Written by playfulcouple5

15 Aug 2010

it was just a few weeks ago,, we are a good looking bi couple, and so far most of our fun has been with bi guys or some bi women, and of course st couples, but this time we had some luck, as the couple was fully bi and good looking,

we met them for a drink close to our home as we always do first meet, and got on well with them, so we invited them back to our place, after some small talk and a drink, we got the action going, she was a beauty too, nice body with d cup boobs, and tanned, he was med build and good looking also, and as he stripped of, we soon found out he was fairly well hung too,

at first we just played with the opposite sax, me stroking and playing with her boobs and generally working my way around ever inch of her, while she was giving my cock a good tug, and licking, my wife was being taken care of well also by B, who had found that by she loved just being played with gently, and her clit licked long and mmmmmmm hard,,

as time went on, us two guys of course could not hold back, so we both slide our hot hard cocks slowly into the warm inviting pussies in front of us both, it was great seeing my wife taking his cock deep in her pussy, and the soft moans leaking from her mouth as she tried not to cum to quick, K was also enjoying the attention she was getting, after awhile my cock slipped out and as I went to push it back in, but it had a mind of its own, and slipped easily into her rear she jumped a bit but then started to ride my manhood harder, on seeing this her hubby looked at me with those knid of mmmmmmmm i want to try that look ,, so I montioned him to enter my wifes arse, this he did with ease, and soon we were both going harder and faster with new energy from seeing our partners getting the same treatment as were giving, mmmmmm it wasnt long and we both seemed to be starting to breath heavy and all to soon i heard him start to make the noises only a guy can make ,,when his cock is full of cum, my wife was now also going hard and her noises told me it was going to be a photo finnish between them, K was already over the finnishing line having cum several times before now, so I let my cock free and soon the room was filled with the noises of 3 people cumming almost at the same time, the smell of hot sex, filled the room,

we relaxed and laughed about the fun we had,, and soon my wife was stirring me up about taking to me with the strapon, , it didnt take long before she was kitted up and waiting for me to kneel in front of her waiting vibrator, the couple both lay next to me watching as she entered my tight arse with my 10 inch vib, taking every inch as the pace picked up, after getting me warmed up she slide the other vib in with it, making the guys eyes open wide, and say things like oh my god, mmmmmmmm Lin fucked me for around 15 mins or so, by this time i was licking a nice wet cummy pussy which had now slid in front of my mouth, soon however i felt a nice hard cock slding into my arse, replacing the vibs, stirred by the sight his cock had grown mmmmm and was now pounding deep inside me,, he was good,,, going at me for some 20 mins or more, while i was taking turns licking my wifes pussy or K's pussy while they aslo played with one another,

I then rolled over onto my back, his cock slid once more deep inside me,,, the women had great fun taking turns sitting on my face and playing, all to soon I heard the same noises as before, and felt his cock stiffen inside me and wham a nice hot load of cum warmed my arse from the inside, I held him in me as long as i could wanting to feel every drop ,, but all too soon he slipped out and lay exchauted on the bed, the woman still played and wanted my cock to, who am I to disapoint, i gave my wife doggy while K lay under her licking her clit, within minutes Lin went belistic and cum again,

so we switched possies and K took my cock deep while linda licked, lucky for me K took longer to cum as my cock was still suffering from the first load, B took control under his wife licking her clit as I fucked her doggy style, licking my cock as it slipped in his wifes pussy, that soon built up my cum reserves and with one final thrust i let loose, B pulled my cock out and sucked my cum from it,, not wanting to miss any he went back to licking his wife out, loving evry drop he soon made her cum once more,, worn out we slipped of to sleep, they spent the night in our spare bedroom to tired to drive home,

after a good breaky and chat , it wasnt long before we had some more fun, the guys laying the woman down and making them suck our cocks deep, well I guess you can imagine what we went on to do again, but boy all being bi and liking good sex, is one hell of a nights fun,