Written by bi couple

1 May 2011

we had swung with S & J many times,, and enjoy just about every thing with them as were all bi,

but my birth party changed a few things, we held a small but good party, with the night ending with them and another couple and a single lady friend of ours all getting in the spa, we had been drinking but no one was drunk, but all very happy,

as we chatted j started to play with my cock, she loves teasing me, as she knew the guy in the other couple swung, but knew nothing of the other 2 ladies, S her hubby was also playing with my wife Lin, and i think the others noticed hehehe well i was sure horny, after awhile as i got up to grab a drink j sucked my cock deep in her mouth, this left nothing to hide, and the single lady laughed and said mmmmmmm looks good enough to eat too, Im never shy and with that swung around for her to suck my cock, j also held on and helped her, by now the wife (rose) of the other guy was playing with his cock, so it looked like the night was going well, after some time we all moved into the bedroom and started to get more into licking and sucking one another, it surprised me how quick Rose joined in, she was sucking on any ones cock that got near her mouth, and soon S was pushing his cock in her willing pussy, some 2 hours or more passed and every one had fucked or sucked or licked every one else, with cum filled pussy getting eaten out and cum soaked cocks being sucked hard too, at one point I took S's cock in my mouth, which made a few eyes pop but smiles seemed to follow too, I slipped my cock into my wifes arse at one time and when she let out a loud loud moan as she cum most sat and watched, S & J knew we both liked anal, but the others were new to anal fun, so as Lin relaxed I said yer she goes of like a rocket when i fuck her arse just the same as I do when she fucks my arse, well you could have heard a pin drop, but jan the single lady said mmmmmmm Ive never seen a guy take a cock before, and smiled at me, well again I took that as a green light and soon Lin was wearing her strapon and my arse was filled with my fav 10 inch vib going flat out, my anal cums racing tho my body as the excitement of being watched took over, jan sat in front and let me eat her pussy as Lin continued to pound me, lifting my head, I said did you want to see a real cock in me, and she nodded, so every quick to fill a hole S stood up and pushed his hard cock deep in me, taking my breath away but soon making me cum and we got the pace going, Jan now stood and held his cock and felt it between her fingers as it fucked me deep, again pushing the limits i said, would you like to see what it feels like inside ,, she looked a bit surprised, but Lin soon showed her what i meant, as her fist disapeared inside me, but did this get a few grasps,, esp when S slid his cock back in too, Jan was overwelhed and again I saw her hold Lins hand, so with a nudge, and some lube, Lin pulled out and Jans hand slid in me, wow that felt good, winking at S he slid his cock in again with Jan holding it inside me, his pace quickened and jan worked her fingers around, soon S let out a yell as his cock flooded my arse and Jans hand with hot cum, he dropped to his knees with exchaustion, Jan stayed in and played my arse now going wild as her fiingers found new places to touch, Rose asked what it flet like and Jan said great warm and tight but very very horny, so with a bit more lube rose started in, oh boy 2 fista is pushing my limits but for this i was going to hold onto any discomfort I might have had, and soon it paid of,, 2 new fists filled my arse, and with laugs and lots of smiles they played around in me, my mouth now full of A cock as he wanted to be part of the fun,

well as they say all good things cum to an end, A flooded my mouth and both the girls gave me one last anal cum and pulled their fists out, just in time as I collasped on the bed well worn out and very happy,

guess what were all doing next time mmmmmmmmmmmm