Written by warmblood61

2 Feb 2010

A mob of us tradesmen were sent to Wagga Wagga to do a shutdown job. We were put up in a crummy hotel that only had two things going for it, cold beer and a real cute barmaid. Cassie was about 20 and very flirtatious. She was often the talk at work and every guy, regardless of age, reckoned they had a good chance of getting into her pants. In the four weeks we were on the job no-one ever did, that is until our last night.

It was a Friday night and the pub we stayed in wasn't exactly the most exciting. Betting on two flies on the wall was a regular highlight. We had our dinner and asked about the best place in town to party. We were told the pub at the other end of the block had a live band and stayed open to 2am. This was very handy, as to get back into our hotel after hours, we had to enter from the back alley that ran the length of the block. So we scrubbed up, donned our wrinkled best and hit the pavement.

When we arrived shortly after 9pm, we had to wonder if we were given the right advice. People were finishing their dinners and leaving, us mob made up about half the patrons and not a single girl in sight. We asked the barman about the nights entertainment and if they were expecting a crowd. The barman reassured us that the place went off about 10.30 onwards. True to his word, people started flooding in soon after and by 10.30 the place was becoming packed. The crowd was young, the majority being in their twenties. Our average age was 30 something and it didn't seem to bother the crowd, they were warm and friendly towards us. Some of the girls more so in their efforts to get drinks shouted for them. All in all, we had a great night.

When last drinks was called, there was only a handful of us tradies left. When we got kicked out, we exited through to the small carpark that linked to the alleyway to our hotel. Where the alley met the carpark, there was a small crowd of about twenty people all focused on someone or something. As we approached one of the guys told us to "queue up" if we wanted a fuck. Looking over some heads, we could see 'our' Cassie on the bonnet of a car being fucked by one guy and jerking another guys cock. She had nothing on except a top that had been pulled up over her tits. The guy fucking her pulled out blowing his load over her belly. "Twelve!" was shouted by someone. Another guy positioned himself to fuck her. I asked the girl in front of me what it meant. She told me Cassie was trying to beat the record of 22 guys. "Who holds the record?" I asked. "Me." The girl beamed "I fucked the footy team."

"Twenty!" Was the call. Most of the guys, being young, were quick to cum, each blowing their loads onto Cassies' belly. It probably didn't help their cause with Cassie 'fluffing' them by hand and mouth as they waited their turn. There had been a couple of laughs where guys were too drunk to get it up, nonetheless, the procession went quickly. A couple of our guys left soon after we arrived, not wanting to participate or watch. Some guys left after blowing their loads, so the crowd slowly dwindled.

By the time the twentieth guy blew his load, it had become obvious for Cassie to beat her record, she needed our cocks. We numbered four now and the quietest member of our group dropped his daks showing off a monster hard cock. What was left of the crowd went silent. In a flash he penetrated Cassies' well used pussy. "Fuuucck! That feels good." exclaimed Cassie. Despite his size, he came in under a minute. "Twenty one!" was chuckled by someone. Somehow, I got voted to go last. I didn't mind as I would be remembered as the one who set the record. "Twenty two! She's equaled my record!" said the girl I spoke to before. Just one to go, then me, I thought to myself. I positioned myself so Cassie could gobble my cock.

I had just undone my fly when somebody yelled "Shit cops!" The police flashed their high beam at us. In a mad panic everybody started running to the alley and around the corner of the pub. We ran too as the last thing we wanted was to be locked up in an interstate cop shop. As I ran, I looked back and saw Cassies' bare ass going in the opposite direction. The cops turned following her and those before her. We left town a few hours later. We didn't see Cassie and I wonder to this day if she ever did beat the record. I like to think she got caught and fucked the cops ;)