Written by Sallyxxx

20 Nov 2015

Boyfriend and I head to QLD for a break at a great resort, lots of swimming, sex and relaxation. We were both 22 at the time and Fraser (my bf) had come from this area and was also keen to catch up with old friends. We met some in a bar and I was a bit put out that one of Fraser's ex's was there (Jill) , he seemed keen to see her but fortunately she was clearly too attached to the guy she was with (Mark). We agreed to meet up at our resort the next day for a swim, she looked great in a minimal bikini, her bf was also a bit of a hunk. We chatted over wine and they revealed that they were part of the local swinging scene and that group sessions were fairly regular, we could get involved if we wanted.

I was both excited and scared at the thought, Fraser looked very interested as we discussed what happens, what sort of people involved, bodies etc. Safe sex was important to me and of course I was worried about any emotional and attachment consequences and I suppose my own security.

Some more champagne on our balcony as we discussed past sex experiences as the conversation became less inhibited. Jill spontaneously undid her bikini top to reveal a nice set of C and small nipples, well I may as well do the same. The guys seemed to approve, I've always wondered why guys are so fussed by boobs. Jill was shorter than me, dark hair and fairly athletic looking, she was into long distance running.

Mark and Jill were sitting opposite us and I noticed Mark checking out my crotch from time to time. By bikini bottom was not the smallest since at that time I was only trimming my pubes and when I looked down I noticed some strains of hair sticking out, obviously the focus of Mark's attention. But he wasn't the only observant one, I noticed - even with his very baggy swimming shorts - the definite sign of an erection brewing. I was already horny from all the sex discussion, this was not helping.

Jill was smiling at all this as my mind raced ahead anticipating where this was leading too.

Fraser likes to show off by wearing speedos, it does look fantastic and I notice the looks from other chicks (and some guys) as they check his large cock rolled up in side. Of course speedos don't conceal a hardon and looking at Fraser next to me I noticed that his cock was now bulging out of his shorts. I think Jill was contemplating reacquainting herself with it. I decided to bite the bullet and suggest we go inside to the bedroom.

We all dropped our clothes (this took a few milliseconds!) and, yum! Mark had lovely cock, bigger than Fraser's, at least 8".

[why are cocks and new babies not measured in metric?]. Jill had a great body, completely shaved with pouting pussy lips as she moved to suck Fraser's cock. Of course I went to try out Mark's member, it smelt of chlorine from the pool but as I sucked on it the taste of his pre-cum became dominant. As I was engaged in this delightful activity I was wondering whether we should fuck or just do the guys a favour and give them a head job. Decision made, I stopped and said to Mark, "your turn".

I opened my legs as his tongue made long sweeps up my thighs, down my flanks to my dripping pussy. He mumbled something about liking pussy hair but his face was buried in my juices. Fraser in the meantime was fingering Jill and she was rubbing his cock. All very nice.

I wanted Mark to fuck me and he obliged, missionary, his cock filling me and pressing my cervix. I yelled that I was coming and that triggered Mark to let go as I felt pulsating squirts of cum inside me. I was flooded with cum and as I relaxed I noticed Fraser fucking Jill like there was no tomorrow. Was I jealous ? Absolutely NO, in fact it was a huge turn on.

We both watched them fucking as I sucked Mark's cock, taking in the cocktail (an appropriate definition) of his cum and my pussy juices. We were soon fucking again, this time with me on top, my fav position. I came twice before he climaxed, fantastic.

We ordered pizzas and Jill promised to phone the next day regarding a possible group meet on the Friday night. She subsequently phoned and were given the address, BYOG, nibbles (or was it nipples) provided. Five couples in all, youngest 19, oldest 35ish.

We got lost on the way and arrived about 30 mins late but the others were already there and frolicking naked in the pool. I could see the bodies in the pool lights, different shapes and sizes. Lots of touching and teasing in the pool but eventually everyone got out and dried off and headed for bean bags that had been arranged on the lounge room floor. I looked around at the guys and girls, Fraser and I settled down next to a young couple. She was small with a dark bush he was tall with an uncircumsized cock. I have to say that for a number of reasons I prefer my guys cut but all cocks are different and we'll see how it goes. Fraser was touching the chick up and I was unfurling the guys cock to reveal a good sized head.

I've found thru experience that a guy's cock flacid has little relationship to its size when erect so never judge a book by its cover. And this was no exception, as I handled its expansion occurred to a pleasurable size.

Well I'll drop the details. We both fucked the young couple, he wasn't that good but Fraser reckons she had fantastic 'cunt muscles'. We then moved around separately, I had 3 other guys fuck me during the evening and mutually masturbated one of the chicks.

A great night but when we got back to the resort room, Fraser wanted to relive the night's experiences and we both had a huge orgasm before having a long sleep.

The first of many to follow,.