Written by bi couple

8 Jun 2012

some years ago, my wife and I used to hold orgoies and swinging parties, most times around 6 couples was enough to make it a good party, then we started to make them more bi for the guys as well, as most times the woman always got together, so we made a point of asking for bi couples, or open minded couples at least,

some we had met and knew what happened and 4 other couples wer enew at this orgy, well as normal sue got things going by sucking a guys cock, i picked out a good looking woman and started to strip her as we kissed, others soon got naked too, as the evening progressed, i sucked a few cocks and I saw a few other guys also touching and sucking cocks too, so far so good I thought, then after seeing one guy with a nice fat cock being sucked I moved over and played with him, without saying any thing to him I turned and slid my arse onto his cock, with one easy move he went right in, and began to fuck my tight arse,a few woman now saw this and stopped to watch, some playing with my cock and kissing me too, sue was taking 2 guys and watching me too, as my guy pounded me harder I pushed back more and more, with one load grown he shot gallons of hot cum deep in me, falling onto me as he did, I sldi myhand under me and as his cock slipped out I caught reams of cum and then licked my hand clean, a few woman smilled saying it was nice to see a guy swollow cum with that i swung around and sucked his cock dry and he squired with my sucking as cum leaked from his spent cock, sue was keeping up her end with a arse full of cum as the next guy took over and fucked her , i said to one woman that I loved anal play, and she said she did too so we began playing with one another , I asked if she had ever fisted a guy and got a firm no, and said do you want too? moving around so she could see and finger my hole, as she did began to push back and told her to slip her fingers in, which she did, then as her thumb entered me I knew she was going all the way in, with one push she went it and i moved around feeling her hand playing inside as she discovered the joys of fisting, another guy looked on hard cock in hand , I told him to move up and rub his cock on her wrist and my hole, this he did and with that I grabbed him and pushed his cock in my full manhole, they both grasped as his cock moved slowly in and out, then with more speed her fingers playing with him too what a feeling, my mouth was now sucking on a nice clit and licking her out, again alltooo soon my arse was filled with hot cum, this time i told her to pull her hand out and feed it to me, licking her clean as she did, then i sucked the last drops of cum from the softening cock, sue was on her back filled with cock as hse put her arm up restin gher elbow on the floor, with that I slipped onto it, until my arse was around 60 mm from her elbow, the room was filled with grasps , my cock soon filled with cock as he shot his laod deep inside, sue fisted me making my cock leak cum, one lady licking it up. \with a bit of a resuffle we moved around so I was dogging a pussy, and sue continued to fist me while her arse took another cock, without saying any thing and with one sly move, my cock slid deep in the womans butt, she jumpped, but didnt pull off, so I took it slow and fucked he faster and faster until my balls shot out all my manseeds, filling her arse for what i found out was her first anal fuck, as we fall forward sue, gave me one last fisting, my anal cum rocked tho me as I lay atop the woman, I flet a guys hands on e as his cock filled my arse once more, and some 5 mins later he to filled me with sticky cum, what a night, for 2 guys i was their first male fuck and the first fisting and anal fuck for the woman,, sue's pussy and arse was as always red from use as cum dripped out, not to miss out Ilicked her holes clean before I too took my turn and filled her arse with cum,, we soon found that bi orgies are much better than st ones