Written by bi guy

28 May 2011

we met Alison before, which had been a great afternoons fun, this time we had some thing else planned for her too, when she arrived we started to play as planned, soon Sue and I were licking her clit and body,,wasnt to long before my cock needed to feel the tightness of her pussy, as before, my cock slides in easy and i build up speed, sues kissing her and playing with her boobs, we soon work Alison up to a nice orgasm, and with that i slip my cock in her arse, she loves it, sue slips her fist in A's pussy and plays inside her and grabs my cock tho the inner wall.. as Alison gets hotter, i ask her if shes game for more, as i knew,,, she said yes,,I pushed my cock in hard making her grasp, then i grabbed my 12 inch dildo, she looks with a lustfull look, and with a bit of lube slide it hard up her arse,,then slip my cock back into her pussy, sue goes under her and begins to lick her clit,, i knew about now my friend should be turning up, we had arranged him to arrive 30 mins after Alison, the door was unlocked and he knew to be quite too, i saw him getting naked and his cock was already hard, I motioned for him to wait,, and told Alison to let me slide under her , with that i slide my cock in her cunt and got her moving

Frank knew this was his que, he moved in slow and with one swift push rammed his cock hard in her arse, alison's eyes went wild, she knew it wasnt sue she was in front having her pussy played with by A, she turned and smilled as she saw frank, he smilled back and rammed his cock in hard again, she quirmed and worked us both in her ,,we fucked her like that for some time then i slide my cock out and pushed it against her arse, frank moved out some and guided my cock in with his, we both fucked her arse hard,, our cocks rubbing together and the heat building in her arse was great, i saw the look in franks eyes before,,,, his cock was about to load her arse with cum,,, building up speed our cocks both grow as the cum races out and floods her arse,,her body rocks as she has another great orgasm,, after we rest I introduce her to frank and tell her how when i had talked to him about joining us , he was keen as, esp after i had told him how she could take all my toys and more in her pussy or arse,,we soon started to play again and i show frank what alison can do,, with her pussy and arse, sliding my monster toys in her holes, but still remained nice and tight when the cock is pushed back in,

frank started playing with sues pussy and slide in easy,, she soon wanted my cock too, at first in he rmouth , then in her arse, so we dp'd her ramming our cocks in deep each time, alison was playing with sues boobs kissing and licking her all over, we fucked her for some time then changed around and both gave her a good fucking in all her holes,, with cocks in her pussy or arse, alison sucked our cocks as we pulled out , I also saw alison using my toys in her too, so I took over and started fucking her, we took turns fucking both woman in anyway we wanted, frank also used my toys in alisons hot pussy while he fucked her arse hard, his cock is around 8 inchs and thick,, after awhile i gave frank a smile and turned around with my butt up high, he knew what i wanted and moved over and rammed his cock hard in my arse. alison knew i was bi as we had played before and sue had used the strapon in me, but this was the first time she had seen 2 guys fucking, she watched and i told her to slip under and suck my cock and get a better view , didnt take long and my cock was getting a great blow job, sue watched and played with her toys using one in alisons pussy then her arse, and one in her own pussy, i worked my anal muscles on franks cock, and the growing cock in my arse soon began to spurt hot cum deep in me,, as his cock softened he slipped out,, cum running out onto alisons face, she moved and licked up what she could, I moved around and again slipped my cock into alisons arse fucking her hard, my face giving away my next cum ,but i held of changing to give sues arse a good fucking, she went wild as we all worked on he,,,r hands and cocks every where, franks soft cock was pumping her mouth, and soon it began to grow, for a mature guy he sure has good recouping powers, i knew it was unlikely he would cum again but was good seeing her eating his cock,, which was all i needed when alison slipped a vib up my arse to send me over the top, my cum squirting deep in sues arse,, as i pulled out alison licked up my cum as she played with sues clit, sending sue rocketing over the top to another big cum, alsions arse was in front of me so my monster dildo once again dissapeared deep in her pussy and my 10 inch vib in her arse, i worked them both hard and fast cum after cum rocked her body, she finnally moved when she had cum about 5 or 6 times in a row, sweat pouring out of her over worked body, we all lay and talked about our fun,, working a date out for our next afternnons fun,,