Written by greedy girl

12 Mar 2011

we went to a swinging club, my wife and I, althought we had swung for years, it was our first club, things were slow at first, not to many people or guys there, but as time went on , more and more guy turned up, a few had checked out my wife and she was checking them out as well, soon we chatted to a few and arranged to head into one of the rooms, with hands every where, my wife was naked in seconds, cocks finding her mouth open for use, hands worked her clit and in her pussy, her actions showing me she was enjoying it all, soon i saw the first cock ram its way home and she started to ride it,her mouth still gripping a cock hard, her motions qickened as she got into her stride, other guys soon played with her boobs and arse, I told one guy to sldie under her and replace the cock in her pussy with his, seconds later he did, the guy who was in her pussy lookedupset, until i motioned for him to fuck her arse, a smile a milewide appeared on his face and soon he was pounding her hard, it was long before her mouth was full of cum and a limp cock slide out, to be replaced by a hard one,

i wanted some arse too and with a bit of help got the guy fucking her arse to cum,, moving him away i slid my hard cock in and felt his cum engolf my cock,, soon her pussy was filled and the guy under her wanted to slide out, his place also taken up by a willing cock, we both got up to speed and filled her holes fully,, some 15 mins or so later my cock let loose and that set of the other guy, we both moved away and watched 2 other guys take over. she had already taken several mouth fulls of cum her face and hair was wet with cum too,, the smile still stuck on her face,,

i got the guys to change her over, so she was sitting on the guy under her,his cock in her arse and another back in her pussy, this way she could see them both fucking her holes, while sucking cocks, after a few more loads and cocks,, she wanted to move, i kissed her and tasted fresh cum,, by now some guys had cum twice but others had come in as the door was opened each time, so with new cock to choice from she took the biggest cock she could see in her pussy and got me to fuck her arse again, another 2 cocks pushed into her mouth, as she tried to take them both,,i slide my fingers around her pussy and then pushed my cock in with the other guys cock still in her, she yelled out but took it all,, her body moving to take us both deep in her pussy,, it wasnt long before we both let loose in her mmmmmmmmmmmmm so hot,, again 2 guys took over and she kept going, i watched her as she took them both,, this time i asked her how she felt about dp anal, with a smile i told the guys in her to gentle try,, with a bit of a push they both went in and she quirmed around some but settled into it they didnt last long before both cum hard and cum run out every where,,I had one last thing i wanted to try, I moved her and slide under her my mouth on her pussy, near the edge of the bed, and got one well hung guy to fuck her doggy, standing behind her, and asked who was fit enought to try fucking her arse while straddling her, one young guy moved up and slide his cock deep in her arse, the uy doggying her leaning back some to allow him in, but we soon got a rythem going, my cock was in her mouth with one other my wife taking his cum and letting it run onto me,, as i hoped the guys fucking her soon built up a sperm count and let it loose in her, i lapped up as much as i could as it run out mmmmmmmmmmmm , this was repeated by a guy doing doggy again another hot load for us both,,

some 3 hours passed and we lost count how many guys had fucked her, as they was no shortage of new cummers,,,,

but it was a greedy girl friday lol,,,