Written by happy swingers

5 Dec 2011

my wife didnt want a party for her birthday, so i said what about a nice meal and a stay in a hotel for the night,,that was ok ,,she said

so i set about making sure the hotel was booked, not to far away but nice, a few more phone calls and the night was set, on the afternoon of her birthday, i made sure sue was kept happy, and relaxed, then i asked her to get her self ready for the nightout, knowing we would be spending some time fucking i made sure she got herself fully prepared for me,

when we got to the hotel, i got sue to find us a table while i booked in and made sure the room was ready and our stuff taken up, plus a quick chat with the reception and things were set in place

we had our meal, nothing flash and soon made plans to head up to the room, me telling sue we might head out on the town if she wanted to later, in the ilft sue started to kiss me and touch my cock, walking to the room she was ready for some fun, as i slid the key in, i told her to shut her eyes, as I had a surprise for her, guiding her in, things were set, i told her to open her eyes, and when she did, she let out a load WOW and a laugh,, what she didnt know was I had set up for a load of guys to meet us there, and the reception was told to give frank the key as it was a surprise party for my wifes birthday,, well it was, but it was all guys hehehehe,, well hands mouths cocks and more soon took pride of place as sue got going, the guys were naked and sucking and wanking when we got there, so sue soon took her first load,spilling some from her lips as she did ,I was naked and my cock headed to her pussy for the first of many she would have tonight, no sooned had my cum shot deep in her than a second cock was pounding her pussy,, after awhile she had taken 4 or 5 loads in her, and my cock was hard once more, seeing my chance i slipped behind her again, slipping my cock back in her pussy to lube it up, then moved higher to enter her arse, easing her butt open my cock slipped in easy, and my speed picked up, after a short time i got another guy to slide under her and slip his cock in her pussy, and away we went, all to soon my cock spilled its load in her arse, and slipped out, frank took my place and pounded her hard, mean while her mouth had been spunked a few times so i slipped my cock in for her to suck it back to life, frank gave her his first load and shot cum all over her, i rubbed it in as he was replaced by another guy, frank is big 8inchs but the next one i thought might give sue a run for her money, he eased in, and when he hit home started to fuck her hard, she screamed in plessure as cum after cum ripped though her, his cock really finding the anal g spot, she was still sucking my cock,, but was having trouble, as her cums got so intense,,,the guy in her pussy had done well but now let his cum flood her body as she cum once more, a slight pause and he was replaced and away they went again, some hours later, and many well fucked guys,, and sue was laying playing with her swollon clit, giving herself one last cum, one guy gave her his last cum load over her face and hair,

as they left, sue said it was the best surprise party she had ever had,,