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Five- Part 1.

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Published 7 years ago
The Bet. I was just 17 and working at a restaurant in Circular Quay, I had already left work but had gotten changed out of my uniform before leaving. I looked fantastic at just a size 14 with a pair of strappy heels on which gave my calves great definition and gave me the appearance of having longer legs, a very short black a-line denim skirt with buttons down the front which sat mid thigh and a low cut navy blue top with a picture of Tweety on it showing off my assets beautifully. I had taken my long dark brown hair out of the tight little bun I had to wear for work, so it flowed over my shoulders and down my back, I even threw on a little mascara and a dark red lipstick as was my normal routine when I finished late. I had gone to the local pub, just a few blocks away at The Rocks to wait for my work mates to finish up and join me, so I went upstairs grabbed a schooner beer and went to sit at a small round table in the middle of the room. As I sat down my short little skirt rode up so high revealing most of my thighs ensuring there was no actual skirt under my backside and considering I was wearing just a tiny little red g-string the vinyl cushion was a little cold and uncomfortable under my rear. It being a Friday night the lights were a little dimmer, there was loud music and conversation filled the air, as I wouldn't have heard my mates come in I was sitting in a position so I could keep an eye on the door but still watch the room and everyone in it. As I was sitting there slowly drinking my beer and enjoying the music I noticed a small group of guys off to my right watching and obviously talking about me amongst themselves, one really cute guy with dark hair and a nice smile noticed that they had drawn my attention and winked at me. Feeling a little uneasy at all the attention I was suddenly receiving I could only give a small but weak little smile in return and turned back to my beer and to watch the door when raucous laughter erupts from direction of the guys, I turn to find out what it was all about and I see the cute guy walking over to me still laughing with this amazing and contagious smile on his face and I couldn't help but smile back, no more a weak little smile but a genuine smile and was still smiling when he arrived at my table. His hand was out introducing himself before I realised, I grasped his hand as firmly as I could trying not to appear shy or timid and introduced myself with as much strength as I could muster considering I really was very shy and hadn't had enough to drink to forget my nervousness. He apologised for his mates, "I'm sorry about this sweetheart but I was just wondering if you could settle a little bet my friends and I have?" he says as he leans on the table. All I could manage was a meek little "I can try my best," before he gives his mates a little nod and a wave, they all come over and stand around my little table. I can see now there are five guys in total and none of them were anywhere near as cute as the fifth guy who was leaning on the table in front of me. The cute guy takes my hand again bringing my focus back to him and as he opens his mouth to speak I find myself drowning in his big blue eyes, I don't catch what he's saying as I can't hear his words, the world disappears as I fall into those deep sea blue eyes. He gives my hand a little squeeze bringing me back to earth again, "Sweetheart," the loud music, the bar, the other four guys and the rest of the world slowly fades back into existence and his words finally make sense again, "I believe that you can scull a schooner of beer, my mates here don't think you can, so we made a bet and the only way to work this out is if you can give me hand and prove these guys wrong," he says as he nods in their direction, "and for helping us settle this I will give you ten dollars for your trouble." "Well I have never tried to scull a beer before but I can only give it a shot and see how I go," I respond and that was all the cute guy needed, as he stood he asked, "What are you drinking beautiful?" He lets go of my hand and all I can say is "New" he turns to his mates, "A schooner of New for the young lady boys," he takes his wallet out of the back pocket of his tight dark blue jeans and I can't help but stare, he had a perfectly tight arse that just made me want to grab it and feel just how tight it really was. He turned back around quickly and all of sudden his crotch was in my line of sight and almost jumped as I raised my eyes to his again, he obviously caught it as he had a wicked gleam in his eyes and a cheeky grin on his face. He places a ten dollar note on the table and says quietly, "It's all yours sweety." One of his friends was suddenly between the cute guy and myself making me look up at him as he placed the schooner in front of me, he was wearing a flannelette shirt he was tall with dark hair, glasses and many pimples on his round face. "Here we go," he says "One schooner of New, if you can't do this don't feel too bad," spinning around to face to the cute guy he yells, arms outstretched and pointing down at the cute guy, "Your going down buddy she can't do this!" With that statement I was filled with conviction and picked up the glass, I was going to drink every last drop not just for the cute guy but for myself, I couldn't let them think that I was too weak to do it. I started drinking as fast as I could I wanted it over and done with as soon as possible so I could prove pimple face wrong and that was that. I finished the glass raising it up as I did with all five looking on expectantly, the cute guy was smiling broadly showing me those perfectly straight pearly white teeth as he came over to take the glass from me, I smiled at him again and he kissed me on the cheek then whispered in my ear, "Well done sweetheart," and then I was grinning from ear to ear as a dark shade of red filled my cheeks, "Um, thanks," I mutter as he stands up and his mates were already yelling at the top of their lungs, "DOUBLE OR NOTHIN'!!!" The cute guy tries to settle them down unsuccessfully, I hear them all talking about double or nothing and sit there waiting as patiently as possible while fiddling with a coaster on the table and wishing the cute guy didn't leave my side. The cute guy finally returns to the table and takes my hand yet again, my fingers are all tingly and I try very hard to listen, I watch his mouth as he forms the words, it doesn't sink in right away but his deep sexy voice fills my ears, "Cutie I am really sorry to do this to you but they won't take it and say it was a fluke, they want to double it if your up for it, I reckon you can do this but they think you will fall flat, this times it's two schooners and you get twenty for it, will you do it?" I can smell his after shave he is so close, I can't find my voice and when I try my "Yes"comes out as a bit of squeak and so I just nod, the second I do my glass disappears from the table but I am once again lost in those eyes, imagining all the things I would rather be doing with this gorgeous guy holding my hand so softly his thumb tracing little circles on the back, oh I want him so bad I can almost taste his sweet tanned skin, I want his hands on me as I am ripping his button down shirt open and... Two glasses appear on table and I'm brought back out of my imaginings, my hunk steps back to watch as I pick up the first glass and put it to my lips, my hunk winks at me and my hand shakes a little, I keep my eyes locked with his for as long as possible as my glass slowly raises. Mouthful after mouthful it slowly disappears, finally the glass is empty I try and take a breath but another rough looking guy with just a t-shirt on, five o'clock shadow and dark piercing eyes pushes the second glass closer to me not letting me have a breather. I pick it up and can feel the froth of the head of beer tickle my top lip as I start to drink, I can smell the beer and am not liking the odour I search for his eyes again 'there they are, nothing else matters girl drink, drink it will all be over soon enough and you will have him,' I think to myself, if I could have sighed then I probably would have, instead I slowly but surely get to the very last mouthful and... gone. I raise the glass high in the air as I am swallowing that last mouthful and all five guys burst out laughing, I bring the glass down maybe a little hard and it wobbles when I let it go, I hadn't realised but all this time my hunk had a twenty dollar note in his hand which he slammed down on top of the ten. He comes around the table to give me what I expect to be another kiss on the cheek but he goes one step further, he kisses my cheek and then hugs me, leaving one arm around me as he turns to his mates. "You can't stop this girl boys, she can take anything you can dish out!" I am giggling uncontrollably now and overly aware of his hand placement as it slowly slips from my waist to my backside, 'Control yourself girl, he probably doesn't even realise he's done it,' I mentally admonish myself. Looking around I can see them all laughing uncontrollably and slapping each other on the back, I relax into that arm just a little more, when suddenly I see a tall lanky looking guy wearing a greenish long sleeved button down shirt, light brown hair, looking a bit pale and drawn out with the biggest smirk on his face, his arms out holding three beers in his hands as he is placing them in the middle the table. My gorgeous guy dropping his arm as he steps away toward the other guys palms facing them trying to settle them down again, "Now come on fellas we have bothered the pretty girl more than enough for one night," as all the guys begin to chant, "DOUBLE OR NOTHIN'! DOUBLE OR NOTHIN'! DOUBLE OR NOTHIN'!" I look at the beers bubbling away silently in front of me, 'How hard could it be? I've already done two surely three cant be too hard can it?' questioning and requestioning myself lost in my own thoughts for a second, I was surprised to see my fingers clasped around the first glass pulling it closer to myself. Lifting my gaze to my gorgeous guy I raised my voice to be heard above the din, "So what do I get for three?" I say with what I am hoping to be a mischievous and cheeky smile on my face, the four other guys turn around and stare at me blankly with their mouths hanging open in complete and utter shock, when my gorgeous guy turns the surprise is clear but he already starting to grin and that perfect grin is just for me and me alone there is no other in his sights, I feel butterflies in my stomach and can see nothing else just my gorgeous guy walking over to me in what appeared to be slow motion, that oh so sexy swagger, his arms swing as they come up, wrap around my neck and... 'Oh wow is he really going to... YES!!!' he pulled me in for a kiss, my eyes close. That kiss could have lasted an eternity and I wouldn't have minded, the feel of his lips on mine was amazing, I lost the world and everything in it for but a moment but nothing else mattered, for in that one solitary moment everything could have ended and I couldn't have cared less. As quick as that kiss started it was broken and my guy was pulling up a stool to sit ever so close beside me his thigh touching mine and his arm back around me pulling me close, I am giggling again my face flushed and I can only assume I must look like as red as a tomato but I don't care I'm happy, this is the best night of my life and I couldn't imagining being anywhere else. He nuzzles into my shoulder and breathes into my ear as he whispers again, "You can do this honey, it's double you get forty this time," then he kisses my cheek again. I lift the glass and begin to drink, half a glass goes by and I feel a hand sneak onto my thigh, I take a big noisy gulp and the whispering starts again, "You got this, I know you do, my girl can do anything." I hurry and finish the glass pick up the next and get stuck straight into it, the hand moves and I can feel it slowly making its way under the hem of my skirt, I drink faster and within moments the glass is down. "Choke, choke, choke, choke choke," I hear and suddenly remember the reason why I am drinking all this foul smelling belling beer in the first place comes back to me, the other four guys are standing closer to the table now and chanting at me trying to psych me out. I shake my head as I put down the second glass and pick up the last, the glass getting higher and higher 3/4 down and just a few mouthfuls to go and one guy moves closer leaning on the table now and very loudly exclaims "CHOKE!!!" The very last mouthful is in my mouth and I jump and it comes back out straight into the glass and it is all over. I'm devastated, I put the glass down gently and keep looking at that last mouthful, 'I blew it after all that I couldn't get do it and now I miss out on everything,' and just to prove that the warm hand disappears from my thigh, it's presence is sorely missed as my thigh grows colder. My gorgeous guy is standing looking at his mates and having a bit of laugh with them, "Yeah, yeah laugh it up boys she almost had it and if you hadn't have been so mean she'd have had you over a barrel any day of the week!" He's taking his wallet out of that tight jeans pocket again and I can't help but watch in amazement as he removes two more twenties from it and places them on top of the other thirty, I am completely befuddled now and look up at him as he leans down to talk quietly with me, "But why? I didn't finish... I..." I quietly say. "It is yours my beautiful girl, you worked hard for that and I can't deny you it when you were robbed of your victory," he says so smoothly before he turns away and talks with his mates, I miserably pick up the cash and take my purse out of my bag which was hiding under the table. I would happily give it all back if I still had a chance to have my gorgeous guy but it was over my chance had slipped away and I was left sitting there with a bunch of notes as second prize, I put them away and was getting up to leave I had had fun but here was my chance to slip away without further embarrassment. My purse was tucked safely away inside my bag as I was slinging it on my shoulder, when my gorgeous guy jumped out in front me. "Where are you rushing off to beautiful? We um neglected to tell you something about the uh, bet..." he says with this wickedly cheeky look in his oh so sexy blue eyes. "Huh... What...?" I manage before he goes on, "If you won you got the cash, but if you lost... which um technically you did," my mouth drops open as the truth of it hits me but he continues on anyway, "You get to come home with us," He is grinning from ear to ear showing off those gorgeous white teeth again, "I should really be going, I dunno..." I look the guys leaning on the bar, a couple raise their glasses in a cheers towards me, one guy winks and the last guy just stands there drinking ignoring me altogether. "Come on cutie a bets still a bet..." I hear my gorgeous guy say as the room starts to spin a little, "I... uh... um... I..." I stammer my head swims and out of nowhere comes, "May... be..." My gorgeous guys has his hands on me holding me upright as I start to lose my balance, "Sorry..." I slur at him, he helps me to a stool and turns to the guys, "Drink up boys we have an unwell girl needing a ride home," the guys down their drinks in what seems to be a single mouthful, clapping my guy on the back in congratulations, I knew by now I was just a pawn in their game but that didn't matter I had my guy and he was going to be mine soon enough 'All mine!'

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