Written by Afetishdoll

4 Nov 2017

I would describe myself as a nice, polite, sensible, sexy, cock loving, filthy slut that knows my pussy is for guys to stick their cocks into. My Partner Paul is accepting of this and encourages me to be used as a fuck hole by strangers, and all of his friends, as much as possible. The night I am going to tell you about, I was offered to a group of strangers and many took up the offer.

It started as a regular evening of me kneeling in the corner, wearing a short dress with no underwear, stockings with high heels and my big tits pulled out of my dress and tied so they become slightly swollen and my nipples hard. I knew that I would be staying like that until my pussy was needed. Maybe I would get cock in 10 minutes, or maybe I would be allowed to sit on a big dildo until my pussy was dripping wet and stretched or maybe I would have to crawl around on my hands and knees, big dildo inserted inside my cum hole, and offer my mouth to Paul’s friends for them to squirt their loads into?

I was unsure, but I was ready and wanting.

I love the feeling of my pussy exposed, ready for cock. I love the anticipation when I hear a knock on the door and Paul telling someone to "just ignore the little slut in the corner, she is there to be used as the cock sucking little whore that she wants to be". And then they will usually either use me like I love, or talk about me and tell me what a disgusting little slut I am. how girls shouldn’t even love cock, and the ones that do, shouldn’t be allowed to talk to normal good girls.

And it’s true. Cock hungry girls, like me, should be kept in line. They should be used. They should be thankful. They should be punished. And they should always be available to take any cock they are told to.

Sometimes I don’t even get to see who is putting their cock deep inside me. I have to stay on my hands and knees with my eyes shut, pull the dildo from my wet cunt, and suck it deep in my mouth while somebody rams their cock into me until they blow their load. Then I have to put the dildo back in to my wet cunt and crawl back to the corner to wait for the next cock. I am full of hot cum and I’m not to let that dildo fall out of my sloppy wet hole while I’m crawling back to the corner either. If I do, I’ll get a larger one jammed into my wet hole and I’ll have to spend the next hour sucking on the cum covered one. When that happens is when I feel the most like the pathetic cum whore that I am. Paul makes sure I know how disrespectful I am to allow the dildo to fall out of my sloppy cunt and on to the floor and I think Punishment is well deserved....but that’s another story..

So this particular night, Paul decides that I should be reminded that I am a filthy fuckhole for cock. I’m told to get a jacket and get into the car. I’m not to remove the dildo, cover my tits or even pull my skirt down a little. I’m excited and also a little concerned that I will be seen by other motorists or passerby’s . At least I have the jacket, I think to myself, So I can quickly cover up if the need arises. But Paul has other thoughts. He blindfolds me and ties my hands together and then ties them up over my head and secures them to the headrest. I have no idea where we are going or what is going to happen.

We drive around for a little while, a couple of times pulling up near random men walking along and Paul called out and asked them if they wanted to come over and see a dirty cum whore? One even came over and lent in the window and played with my naked tits. I wanted to suck cock by then but Paul said I was too much of a slut for him to let me do it and it was about time I really got what I needed. I was so disappointed that I just started grinding down on the dildo. I know that I’m not suppose to use dildos for my own satisfaction, but I didn’t care. I’d had no cock or cum all night and Paul had just said no to me sucking that mans cock. I needed something.

Soon the car stops and I think that we are home but I can’t see or untie myself to get out. My door opens, and suddenly I feel Paul’s hand slap me straight across the face. The sting and shock caused me to land hard on to that dildo. I didn’t know what to do. The next thing I know, Paul has one hand on the dildo whilst the other hand slapped my face again. Before I could even cry, he pushed the dildo into me hard and he told me to not make a sound or it was going in my ass... I didn’t move.

Slowly he pulled it out a little and I thought he was going to untie me and hopefully fuck me. I was so wrong.

"You are a dirty little slut"

"You know the dildos are to hold cum in, not for you to grind on"

"You need to be taught a lesson whore"

"Open those legs up because you are going to get this dildo that you wanted so bad"

He was fucking me with that dildo hard and he wouldn’t stop

"Fucking slut take this like you wanted"

I was so wet and about to cum when, slap.. another one...

"You little slut, you just started to cum you pathetic little cunt"

"You just can’t control yourself"

I tried to apologise, but a gag ring suddenly appeared and was fastened to my face.

I could not do anything.

"Let’s go get you cleaned up" Paul says

Excellent, a hot shower I think to myself. He unties my hands from the head rest and leads me out of the car a little way. "Get down on your knees"

Fuck, what is going on? I hear some laughter and a males voice close by says "get down on your fucking hands and knees and spread those legs open as far as you can. I obey. My pussy is so wet from nearly cumming before that it feels like it’s running down my leg. Paul sees it and thinks I’ve cum.

"WTF did I say? " I hear him undo his belt and then I hear girls. Before I can think, smack goes the belt.

"Cum slut"

"Spread those legs because I warned you." I feel my ass cheeks being spread and then Paul stops. And he calls out to someone named Justine " this slut has cum before she is allowed, do you want to come and help?"

"Yes please" I hear.

Next thing I know, I’m getting a dildo forced into my ass by a girl I don’t know. It slides in too easily for her liking.

"How many cocks have you had in here? Lol The guys inside are going to love this, I don’t think their wives will like you much though, because we don’t like dirty little whores that our husbands fill with their cum.

Then I hear Paul again, I’ll just spray the slut down with the hose. And he just hosed me down right there on the lawn. I don’t know who saw, I felt some hands on me but I was already thinking about husbands filling me with cum. Did Justine think that would scare me? I was already wet again thinking about the cocks I might get.

"Get up" I got up and was dried off by someone.

Paul led me up some stairs and into a building with music playing. Ahh we are at the swingers club I realise. It sounds busy.

As I’m led through the room, Paul starts telling people that he wants every guy here to fuck me. Some people sound like they want to, I here a few filthy slut comments too though.

Ok, seems we might have a small gangbang happening. But then the music stops and an announcement is made

"I would just like to let people know, that in around 5mins, There will be a slutty little fuck hole bent over the pool table waiting to have her holes filled with your cum. It seems she needs reminding that she doesn’t get to choose the cock she takes, she can’t just cum when she wants to and do what she pleases. So any guys interested, just go over and see the slut, wait your tun and give it to her how you want. I think Paul wants to start it off by filling her throat full.