Written by bi couple

18 Sep 2011

Lou was well hung and good with it too, I had met him many times, but tonight was the first time sue had, we had invited 10 or so guys as always a few drop out, but tonight we were in luck, most had been to our group fucks and always wanted more, so when lou arraived sue soon got her hands or mouth lol on him and started the night off, she had always wanted a dark guy, so I was happy to let her get him first her arse was sticking up and soon a guy found her pussy warm and wet as his cock slid in, as I watched my arse was penertrated by a nice hard cock. while i sucked on another. sue had guys touching her every where and guys wanking around her, it didnt take long before her pussy took its first load for the night, with her turning to give lou excess to her now well lubed pussy, his cock was big and he eased it in, giving her time to get used to him, but soon she was working him hard his cock pounding her slit hard, another guy unloaded his manseed in her mouth, without slowing she sucked another good sized cock to full size, I knew it wouldnt be long, as she got the guy in her mouth to lay down and she slid down and let his cock slip into her pussy, giving Lou the nod to open her arse for the night, with a bit more spit he eased forward inch by inch working his meat deeper in her tight butt, I had told her many times how he was good and loved fucking me, now she found out, soon his pace quickened and he was slamming his cock in deep, while her pussy worked on the guy below, her mouth was once more filled with hot cum as she sucked him dry, I too took a nice load and swapped for a fresh hard cock, Dave was wanking near my mouth waiting his turn, but i wanted him now, so I told him to lay down and eased him into my arse, then told the guy that was fucking me to slip in with him, we got a rythem going and i was happy as, sucking another cock to success, I could see lou start to work hard and I knew he was close to cumming, grunts and groans then filled the room as his cock shot the first of many streams of seed deep in her arse, he kept going fucking like a mad man, cum running out and over them all, this worked and her pussy took another load, both guys slowed and eased out of her, seeing her cumming pussy I told her to come over to me so i could lick her clean, her pussy was above dave he licked her out as I took to her too, lapping up the fresh juices running from her body, this set dave of and my butt took his cum, setting of the second guy who all too soon filled me with his seed, I continued licking sues hole as my arse took another cock, sue swollowing another load of cum,

we carried on for some time, Lou gave me a good fucking, and at one time, I dp with him in sue this time i got her butt, this worked out well, as I got jeff to fuck me while i was in her arse, wasnt easy but we managed it for awhile, and just for a giggle I got sue to suck a cock as I too sucked a cock, so we had all our holes filled in one big bundle, but with arms and legs every where bummer we couldn't keep it going long, I wanted lou's second load in me so I got him to doggy me while sue kept busy with 3 other guys, I contented myself sucking 2 cocks while my arse took a pounding, I know I was in for a good fucking, as Lou will fuck for around 60 mins before he can cum again, and tonight he was going to be extra horny, mymouth had taken a few cocks and cums and my arse was still being fucked hard, and just as my tonsiles got washed with another hot cum load, Lou grunted like never before, his body shaking my butt was gripped by his big hands and my arse was streched out of all proportion by his swollon cock, it was like a red hot flood was ripping thought my body, as ream after ream of his seed, raced into my upper chambers, my anal cum hit with such a force i was taken by surprise, as I shook violently, it seemed like ages, lou held onto me not letting me move, the heat building in me was unbeliveable, then as his cock slipped out, i saw the first of what looked like litres of cum running out of me, a huge puddle formed on the floor, his face was contorted still, eyes fixed and a smile i had never seen before, finnally he gave out a sound, one of utter contentment, as he fell to the floor, his cock still dripping cum, I went down and sucked it, licking ever drop of him sucking it down, he shook again, but still more cum run out, sue joined me sucking his cock with me, her pussy still being fucked, as she took another laod i slipped under her licking it up, mmmmmmm so nice, I moved around and slipped my cock in her arse, fucking her hard, my cock was in need of relief, soonI pushed in deep, looking down at her body, and the cum running out of her , set of my orgasm, filling her butt with one more load, , I relaxed, watching her take a few mores as they tired to wear her out, but she took them all, Lou by now had regained some kind of normallity, and said he had never cum like that before ever, but hoped he could again with us soon,

all agreed they wanted more,, so lets hope we canwork another date soon,