Written by party shagger

27 Mar 2013

I have been seeing Bree quite regularly during the past two weeks since our threesome with James. It's gone from us seeing each other 2-3 times a year to seeing each other 3-4 times a week. She is always over after uni to play or just chat and tease. The best thing about it starting to get cold now is that she is wearing tights quite a lot now which hug her ass nicely. Anyway I've also chatted once to James. Not a long chat but I'm pretty sure he's keen for more fun with Bree.

I Decided to call him and ask him to come over. He was busy but came around later that day. We did what was normal and watched porn, had a wank and a chat. I was becoming very comfortable just sitting there with cocks out, having a chat. I asked him what he thought of voyeurism/exhibitionism. He said he hadn't tried but would give it a go. I said that we should try it. The next day was a Sunday which worked well. I told him that Bree would be over early afternoon and as with the last encounter I would text him when she was there. He looked excited at the thought of Bree. He blew his load quite quick while we were talking about the plans. He dressed and left soon after.

Came to the next day and Bree had just pulled into the driveway so I sent James a text. I told him that I would take her into the lounge room at the back of the house and leave the blinds open so he could see in. I opened the door for Bree and gave her a hug and had a squeeze of her ass. Just letting her know that I'm horny. She smiles and walks through, we exchange a bit of small talk as I lead her through to the back room. She is wearing black tights and a white top. We sit and chat for maybe a minute before she starts to rub my cock through my pants. We start to make out softly while she continues to make my dick hard with her small hands stroking my shaft. I stand up and pull her legs up onto the couch so that she is laying back on the couch. I slowly slide off her tights along with her black, lacy g-string which reveals her smooth, hairless pussy. I go down on her kissing her inner thighs before going tongue first into her pussy with my nose rubbing against her clit. I suck, kiss and lick her pussy for at least 5 minutes making her orgasm before standing up for her to pull my shorts down and start pulling my hard dick. I look over to the window as she wraps her lips around the head of my cock, James is there now peaking in trying to prevent Bree from seeing him for now. Bree is swallowing my cock whole now, working the entire length of my shaft with her hands and mouth. She's working it very well today and I shoot my load down her throat and in her mouth. She swallows the lot. Doesn't seem to be anything she wont do.

She continues to suck on my dick for another minute or two before flipping over onto her knees, ready to be fucked. In position ready to penetrate her wet pussy I glance over at James who has his big cock out and is stroking it by the window. I look back and Bree arches her back with her ass in the air, looking back at my cock waiting for me to stick it in. I slide my dick into her pussy slowly then start to pound her tight pussy. Going in to her balls deep, all 6 inches sliding in and out. I reach around her and pull her up to her feet, laying myself on the ground with my head facing to the window James is at. She get down onto her knees, her wet pussy hovering over my cock. She lowers her self down onto my cock, sitting right down the length of the shaft and then starts to bounce on my cock. She hasn't seen James but when I look at her face it seems as though she may have. She mentions that she thinks someone is out there. So I reach over and pull the blinds right back, James is there stroking his big erection. He smiles and waves, in a cheeky way. She looks at me and asks "did you plan this" with a smile on her face. I look back at James and gesture him to come in.

James walks in and says "hi". His tool is back in his pants but easily recognizable through his pants. Bree gets up and gives him a hug and a little kiss, quickly moving her hand onto his dick, then removing his pants and pulling his big dick out. Bree is on her knees sucking on James' cock making it slippery and slurping on it as she tries taking in as much as she can. I'm quite enjoying what I see and decide to take a back seat for a bit and enjoy the show. I watch as she strokes his cock and licks his balls at the same time. She stands and moves to the couch positioning her self next to me. She pretty much begs James to fuck her pussy as he teases with the head of his cock. He slides his shaft in, inch by inch, until he is forcing nearly the full length of his hard cock into her wet pussy. I play with her tits a little as I watch his big, thick dick slam Bree's little pussy. He pulls all the way out and Bree climbs onto my cock. She starts riding my dick for a few minutes and James is tonguing her ass hole. Bree stops riding my dick, climbing off telling me to fuck her doggy. I obliged, we both stand up. I bend her over, shoving my dick in her pussy and start pumping hard into her pussy. James stands in front of her, sliding her pole in her mouth and slapping her face with his cock a few times. I slip a finger into her ass as I fuck her pussy preparing her for some double penetration which she loved last time.

I slide out of her pussy, slapping my cock on her ass, James sits back on the couch and Bree climbs on top of him. He guides his hard cock into her pussy as she sits down over his pole. I watch as she sits down on his thick tool. After he slides in and fucks her for a bit, I stand myself behind her ass and push my dick into her ass. Soon enough I've pushed my way into her hole and start to thrust my cock into her. This is the point where she begins to get dirtier and tell us what she wants, which turns me on quite a bit. She looks down at James, "fuck me hard, slam my pussy with that fucking big cock!" She looks back at me "you going to fill my ass with cum? I want both of your cocks to blow inside me". I smile at her as we slam both of her holes, quickly reaching climax and almost simultaneously shoot hot loads of cum inside of Bree. I pull out and Bree climbs off James' cock. He is eager to get into her ass and slides his cock into her cum filled ass hole as she stands up. I sit down on the couch and watch Bree's ass get pounded, I've blown two loads already but I'm not done...just need to catch my breathe! James is sliding in and out of her ass, Bree is loving it. Shes moaning in pleasure with a smile on her face, I stand and start sucking on her hard nipples.

My dick is beginning to get hard again as i play with Bree's firm tits, she wraps a hand around my shaft and strokes it slowly as James pulls out of her ass. She lays back on the couch, I slide my dick into her pussy, still warm from James' cum injection. Slowly stroking my cock against the walls of Bree's pussy, I watch her suck on James' cock. I enjoy watching her suck on his thick, 9 inch dick. Slurping on it, getting it wet and slippery. I start to fuck her hard and fast. She yelps in surprise, stops sucking his dick. "Keep fucking me hard until your ready to cum, slam that cock into me." I continue slamming her pussy until I can feel the cum building up in my shaft. I pull out, stroking my dick over her stomach, building up the pressure and squirt three jets of cum onto her tits and stomach. She smiles as I move to the side and James jumps straight in shoving his cock into her pussy with out hesitation. He slams her hard and fast with his massive tool, filling her pussy with his cock. "ahhhhh, fuck me James. Just fuck me hard!" Screams Bree, before I push my cock into her mouth. James pounds Bree's pussy hard, she pulls away from my cock. "I want you to do exactly what Nathan did James, cum on tits. Spray your hot cum all over me!" Within seconds of those words he pulls out and shoots multiple streams of cum on her stomach and tits, even getting some cum on her face. He slides back into her pussy and pumps into her a few more times, then joins me at her mouth and we both slide our dicks into her mouth an then I rub the tip of my cock on her tits, spreading the cum.

I throw out the offer for the two to stay the night, with neither having anything on that night they both are very keen. I offer Bree the shower and join her in there. Her body looks even better soaped up and wet. I cant resist and slide into her pussy in the shower for a quicky. Blowing load 4 for the day.

James takes the couch and Bree shares my bed with me. I slept well that night. I thought the play was over until I woke up in the morning to Bree laying across me on her stomach and James plowing her from behind, claiming he couldn't waste morning wood and thought I'd enjoy waking up to this. Which I certainly did and quickly had my wood in Bree's mouth. Quickly blew in her mouth, James blowing a load in her pussy and we all got ready for our Monday.

What a Sunday/Monday morning. Don't think I've ever came so many times in 24 hours.

Hope everyone enjoys this :)