Written by MarkandAlicia

26 May 2014

My name is Alicia and my husband Mark and I recently tried swinging at a party in Newcastle. I was wary of swinging, felt curious but cautious but my experience turned out fantastic and a great turn on. A couple we met at that party had taken our email and we recently received an invite to a gathering they were planning for a small group of their friends. Gail the hostess explained that there would be 5 couples and one single woman and 4 single guys attending and that we should come. Well unfortunately Mark was working on the night of the party but he suggested i attend on my own if i wanted. I wrote back asking if that would be ok and Gail said sure.

The night of the party i dressed in a nice green dress that showed my cleavage and in my opinion kept the attention above the waist as i have a biggish butt i don't really like but guys seem to so it mustn't be too bad. Green goes so well with my reddish hair and matches my eyes. I had a little makeup on with nice red lippy and i must say i looked pretty good in the mirror considering my plus 40 age. So off i went to Gail and Mikes house ready for the second instalment in my swinging adventure.

Like most of the time i was a little late and the party had begun. Gail met me at the door and showed me the house which was an average 4 bedroom suburban. Three of the bedrooms would be used tonight leaving the main out. All rooms were large double rooms and each contained a Kingsize bed giving plenty of room. No one was playing yet. There was one bathroom and a powder room and a second shower in the laundry.

We went to the living area and introductions were made. The couples ranged in age from late 20's to 55 while the 4 male guests were all around 30. The other lady was older than me maybe 49 or 50 but very fit and attractive and she was receiving plenty of attention from two of the single guys. A couple of drinks later and people began to move into the play areas. Lisa the older single disappeared up the hall with the two guys and Marti a dutch women who is married to Andres and no more than 22 yrs old was ushered away by a couple of the other Husbands.

Soon those left chatting could hear the sounds of love making coming from the bedrooms and some of the others began to move away for a look. Gail and I walked up the hall and into the first room were Marti was now naked with Bill and Mike. Marti had a killer body with perky breasts and flat stomach and an arse to die for. She was sucking Bills cock to the root and Mike was eating her hairless pussy. Jordon one of the single guys stripped off and joined them on the bed and Marti started stoking his very hard dick. I was getting horny but backed out of the room and went to find Lisa to see what she was getting. The two guys she left with were fucking her double one in the arse one in the pussy while she sucked another guys very impressive cock. Long and fat very nice. While i watches i was being stroked by two other guys from behind. Andres had one of my tits in his hand while Steve Gails husband rubbed my neck and bare arm.

A couple of kisses some manoeuvring and we were also naked and on the bed next to Lisa and the three guys. Andres giving me some excellent head while Steve sucked and fondled my big tits. I have very sensitive nipples and i was in heaven cumming on Andres face in very quick time. I found Steves cock a fat 7" of man and began stroking him. Soon Andres moved up and pushed his average dick into me and began fucking me fast and hard in a way only young fit man can. Steve was now feeding his prick into my mouth and i was sucking his wonderful piece wondering what it would feel like. More hands were touching me and i realised it was Mr Impressive. Lisa moaning and cumming next to me set me off again and Andres shot a load at this time as well.

Steve took Andres place and stretched me some with his more rythmic fucking. He was a stayer and pumped me for 20 mins or so. In thaat time Lisa had finished and left the room but the guys stayed hands all over me. I stretched my mouth over Mr Impressive who was 9" and fat as my wrist. I could only suck about half in but after Steve cum I fucked that big bastard for all it was worth.

Two hours i was in that room and i fucked all 9 men in that time. It was a great party and I will be attending more in the future.