Written by analfuckslut

3 Mar 2013

on holiday in sydney after heading out to the clubs one night i found a couple of gay dudes really hittin it on the dance floor at this smelly overcrowded hotspot.noticing them, i thought id join them.they were happy for the extra dance partner even though i had a pussy they rubbed it up anyway.then i being half pissed noticed a sexy black dude eyeballin my arse and bounced on over to flirt disgustingly with him.seconds later we were in a cab picked up a mate of his and went to his flat in north syd.found out black guy was a social worker but never caught his name.white dude was well i dont really know or his name.so well just call them white dude @black dude.and fuck they looked hot i could only imagine how big their cocks could be.when at the flat inside was nice but i was starting to sober up...fuck was black dude this chubby before?on the couch i started to feel more fat rolls than dic.i was in a panick.zip down cock out...shit its a fuckin pencil thats been sharpened way to much to be of any use.and then in comes white dude things might be ok .......nah couldnt have been that drunk..those gay dudes put something in my drink....white dudes a fat bastard too.so i get his cock out anyway im here now and fuck me stupid and call me skanky its a fucked up soft on noodle.sober tierd dissapointed i sit on my knees thinkin what the fuckin hell am i to do with to soft cock fat bastards sittin with rolls out.well nothings ever black and white theres always a grey area.....so i got on all fours arse out and started to fuck myself with my own fist.fuck i was going 4 it.half hour later i got up to see if pin dic and two min noodle had risen to the jobby and fuck me they were both fast a fucken sleep on the couch 2gether pants down cocks out.thank fuck for the grey area and for them having drank more than me. and for my fist fuck its good .