Written by bi couple

14 Jul 2011

we have aways enjoyed swinging, and some times without even trying fun happens, we had arranged a small party of 4 couples we know, all are open minded and bar one couple all were nudist, so when we all got in the spa, it didnt take much for the 4th couple to strip and join us nude, not being that big, we all had to sit close together, and I was next to jan a great looking lady who had nice big boobs, as the more drinks were needed, we had to push past others to get out to get another drink, on one occasion, my wife grabbed daves cock and told him to be carefully as he could take an eye out with his hard rod, when he got backw in he was still hard, so once more she grabbed it and stuck in her mouth saying she would keep it safe for him, well it didnt take long before we all started touching and playing with one another, my mouth locking onto jans boobs, not to long and a few got out to head to the bed room, when myself and jan got there, my wifes pussy was already being filled by daves big cock, while she sucked hard on petes, pete was in turn eating out a pussy,,we joined them and all touched and played,, Jan got under my wife and was eating her pussy, while i force fed hers with my cock, it was great, it all just seemed to flow as girl on girl fun happened, then my wife being her normal self told dave i wanted to suck his cock, it was a surprise to see him turn and put his cock at my lips, so i greedily sucked hard taking him right in and played with his balls, soon i was rewarded by a huge hot load deep in my mouth, some of the girls saying wow how hot it looked, i sue my wife said, you should see how we swollows cocks in his arse if you thick that was hot, woman are strange things, as before we played i thought these woman were fairly straight, but when they all turned and said they wanted to see that, my heart jumped, wow, from a nice friendly night to a full blown orgy in a few hours, my mind was going wild, sue go out strapon out and geared up to fuck me, when out of the blue,, daves cock nudged my arse and slide deep in me,,within seconds he was pounding me hard, the girls couldnt have got much closer, eyes wide open,hands pulled at my cock and soon a mouth took over, it wasnt long before every one else had started to fuck again, sue and jan playing with some of our toys getting one another of as they did, i watched as daves wife took petes cock deep and after some time his face told me he was going to reward her arse with a large cum load, thier bodies shook as he strained each last drop out and she took him deep, dave loved seeing this and his pusling cock told me i was about to feel his load in me, and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm with one huge push and a loud grasp, his cock seeded me, soon the room was filled with more noises as guys and girls were cumming hard ,,,,,,

we lay talking, and the girls said how the night turned out so much better than any one expected, esp it seems with us guys playing, Jan being more bolder, said she had been looking forward to me taking one of my toys from sues strapon, and handed it to sue, I smiled and moved into position, as my cum soaked arse was filled full, cum dribling out as sue pounded me hard, jan wanted to take over and with very little fuss was soon wearing the strapon, and took over pounding me,Rod had been fairly quite until now about the bi fun but knelt next to me and looked sue in the eye, and got his arse filled with one of my other toys, we both took all the girls could give us and after some 30 mins thought we had better bring things to a close, ,, wow what a night, I now had 2 more biguys to play with and 3 other woman with whom we could play,, role on the next party,,,we think the girls are hatching up some thing for us all too