Written by cummy bear

19 Dec 2010

my wifes friend had organised a night out, and wanted sue to go with her, seeing as it was her birthday, julie was a hot woman nice body and firm boobs, and more than a bit naughty, so come friday night of they went, I spent the night with a lady I know, having fun, as we have always enjoyed a open marriage,

it was around 2 am when sue came home looking a little bit, well it was hard to say, ruffled is one word, her hair and face seemed to glow some what in the light,

she joined me in bed and gave me a big kiss and cuddle, which soon lead to me wanting more and with that she moved up and sat on my face, I of course started to eat her out, and to my surprise found her pussy well swollon and very mmmmm cummy, I went at it like a mad man, eating all i could out of her pussy, some 10 mins later she slide down and sat on my rock hard cock and gently rocked up and down, with the biggest smile i had seen on her face for some time, she looked at me and asked if I knew what she had been doing, I of course said with a bigger grin, getting fucked by the taste of it,

it turned out that julie told sue she had to drop into a friend while they were out, upon going in, the house was full of half naked guys, Julie had been speaking to a few guys she knew well and without saying any thing to Sue, had arranged a gangbang for them both, telling all the guys to bring along a friend or two, I just had to ask and 18 was the answer mmmmmmmmm,, no wonder her pussy was so wet,

they had started the night with the 2 girls putting on a show for the boys, licking and playing with one another, but of course with so many guys they wernt alone long, sue said she took 3 in her, one in each hole and was used hard while julie took another 3 guys and one bi guy fucked one of the other guys mouths, as they cum, each was replaced by another, while the woman, got moved around by the guys, at one point sue said, she was sitting on a cock, which was in her arse, while he was also sitting on a guys cock, this went on for some time with several guys filling her open pussy in turn with cum, julie saw this and went down on her,licking as much cum as she could out of sues pussy,while most the time her arse was filled by cocks, each dropping a hot load in her.

one guy it turned out julies favorite, was wel hung, around 9 inchs ,and thick, sue being sue, just had to have him, and another guy also around 8 inchs,, and told them to dp her, the 9 inch cock going deep in her arse, she took 3 guys cum in her mouth while they pounded her hard, before she felt her arse swell with hot cum, several others took over from him before the 8 inch guy cum deep in her pussy,

the night had gone on like that for 4 hours or so, before my woman and julie had drained the guys fully, they both had taken cum every where including all over their faces and hair,

by now my cock was so hard it just had to find a willing hole, I grabbed our strapon and slide one of my fav 10 inch vibrators in the top hole, laying sue on her back I pushed that hard up her pussy and my cock into her cummy arse, and fucked her hard, as i did cum was running down her arse crack, my balls wanted release, so I fucked her as hard and fast as possible, and with one huge trust filled her arse once more, sue saying thats makes 8 and smiled,,

she wasnt going to let me get away so easy, my wife had been fucked by all 18 guys ,more than once and she was still going, but my poor cock was out of the running for now, she looked at me and told me to get on my knees, and with some lube rammed that 10 inch deep in my arse, she put the strapon on and fucked me hard, while she did she told me how several of the guys were bi and had been taking turns fucking one another and letting the girls fuck them too, my cock was starting to throbe once more thinking of what she had been doing, and soon i filled my palm with hot cum turning for sue to lick it up for me,

as i rested, the best was yet to cum, julie had arranged for another meet the week after, and this time i was going along,

roll on friday ,,