Written by cum slut

29 Mar 2013

My wife had told me about her fun at Keith’s while I was working away, and the second time she went there later that week for more fun with the guys, so as soon as I could we arranged another meet, and told Keith we would love Mark to be there too

We got to Keith’s a short time before the guys normally arrive, and got set up, we put 2 beds together and some chairs around for guys to relax on, then we got into fucking just before he unlocked the doors, it wasn’t long before sues pussy was feeling my cock push hard inside as Keith set about fucking her mouth, we got her nice and wet when the first guy turned up, stripping and coming over to play, and I’d say he had already had the pleasure at least once before as he got right into sues boobs and his cock pushed into her mouth with Keith’s. All too soon the room was filling quickly with naked guys and stiff cocks, all finding Sues activities rewarding, as they pocked and prodding her, I pulled my cock out and quickly she was filled by another, guys now took turns filling her mouth with sticky cum, her pussy and now her butt taking load after load, as guys relieved their balls of cum, mark took control as his cock rammed hard into sues arse, she jumped but took it all as he fucked her hard, I told him to let me sneak under her and we could dp her, as my cock slipped in he rammed his cock back in, my cock being squeezed between his cock and her body, we fucked her hard, cum was running from her face as guys blew load after load, I ate what I could as she dribbled it down to me, then I felt it, Marks cock grew to a enormous size and pulsed as his cum filled her arse, this was too much, my hot load flooded her pussy, as we both fell soft, moving aside 2 other guys took our place and began pounding her hard, I spoke to Mark and told him I was her hubby, and it was my pleasure to see him fucking my wife’s arse, and hoped I might get to have the same pleasure myself soon, as we watched sue take guy after guy, Marks cock began to grow once more, I swung around and sucked it, whilst his finger slid up my butt, I couldn’t wait, turning to offer my butt to Marks waiting cock, he took his cock and rammed it hard in, no lube just my spit, his cock split my hole, making me jump, but it went in, and he humped me for all his worth, Sue was still going strong, we both smiled knowing what the other was feeling, by now my mouth was wet with cum and I pulled a second guy under me and got him to dp my butt with Mark, both guys fucked my arse as other filled my mouth, Sue was taken care of by dozens of guys as her pussy and arse leaked cum everywhere, my arse was soon filled to as the second guy flooded me with his mother load, moving him out to replace him with another good sized cock, Mark and the new guy set to pounding me silly, at one time Sue came over sat over my face and filled my mouth with hot cum from both her holes, then went back to taking more guys, we carried on for ages, mark taking his time, 4 other guys dp’d me him as he held off cuming, then I knew I was in for it, as Mark growled and pulled me back so hard onto his cock it hurt, then wow he grew to an enormous size inside me, and then oh boy his cum lots of it the other guy also couldn’t hold of and cum too, as they pulled out I thought why not, and went over and sat over sues face, pushing all the cum out of my well used hole, she ate it up as the other guys watched, it was just cock after cock, she took them all, as my arse also was well used by lots of guys, well Keith didn’t get away until mid night but no one complained, he said word was getting around and guys loved the group fuck nights, so we will have to see what we can do to keep them happy