Written by ozdude

4 Sep 2014

We don’t get the chance to play as often as we like, so when another couple from here recently invited us to a small gathering at an inner city hotel, we grabbed the opportunity. Selecting an outfit for the missus was easy as we had been shopping for a micro bikini and string top. She only needed heels and earrings to complete her attire, and an overcoat to keep her warm ‘til we arrived at the venue. I dropped the missus at the hotel entrance while I parked the car, and by the time I arrived she was already with the small group and feeling comfortable.

One of the two new guys was known to our friends, and both were attractive to my missus. She has played several times with the male partner of the couple who had invited us, and was pleasantly aroused by the time we made it up the lift to the room. It wasn’t long until the impressive harbour views were overshadowed by the two women being seduced before me. I’m a keen voyeur, so really enjoy watching my missus ‘surrender’ to the male advances. Both women quickly ended up on the double bed, being pleasured by fingers and tongues before the older new guy eased himself between my missus’ parted thighs. I had an awesome view from the end of the bed of his cock slowly but surely driving home until my missus was moaning in orgasm.

Meanwhile, the other ‘missus’ was being delightfully done by the younger new guy as her hubby enjoyed her oral attention to his cock. Eventually there was a change of partners, and my missus got to try the very fit and tanned younger guy. She wanted to try out ‘cowgirl’ for the first time, and instructed him accordingly. To say it was awesome watching my missus cum that way is an understatement. She has a delicious body, and watching her be pleasured in that position had me rock hard. After several gentle orgasms, they had a breather and a cuddle while I watched our lady friend being fingered to a lovely squirt.

During the second round, I was invited to feel my missus’ pussy being pounded by the younger guy, and despite a momentary hesitation, my fingers were soon alternating between caressing her very hot and swollen labia, and his balls. It was surprisingly erotic, and certainly enhanced my missus’ next orgasm. We could have stayed much later, however my missus had an early start next morning. All in all, it was a very arousing and enjoyable evening for us – meeting new guys, and trying some new things out. I can only say thank you again to our SH friends; you know who you are ;)))