Written by warmblood61

18 Feb 2010

My girlfriend, Linda, greeted me with a mischievous smile and a sensuous kiss as I arrived home late from work one cold winters night. I immediately knew I was in for a good night as Linda was only wearing matching white stockings, suspender belt, satin panties and bra.The lounge room warmed by the open fire and scented by numerous burning candles.

"Go have a shower and don't bother getting dressed." Linda whispered, grabbing my crotch. A hand slapped my ass as I exited for the bathroom.

A few minutes later I returned to the lounge room totally naked. To my great surprise Linda was entertaining a guest on the couch. Introductions were not immediately forthcoming as they were locked in a passionate kiss. The guest had a hand deep inside Linda's panties and Linda a leg draped over theirs.

"Hmm um" I cleared my throat.

"You're back." giggled Linda. "Um, this is Juliette. She's French! "

"Hello." smiled Juliette.

Linda told me she had been with other women before I met her, but never had during the course of our relationship, despite my suggestions for a threesome. She always held back saying she didn't want to share me with another woman. Linda often stated her fantasy was to get together with a french woman and if she ever found one, she would include me.

"Sit." Linda told me pointing to the lounge chair. "And watch."

Juliette looked to be in her early thirties, had dark blond hair that went past her shoulders, greenish eyes, about a size 12 with 34b breasts. From what I could tell in the subtle lighting, she had that typical french coloured skin. She was wearing a white lacey bra and panties.

I sat back in the chair and watched as they returned to passionately kissing each other. Their hands gently exploring, legs entangling. Juliette's hand found it's way inside Linda's panties again , this causing Linda to let out a soft moan. Their lips separated and Juliette kissed Linda on the neck. Linda cupped a breast of Juliette's. Soon the bras came off, nipples standing erect wanting to be played with.

They moved onto the sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace, their almost naked bodies bathed in the fire glow. Linda lay on her back as Juliette began to kiss her all over, paying special attention to Linda's breasts and nipples. Linda ran her fingers through Juliette's hair, sighing with pleasure at the attention she was getting.. Juliette slowly moved south, kissing as she went, softly uttering the occasional french word I didn't understand. Her hands soon tasked with removing Linda's panties. Linda parted her legs and french fingers found her extremely wet shaven pussy. A moan escaped from Linda and more followed. I could see Juliette penetrate Linda's love tunnel, followed through with tonguing her clit. It wasn't long before Linda came like I had never seen her cum before. Juliette kissed her way back up Linda's body and again they engaged in passionate kissing. Linda whispered something to Juliette.

As one can imagine, being a guy subjected to such feminine ecstasy, I had an incredible raging hard from their first kiss. At times I had to stop stroking my cock in fear I would cum. The anticipation of what was to follow, I felt was driving me to the point of madness. My sanity was saved after that whisper.

Juliette came to me on her hands and knees. With only a smile she climbed up me, pinning my shoulders to the chair I sat on, planting a kiss with her soft lips. Her moist pussy flavoured tongue entered my mouth with fervent rapture, exploring as much as it could. Quickly she disengaged, moving swiftly down to my groin, taking my cock into her mouth. Juliette took all of me in and I could feel her tongue tickling my balls. She then came up for air and kissed and nibbled the length of my shaft. Linda came over and joined in, complimenting Juliette's actions. I could see Linda's hand disappear out of sight over Juliette's behind. I imagined her fingering our new friends pussy. Juliette was now running her tongue around my knob, every so often taking my cock in her mouth, sucking as she did.

Linda brought her fingers to my mouth, allowing me to taste Juliette's pussy juices that covered them. She tasted so sweet. Both her and Juliette increased their attention on my cock, taking turns licking it, sucking it. I wasn't able to hold back any longer and let the girls know I was going to cum. With that Juliette wrapped her lips around my shaft, pumping it with her hand as I exploded inside her mouth. When I finished cumming she showed me a mouthful of my cum, turned to Linda and giving her a very creamy french kiss. Linda loved it and ensured any dribbles were cleaned up.

I was cheekily shoved in the chest, my interpreting it as having to stay put. The girls returned to the floor, this time Juliette laid on her back with Linda exploring her body with kisses, tongue and hands. I watched them play for what seemed like ages before my manhood again stood to attention. When it did, I too joined them.