Written by cummy bear

1 Jan 2011

the week before sue and Julie had met up with a group of guys,, whilst I had been out with a lady , so this week, I was going along, we turned up around 7.30 the house was full of guys, just like the week before sue said, most were naked and sucking and playing with one another already, we stripped in double quick time, jule was already being taken care of by 3 guys,

I was looking out for one guy who was meant to be well hung, I saw him pumping julies pussy, so i went over to join in, sucking his cock as it came out of her pussy, I smiled and said I had heard about him filling my wifes arse with hot cum, and did he want to try mine, two hands pulled me around and with one hard push , his cock disapeared deep inside me, mmmmmm, lucky i had slipped a bit of lube in me before leaving home lol, he soon picked up speed and i was more than happy to start sucking on a second cock inmy mouth,

looking over i could see the 2 woman going crazy as the guys fucked and filled every hole, I saw another guy wanking his cock next to my mouth and asked if he wanted to join in fucking my arse to, I soon got him to lay down and slide down on his cock, then helped the welll hung guy to get back in my hot hole, , as soon as he did they both took over pumping me hard, whilst a cock filled my mouth with cum, replaced by a nice hard cock, which i attacked with my tounge,

sue let out a squel as a hard cock pounded her arse and shot deep in her, his cum running out onto the guy below, who soon let his load go in her pussy, i watch as 2 other guys took over and the cum shone on their cocks, julie was going well, I watched as 2 guys got their cocks in her arse and worked her hole, another guy pushed a dildo in her pussy, making her jump but with a smile that said mmmmm i like that, her mouth was also filled with a nice cock, small but thick, soon cum splashed over her face as he pulled out and shot his load, her tounge saving as much as she could,

the 2 guys in me soon seemed to be working up to a faster more urgent pace, and with one hard thurst both let fly, filling my arse to over flowing, this set of the guy in my mouth who took delight in giving me a facial, i stood up leaving a rail of cum as i found a willing cock, on which I impalled my wet hole, he must have been well primed as within mins he too shot deep in me,

julie looked over and took her strap on and handed it to me, I found my 10 inch dildo and filled both her holes, the guys who had just fucked her watched as she took them deep, my cock was soaked in cum from my arse, and with out to much effort emptied itself in her, but i kept fucking her with the dildo, at the same time looking for another cock to use in her,

with a willing cock found we both took to fucking her hard, his cock in her pussy the 10 incher in her arse, but my mind took over, so i slipped his cock out and pushed it in her arse , then pushed the dildo back in, boy it was tight but she took it all, not tolong after i flet his cock empty into her,

as imoved away other guys took over and that smile appered on her face as before,

my smile also returned as i flet a cock pushing into me, going on my knees i took a cock in my mouth too, both guys fucking like wild man, for some 15 mins or more, before both cum together, making me gag,

well the night went on for hours, all the guys had fucked me and both the woman more than once, I hadnt taken the time to try and count before we had started, but with so many dead bodies around, I did a quick tally, 23 I counted, and im sure some had left already, sue and julie were both well wore by now, with the same cummy look on both, my arse was tingling, my mouth sore from all the sucking, but boy was i happy,

we all agreed to make this a regular event,