same size cock as me just not as thick. Too hairy (I will have to speak with him about that - no I wont!!!! none of my business).

He comes over and systematically rips the costume off her body. I wonder how many they had been though in the past? He bodily lifts her into position, she never letting my cock go from her mouth and slides his cock into her pussy from behind and starts to fuck. She immediately starts to suck harder. TEETH. Oh no. Stop it! I don't like teeth. I pull out. She looks at me questioning. I tell her. She smiles - those bloody teeth - so dentist perfect but dangerous. I let her go down again, but she insists on continuing to bite me. Obviously she likes to tease. Fuck you girl. I'll get you. So I pull out and sit down again. Leaving him to her. She looks at me and says "What is wrong?". "Nothing, just need a break".

I head for the kitchen and grab another brandy and a smoke. I won't let her take control like that. hmmm. maybe I will. Lets see. After a little while they both join me. She has a stream of cum running down her left leg. When I visibly look at that, she says "He just came in me. You hav'nt yet. What is wrong with you?". I tell her the night is young and to be more patient. BAD IDEA. He shakes his head. She gives me a medusa that would freeze the whole house. Oh............. What to do now. Remain compliant Adrian. Stick to what you know. I ask her "What would you like me to do?" This appeased her a little.

She led me back into the lounge-room. She laid on the couch. "Lick his come off me now." So I do. Shit, what does this guy eat! I got that done. She then told me to eat her pussy. Yep. Relish - thank you. She had a very inny girl. All the lab was inside. So I had to pull her apart to get to things. Hmmmmm...... Lovely taste. Plenty of juice. I moved down to that spot then down to her arse. Tongued and tongued. She is now writhing in my arms. He says "Fuck her in the arse now".

I didn't need an invitation from her. No lube necessary. I positioned her on her back with her legs around her neck. She had a dreamy look in her eyes. He was watching with anticipation. My cock was about to pole volt me. I aimed his head at her arsehole. Not readily moving. Her pussy was sopping, but her rectum was shut. "Have you got lube?" I say to him. He gets it. I apply it and start with the fingers. She is getting impatient. "Do you fuck her like this?" I ask him. "No. This his her first time". He replies. What???? That did not make sense. Anyway, I had gone past the point of no return.

One finger slowly. Then two. She was starting to cry with pain. I looked over at him. He nodded and said keep going. I thought, why haven't you done this mate? Anyway, I kept on. A third finger. She started to loosen up. I was very gentle. I changed positions so we were spooning. I kept looking over at him. This was not what I had signed up for..... maybe the role was more real than I thought..... I put lube on my cock which was rock rock hard. My brain took over. I hesitated, I stopped. Something made me pull up. Why hadn't he done this for her himself. Fuck my brain.

She stayed there on the couch. We put a blanket over her. He and I went back into the kitchen. I was full of questions. He knew what my questions were. So he answered before I could ask. She had issues. He didn't know how to help her. He wasn't that clever. He hoped I could help. Shit. How quickly can things get serious? He tells me that their role play was indeed real. She wants anal, but for whatever reason, she cant let him do it. I felt sorry for him. "What do I do?" I ask him. "Work with her. Help her please.". My reply: "OK. Given her issue with you, it would be best if you are not here while I try. Is that OK? I will understand if that makes you uncomfortable." He replies "No not at all. I want you to help her. I will head out to a mates place. Text me when you want me to come back".

He leaves. I go back to the lounge. She is awake. She heard everything we said. I lay down next to her and snuggle up. I whisper to her "You want to talk about it?" She shakes her head. I say "What do you want me to do?". She says "Fuck me please". So I get her in missionary. Spread her legs and dive in. I give her a really good fucking. She comes and comes. I keep my load still as hard as it is. We are laying close cuddling. She kisses me. "Why are you here?" She asks. "I don't know". I reply. "What would you like me to do?" I ask. "Show me anal please". She responds. I state "Are you sure?". She answers "Yes Please".

So I get the lube and pour it over her pussy and let it flow down. I get her on her back. I rub her pussy and carefully down. I keep an eye on her face to make sure she is ok. So good. I move one finger in, then two. She clamps up. I ask her why. She remains silent. I pull them out and lay next to her for a few minutes. She puts her arm around me and says "I had a bad experience". I told her most of us have and it is ok to start again. I asked her if she trusted me. She said yes. I asked why. She said because her partner trusts me or he wouldn't have left us together. I go with that.

We sat up and I carefully asked her about her bad experience. It turned out to be not that bad after all compared to what had happened to me. I moved her along enough to be relaxed. She wants be empowered to grab it. I let her make her own decision. She chose her partner and me to help. All good.

We went to their bedroom. She texted him to say she was feeling better and to come back. He came back and joined us in the bedroom. He looked at me liked I had worked a miracle. I ignored him. She held his hand and said "I want you honey, now. Adrian will watch." They got naked and laid on the bed. I was also naked, but a bystander. She grabbed hold of his cock. This time, she had an energy that wasn't present earlier. No lube needed. Her pussy provided it. She got him on his back and rode cowboy. She guided his cock into her arse. All the way in to the balls and started riding like there was no tomorrow. It was wonderful to watch. He had already come earlier, so he had a use by. When he was done, she licked her lips and grabbed me. He laid next to us while she rode me. It took me all of about 10 minutes for my orgasm to start. Mine take a while. They start, then build. When I told her, she said to him "join me". They worked my cock together, mouths and hands together. I got harder and harder. My balls had disappeared. I came on both their faces and in their mouths. They ate and sucked all of my cum.

When I left, they hugged me and thanked me. "Come next time please". I will do that.