Written by pjb

20 Dec 2010

Where do I start. Well I do remember where I found my first threesome. It was a phone chat line called hot gossip. The people started chatting to me & invited me over to see if we clicked & we would take it from there. We meet up for a few drinks at Para leagues He was 28 & she was 26 myself 18. Things went nicely & we went home to there house & went skin dipping in the pool. I made outwith her while he watched. That was fun in its self & then we moved inside to a king sized bed. he wanted me to play with her so I did. She pointed me in the right directions & then left me to my own way of doing things. I started licking her pussy & looked up to find he was in her mouth. Hot watching & doing at the same time. I thought I was going to blow before I had even started!

She was easy to make come & come she did . She was a squirter! Was a bit of putting the first time but when she did it a second I was into it a bit more & kept pleasing will she did & boy did she go off! That was horny! I started fucking & the huby made me stop & said you go underneith & fuck her ass & he will do her pussy. This was so unbelivable at the time & with out ever having any contact with a guy before it was strange hving his balls crash against mine whilst we were both pumping away. It did feel nice but & also feeling his cock inside pushing against mine was different. I must admit It made me even hornier than I was which I didn't think possible.

He pulled out & shot a load all over her it was huge & I pulled out 2 & did the same . She grabed both our cocks & pulled them into her mouth & sucked them dry.

This happened three times that night swapping around but basicly doing the same thing. I was Blown away!!!!!!!!!

Never saw them again but that was ok. This set me up for my next adventure!