15 Dec 2019

I wasn't quite sure what to anticipate, but I knew I was in for a night to remember.

John had carefully selected my wardrobe for the night. He'd made sure there was no mistaking what I was. A slut. A slut who was obviously up for it. A slut who liked to spread her legs for strangers.

The denim skirt barely covered my arse cheeks. It barely covered the stretched and swollen lips of my cunt. It definitely didn't cover the weights attached. They were hanging below my hemline for the world to see.

My white singlet top was doing the best it could to hide my tits. Not easy when they're a natural 16DD! Of course John saw no need for me to wear a Bra.

"Honey, I don't know why you'd ever want to cage them with a bra. You've got something there the world deserves to see. As soon as you've earnt enough money we'll be getting them pumped up to a decent size, with nipples I can drag you around with". I must admit, the thought of it excites me!

As I put on the hooker sandals John had chosen to complete the outfit, I wondered where he would be taking me. What I would be expected to do. Would it be a good earner? He interrupted my thoughts, "Are you nervous my love? Don't be. You know I only do this because it's what you need don't you? You'd never be satisfied with a normal sex life. You need to be treated like a whore because essentially it's what you are. You like nice things. You fuck to get them. Tell me what you are". He whispered.

"I'm a slut. I fuck strangers to pay for my lifestyle". I replied. "I'm your whore". He smiled and asked his favourite question, "What are your holes for"? I looked straight in to his eyes and answered, "For receiving whatever gifts men are willing to put in them".

As we pulled into the carpark, I fear the worst. A few pick up trucks and about 20 Harley Davidsons. A bikies bar. I glance at John, but he was already opening his door so he didn't notice my trepidation.

John's had me fuck a lot of people. Sometimes he dresses me all high class and chargesthousands, other times he's made me suck cock for 50c. It depends on his mood, who the 'client' is and how our finances are at the time. The biggest group he'd given me to was 5 sailers who were ashore for 12 hours. I earnt 20K that night. Maybe with this amount of motorbikes my new tits would finally be paid for.

John opened the door and waited as I walked in. He then lifted my skirt and shoved his thumb hard into my cunt. It's his way of making sure I'm wet. He pointed out a table and told me to sit at it with me legs spread. I did as I was told while he walked up to a group of huge, bearded, burly bikies. It was obvious they'd met before. He looks my way and gives me a signal I know too well. I immediately start to rub my right tit with my right hand and my clit with my left. John likes me to do this each time we meet knew clients. So they know I'm willing. John and the men shook hands. A deal had been struck.

Sometimes John stays and watches, other times he leaves and picks me up later. On these occasions he always obtains video footage of the exploits. He likes to watch them with his mates like most men watch a game of football. The bar was full of CCTV, so I knew I'd be left here. I was right, but not before telling the bikies, "The slut is yours for two hours. Make the most of her and make sure she smiles for the cameras"!

The bikie who'd made the deal walked over and lifted me up, straight over his shoulder with my arse and cunt on perfect display. Just knowing that every man in the place could see straight up my cunt meant I was juicing up ready for duty! I couldn't wait.

"Your man says you like to play pool. We've made some special rules especially for you. But first off need to work out which is your cue. Lie back on the table you dirty little whore". He shoved me down on the pool table and tugged hard at the weights and laughed while asking the others who was first. A line quickly formed, each bikie with their own pool cue. Some looked pretty standard, but others had spikes high up on the handle.

The first cue plunged deep into my cunt. I was lying spread eagled on a pool table, my legs being held by men waiting their turn, as the cue was roughly twisted in and out of me. As each man had his turn I got wetter and wetter, obviously loving the humiliation. I heard the men muttering about what a whore I was and how much I loved it. The end of the line was getting near, when I was suddenly picked up by the two men holding my legs and shoved onto the table on my hands and knees. I wondered if it was finally time for some cock. I didn't have to wonder long. All of a sudden I was being skewered with a cue in my cunt and a studded cue in my arse. My scream was piercing and tears immediately fell down my cheeks. This encouraged the bikies because they knew it was a sign of my enjoyment. One even made sure to get a close up video of my tears. It seemed he thought John might like to see it.

Although it seemed like hours had passed, it was only twenty minutes since John had left. I knew I was in for plenty more excitement. With the cues still firmly shoved in my fuck holes and still on my hands and knees the rules were explained to me:

I am to remain on the table on my hands and knees for the duration of the game,

I am to use either or both cues that I have been given to play the game.

Both cues are to remain in place and I am to shoot backwards using my cunt and arse to guide my shot.

To make things more interesting I am to have a cock fucking my mouth at the same time.

If I miss a ball, choke on a cock or lose a cue from a hole I will get a special penalty. That's when I get blindfolded and all cues are removed. That's when I become the three hole slut they're paying for. That's when the action really hots up.

If I don't perform to their satisfaction, or cry and scream as much as they like a new game will begin. Baseball...

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