Written by bi couple

24 Feb 2012

i waited till she was nearly ready and then told her that tonight might be better than I said,, on the way she asked what i meant , but i just said I know its going to be fun,

when tony opended the door, we stepped in, and sues face lit up. as planned we had orgainsed a few extra guys for her birthday fuck, with one quick look she grabbed one guys cock and went down sucking him in deep, the guys were all naked, and sue was quickly touched up by a dozen guys or more, she was stripped and on her back in record time, with a cock filling her mouth and a guy licking her pussy out,

my mouth soon found a willing cock to suck on too, it didnt take long before her pussy was filled with a cock and she was moaning with her first orgasm, I stripped and made my way over to see her consume a nice big load in her mouth mmmmmmmmm he must have saved that load up for a few days too as it spilled out , licking her lips as she tried to get it all, i went over and kissed her tasting his cum on her, as I did the first cock pushed into my willing arse, quickly filling me,

I swung away a bit and found another cock to suck on, sue soon had a cock filling her mouth again,

I found another guy and got him to lay under me, then slipped him in and told the second guy to push his cock back in, with a bit of spit and pushing he went in and they got a rythme going in me, my mouth taking its fist cum load as they did, sue took 4 or 5 guys in her pussy and mouth and seeing me she too told a guy to lay under her and then a second guy opened up her arse for the might, she rode them both, guys watched as they pounded her hard, another guy shot his cum all over her, hands rubbed it in her, I knew it wouldnt take long, before the guy in her arse groaned and blew a huge load deep inside her, moving away his cum run out down onto the guy in her pussy, who kept fucking her hard, her arse was filled by a nice long cock, had to be 9 inchs or so, I wanted him too mmmmm where had he been hiding, she jumped as he went deep but soon relaxed as he built up speed, my arse now pulsed with 2 cocks both ready to blow, and they did mmmmmmmmmm slipping of them as they softened cum spilled out mmmmmmm

I moved over to sue, watching big dick fuck her arse, I asked how long he could go for, and he said mmmmm ages, good I said as I would like some of that too, he smilled and said you will,,, i then stood over sue my cock in his mouth, more cum run out and spilled on her,,seeing this he rubbed it in her skin, as he worked my cock in his mouth my cum built up and shot forward , he took it all mmmmmmmmmmm,, as I watched her take 2 or 3 loads in he rmouth big cock started to show signs of his orgasm building, hs pace quickened, and he went deeper still, until with one huge trust pushing sue over he shot gallons in her arse, this also took the guy in her pussy over the top to who added to her load,

I helped her up and told her to sit on my face, it was so hot eating mixed juices , as she knelt over me, her arse was filled by another cock which pushed more cum out, which I ate, my cock now hard was found by a willing arse, he sat straight down onto me, not able to see, who he rode me hard, i kept eatin ghe rpussy as she was fucked by the guy in her arse, my attention being taken up more by the feeling in me from a good arse fucking, as sue llifted of I saw it was big cock, he had a smile on his face and my cock in his arse, I flipped him over and fucked him doggy, pounding him for some 20 mins, my cum rocketed from me and splashed his womb, i fell forwards onto him spent, sue had taken a heap of other guys her arse and pussy glowing red with the attetion they had received, her lips sticky with cum, I was pushed over and my arse penatrated by big cock, he fucked me hard, anal cums raced tho me, I had seen another good looking cock , and asked him over, getting him to lay down and dp me, 2 nice cock ripped my arse open as they pounded away, i got a 3rd guy to fuck my mouth, as they all enjoyed my body, i wanted this to last, so every time i thought one was going to cum Id move and put them off, letting them relax some before allowing them to continue fucking, this could only last so long, as 3 cock strated to work in cinqe , its strange with guys we seem to set one another off, as my mouth was flooded with man juices, my arse took both loads, reams of cum raced filling my being, I was happy, as they fell of me another guy took over soon adding his cum to my willing hole, big cock was laying on his back I sat over him and filled his mouth with cum, he rimmed my arse eating every last drop, sue was also taking a few more loads in her, as she finnished of her guys, we kissed and I eat her pussy some more, as she sucked my cock half back to life I pushed it in her arse, feeling the cum and heat inside her, i fucked her doggy for awhile, watching as cum run out with ever stroke, then my arse again was opened by a cock, I worked them both in sue than back onto the cock, it didnt take long before i was ready to dump my load, feeling my cock pulsing in her sue rode back hard onto me, pushing me back onto cock guy, I groaned and shot my seed in sues arse, as my arse felt the swelling and pusling of another load shooting deep in me, we lay around for awhile chatting, guys sucking and playing with one another, and us, a few more cocks drained over sues face or boobs, while i sucked a couple dry too, as guys left we told keep an eye out for the next group fuck, and bring a friend if you want too, sue smilled and said bring a couple I want more,,,,