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Five- Part Two.

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14 min
Published 7 years ago
Lessons Learnt. The taxi ride went by in a bit of a blur, I remember sitting in the middle in the back seat with my gorgeous guy on my left who I was furiously pashing, he tasted so sweet as his tongue was wrestling with my own, I was trying desperately to catch his so I suck on it but every time I thought I had it it would dart away all too quickly. His hand massaging my breast through my tweety top with his other hand on my thigh, there was another hand on my right thigh getting higher and higher under my skirt but I was too focused on my guy to worry about it other than the fact that it was turning me on all the more, I was squirming a little in my seat as my passion was burning in my little red g-string making it wetter and wetter with every minute that went by. The cab finally stopped and I was aware of a conversation in the front but was too entranced with what was happening in that back seat until finally that sweet mouth was taken away from my own, my eyes finally opened and I realised we had arrived and everyone was outside on the footpath waiting for us to get out. My guy opened his door and stepped out in the dark cold night air just as I felt a hand on my arm stopping me from following suit, I looked around and the driver was leaning over the back holding my arm by the elbow. He was an older man in his late forties or early fifties, grey thinning hair and a very concerned look in his eyes, he opened his mouth and a strained, gravely voice spoke to me "Miss, please are you sure you want to be doing this? I can take you anywhere you want to go, you don't have to go with them." I shook his hand off and simply said, "I'm fine, don't worry about it, I know what I'm doing," and promptly got out of the vehicle shutting the door with a little more force than was really necessary, his words had rattled me though as I watched the lights of the taxi slowly disappear down the street. 'What am I doing? I don't know what I'm doing, I just agreed to go home with 5 guys, what are you thinking you stupid girl? You don't where you are, who these guys are, anything could happen and no one would know where to look, this is the most dangerous thing you have ever done by far and you just let your one and only saviour drive off without you, think girl, think how do you get ou...' my mental anguish must have been written all over my face as my guy gave me a big warm hug (which was very welcome not only because it was from him but because of how cold the night had gotten), he kissed my cheek and whispered sweetly to me, "It's ok my beautiful girl, you are with me I will look after you, nothing bad will happen I promise." He stepped back just to look into my eyes again and my nervousness was instantly gone again, melted away within the intensity of those gorgeous blue eyes, he appeared satisfied with he had seen within my own eyes and turned to lead me into the building all the while keeping one arm around my waist. Leading me towards a gate I realised everyone else had already gone in and I could see a warm glowing light in the entranceway to what seemed to be a very large white block of units before leading me inside and up a flight of a stairs. The stairs were long and kept doubling back on themselves, I don't know for sure how many levels we went up I was too busy concentrating on lifting my feet high enough so I didn't stumble and miss a step in those ridiculously high heels. I eventually had to stop mid flight and leaning on my guy for balance I removed those silly shoes and carried them while I virtually ran up the next set of stairs just to see an open door spilling light into an otherwise very dark long corridor. My guy pulls me closer to him as we walk the length of the corridor and then pushes the door open slowly, I see a rather small dark little kitchen to my left lit softly by a bright light coming from a wide open archway in front of us. A little pressure on my back as I was lead into a lounge room on my left with a television set against the wall with just past a large coffee table in the middle of the room and a very long dark grey lounge against the opposite wall. There was a lot of commotion as the guys were obviously setting up to play a game but which game seemed to the topic of debate, there were controllers and cords everywhere and nothing seemed to be decided as my guy continued to lead me straight ahead without a word to his mates and we left them to their own devices. The hallway I was being lead down was extremely dark and the only light to see by was the light coming from behind us in the lounge, it was getting darker and darker as walked, I felt like the hallway would go on forever as I couldn't see a dam thing until I was guided to my left. Suddenly a light was switched on and I had to blink a few times to adjust my eyes. We were in a small bedroom beside the hallway with piles of junk here and there not that I really paid it any attention, the small single bed on my right was the only thing I could focus on at that point in time. He lead me over to stand beside it as he muttered something about needing to see me in the light, I was almost directly underneath the light when he stopped me, I dropped my bag next to the bed as he was already starting to lift my top. His fingers were so cold as they just touched my skin so briefly as they struggled to lift my tight little top, I raised my arms to assist him as he quickly whipped it off, I was left standing there with just my little red b cup bra and skirt on for just a second before his mouth was on me. Kissing my breasts and running his cold freezing hands over me and down my back, lifting my skirt to find my bare backside under his frantic hands he paused, grabbed hold of my cheeks and then stood back so he could start unbuttoning my little skirt. Once he had four or five buttons undone he let my skirt fall to the floor then took a few steps back, I could feel his eyes raking over my bare flesh and didn't have a clue what to do with myself, my hands came together and I was so close to basically twiddling my thumbs when I see him give me the turn around signal with his hand. Standing in the middle of what I assumed was his bedroom, in nothing but a little red bra and matching g-string I start turning around. I am so severely self conscious right now I can't wait until the light is off and we can have some real fun but first I must turn and when I finally come back around to face him I can not ignore the shape of the large hard on pressing against his tight dark jeans. I want so badly to set his cock free to hold it in my hands as I lick his head, tease him and finally suck him for all he's worth. His hands come up and start unbuttoning his shirt as he starts to slowly walk towards me and I can't stand still any more and rush to help him, he has already undone a few and as I try to help him with those fiddly little pesky buttons I get frustrated and end up popping the last few right off his shirt in my haste but I don't care I need to touch him, to feel his beautifully tanned and muscular flesh beneath my fingertips. The very second his shirt is open my hands are on him and around him, oh he feels so good with my breasts pressed against his chest, he's leaning down and kissing me so passionately his arms around me hugging me tight, I need him now I must have him nothing can stop me. My hands find the waist band of his jeans and as they slide their way around the front he lets go and rips his shirt off and throws it away, I undo the button and slide the zip down so quickly but before I even have a chance to reach in and pull his rock hard cock free of those restrictive jeans he spins me around undoes the clasp on my bra and starts to slowly inch my g-string down over my buttocks. I take my bra off and fling it to the floor, his hands still inching my g-string down, all of a sudden I feel his perfect white teeth grazing my cheeks giving them little teasing nips before he finally brings the g-string down my legs so I can step out of it. His hands on my waist he pushes me towards the bed and turns me around so he can see me in all my naked glory, his eyes run me up and down taking in my tight taught calves, thick muscular thighs, my little thatch of dark pubic hair, my wide hips and smaller waist up over my abdomen to my little b cup breasts with dark nipples (that were overly perky in this cold room but the temperature didn't bother me when I was burning hot with desire for this gorgeous male specimen), up over my chest, up the length of my throat and finally looking deep into my eyes again. I didn't get lost in those blue eyes this time I was way past turned on and tried to reach for him but with his hands on my shoulders he sat me down instead as he pulled out his gorgeous cock out before my very eyes, I could not tear my gaze away from that absolutely divine and delicious looking cock before me. My hand reached out for it, I no longer seemed to be in control of my own actions and was running on pure animal like instinct, I had to taste and to have him in my mouth right then and there. I leant forward and my tongue was on his perfectly shaped head running little circles around it teasing him before finally I take him in my mouth and give him a few little sucks then I take a few inches of that oh so yummy cock into my mouth and start sucking him long and slow. I take him out of my mouth so I can run my tongue up and down the length of him, feeling his hard flesh against my slippery little tongue, I begin to suck him again and as I do I start to massage his balls a little. He holds my head and tries to force more of his cock into my little mouth, I feel his head reach all the way back to my tonsils, his throbbing, pulsating cock gets too much for me, I gag and pull away. He tries once more with the same result, I pull my mouth off him and I guess he decided he needed more anyway as he pushes me back down onto the bed. With my head on his pillows, he is kissing me so passionately and with such ferocity, his hands urgently searching my naked body touching, feeling, massaging as one slowly progresses down my body to my burning hot, wet little pussy. Rubbing my pussy was getting me so excited I could not keep still causing me to squirm and push my hot pussy into his hand all the more, then his fingers slip between my lips and he was playing with my already swollen and aroused little clit. I became like a wild animal then biting at his arm and shoulder, my nails digging in and raking down his back, I needed more as my arousal became a part of every fibre of my being, I could feel it in the pit of my stomach radiating out causing my muscles to tingle and tighten. He put first one finger and then two inside my moist, tight little pussy and gave them a little wriggle, I pushed down on his hand again hoping to feel those amazing fingers go even deeper, I was so wet now as he began to fuck me with them. In and out, in and out rubbing my little nub with his thumb as he went, I couldn't get enough of them, then he'd wiggle them again and I could feel my orgasm begin to build as he hit my g-spot every time he did it. His fingers were removed all to soon for my liking as his mouth started it's travels, first to my breasts so he could lick and suck my dark, perky little nipples, fitting as much of one of my breasts into his mouth as he could before taking it out and nipping gently at my nipple then swapped to the other to give it the same treatment. His body sliding down over mine as he kissed his way down over my tight flat stomach, he lifts his head and I feel his burning hot hands (as they now are) spreading my legs wide before I feel his warm wet mouth on my clit sucking, nibbling and flicking it with his oh so talented tongue. My orgasm begins to build again, my hands slip into the tangle of dark hair on the top his head as I hold him there, enjoying every second of his talented tongue as it whipped furiously at my clit, then his tongue was inside me and I let out a little sigh. He fucks my pussy with his tongue quickly before he climbs back up the bed to kiss me, his tongue enters my mouth and I can taste my juices, this fires me up that little bit more and I can't wait. I reach down between us and grab hold of his rock hard throbbing cock and place it at the entrance to my, by now dripping wet pussy but he doesn't push in so I push down on him impatiently and feel his head as it slowly slips inside. Once I can feel the full length of him inside of me and his balls resting against me, I squirm, I want to wrap my legs around his waist but he won't have it, instead holds me tight as he kisses me again and rolls to his right bringing me up on top of him. I slowly bring my legs up one at a time so as to not let his cock slip out from inside of me, I raise myself up so that I am sitting on top of him, I can feel his amazing cock pressing so far up inside me, I grind myself down on top of him and rotate my hips, my clit is buzzing from grazing it was receiving as I did it. Slowly I start to rock back and forth, his hands on my breasts kneading them and pinching my hard little nipples, sending wave upon wave of exciting little tingles through me. I pick up the pace, raising my hips a little as I go, I can feel his cock as it starts to slip out of my soaking wet pussy then push down again and feel it go racing back inside. Harder and harder, faster and faster I ride him as hard as I can until I finally lose the rhythm then I come down on top of him so I can feel my breasts pressed against his hard chest. I kiss him ferociously and taste my juices upon his lips, his arms wrap around me I feel his legs press against mine as he fucks me so hard and fast, I'm panting "Yes... yes... yes... oh my god more... more..." He pounds into me so quickly as my orgasm builds once more, I love it "Oh fuck... oh fuck... YES!" I am so close I can feel it just a little more and I'm going to cum but he can't wait, he moans and I feel that rush of hot semen shoot inside me as he slams into me one last time and freezes for a moment holding that position with his cock throbbing inside me as he cums, I push down and grind my hips against him once more ensuring I get every last drop of his hot cum.

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