Written by my slut for the night wife

12 Sep 2010

we had been going tho a few rough times and my wife wanted to relax with a gangbang, i soon found enought guys on the net and met them prior to our gb, i arranged a night and told them all to expect a long night, 7.30 arrived on the day soon they began to arrive, we had set the bed up in the games room just a mattress onthe base so no side to get in the way, after 2 or 3 had turned up my wife got going, with guys cocks in her mouth she was starting to warm up, I watched as she took them and sucked them deep inside her wet mouth, it wasnt long before the guys had got her naked and flat on her back, her head just of the edge of the bed with a nice cock ramming into it, another guy eating her pussy for all he was worth, I let in 2 more guy who soon joined in and she was getting touched up and fondled every where, I too got naked and started wanking my hard cock as I watched the first guy slid his cock in her, she moaned and took it all, it didnt take long for the first squirts of cum to appear as one guy filled her mouth, i moved away to open the door to let in another 2 guys, going back to see her sucking a second cock dry, just as her pussy recieved its first load, I took this chance to slid my cock in and pump deep into her now cum soaked hole, watching as 2 guys forced her to suck them i held of and let one of them take my place as his cock was straing to release its load, he hadnt fucked her long before he to let loose,, again I filled her hole with my hard cock, only to be forced to open the door once more, again 2 other guys running late came in and began to play, my lady was now a sticky mess, having taken a few loads in her mouth and over her, my cock was all to ready to unload to so I took my turn in her pussy and fucked her hard, unloading deep in her,,

as soon as I had rested, and she had taken 2 more loads, I got her on her knees, and slide under her, licking her pussy as cock after cock fucked her swollon hole, other guys still filling her mouth with cocks and cum, she kept us going for over 4 hours, some guys looking the worse for wear, but with some teasing from her thier cocks once more grew to full size, after she had killed all the guys cocks and mine more than once she looked at us and said what about me I need to cum too with a big smile, and with that I got my large dildo out and procedded to fuck her while she played with her clit, it wasnt tolong before she let loose and fileld the air with her scream, and the covers with most of the cum that had filled her hot hole,

we laughed and said next time we might need more help to finnish her off,,,