Written by exploring couple

16 Apr 2019

Its not always about age or body shape, instead it’s about what you do and how you do it.

We live in Brisbane, Australia. We are so lucky to be surrounded by sun bleached beaches and have secluded islands within an hour of our home.

We are a very normal couple who have now been together for over twenty years. Unlike many couples we still have good sex, sometimes great sex – I think that is because we mix it up when we need to.

I operate my own business, so we don’t get much free time but when we do, we like to make the most of it.

We recently found time to get away for a few days to one of the local beach spots – I wont tell you where but after a quick search of Queensland getaways you will know what I mean.

My wife is a government official, managing a team of over 100 staff, so she has to wear very traditional business attire – I love it when she gets to be her normal self.

The morning we boarded the boat to the island was warm, a perfect chance for her to exchange her suit for more casual clothes.

The boat to the island is always full of like-minded people so we grabbed a drink and headed out to watch the view as we glided across the clear waters towards the island. I couldn’t help but slip my arm around her waist and give her a kiss on the cheek As I did, I couldn’t help but notice some of the younger guys glance across knowingly.

Amy is 48, so of course she doesn’t weigh the same now as she did when she was 28 -but I love that she has got better every year – and looks great now.

I knew she had seen the younger guys glancing towards her. I know she enjoys the attention and I like that she enjoys it.

The journey to the island takes just over an hour so during the voyage I went back into the bar to refresh our drinks. Of course, when I returned, I discovered Amy chatting with a couple of the younger guys. I introduced myself, the were Louis and Federico, visiting from Spain on a backpacking holiday. They were good guys and we enjoyed hearing their travel stories. I know Amy enjoyed the attention she was receiving.

After only a few minutes the boat arrived at the wharf and it was time for us all to depart and make our way to the accommodation.

Amy and I had been to the island several times before so after settling into our room decided to head towards one of the secluded beaches to enjoy some alone and settle in.

The sand is perfect, the water clear and the shallows scattered with starfish. Amy has set out a towel and we settle down in the warm twilight We enjoy the sunset over the water and look forward to sharing our bottle of complimentary champagne.

With a few glasses of champagne and the perfect setting both Amy and I cannot help but relax and rest back on the sand. I look across at her and as always, she makes me rise. She slides her fingers down towards my waist and I can’t help but get immediately hard knowing what is to follow.

Just as she is arousing me, I do the same to her, I gently feel the outside of her and can feel the moisture starting to flow, that only makes me harder. Amy is perfect at sucking cock and I feel her mouth moving slowly towards her goal. She has slipped her fingers around my balls and when I feel here tongue softly touch me between each finger the head of my cock tightens even more.

She pulls my fingers towards her and slowly guides my hand up and down her silvery, slippery parts.

I know that it will not take long until I burst so I push her away from me. I move my tongue down to taste her, she is so wet I know she will not let me move away so I and softly but strongly tempt her.

Amy pushes herself towards my mouth but it is not with the usual urgency. She makes groaning sound which only makes me lick her mound more firmly. I look up at her face and see two hard cocks – she sounds happy – I’m happy – Lets keep going!

The Spanish Boys have followed us down to our secluded beach – Federico is well built and his cock is hard and heading for Amy’s mouth. Louis has his hard cock in his hand and I can seen he wants to be part of the fun.

Amy looks at me but she knows I love watching her suck cock so doesn’t hesitate to take Federico. She grabs the other cock and strokes it as I continue to lick her. At this stage I know I have lost control and need to let Amy take what she needs.

The taste of Amy has made me as hard as I can be so I move away and Louis rolls Amy onto her knees so he can slide his hard piece into her. I love watching her taking that hard cock from behind while still sucking on Federico.

I know Amy cannot take this sort of fucking for long and within seconds she starts to shudder as she is fucked from behind. At the same time the man in front thrusts into her mouth and explodes – blasting hot white mess from the corners of her mouth.

Louis drags his long thick cock from her pussy and blows his load over the top of her ass.

Amy drops her head to the floor but she is loving this. I slide behind her and after only 10 or 12 strokes empty my balls inside her with a loud groan.

………We will need to rest – but what a great start to our island break.