Written by ndk

31 May 2013

Hi swingers, how are we all? I had to share my story with the internet and the lucky site is swingers heaven.

Okay so Im 18, I know people are going to think this is a load of crap but trust I struggle to believe it myself. I got myself a girlfriend, about 8 months ago. And shes hot, out of my league and I'm not the worst looking. She's from England, Blonde, nice face, tanned, big firm tits and a good body.

We haven't done much talking, in the way of sexual interest. I do know she enjoys sex. And she's pretty good at it. She has mentioned a few times that she would like to explore a bit and has hinted to me that shes thinks a few of my friends are hot.

I set it up one day for her to be my place, and for a friend, call him Dan, to come around but I wouldn't be home. And hopefully they would acquaint themselves with each other. I would be with two other mates at the time and not far off being home.

Skip forward slightly, I'm home with two mates. I've asked them to come for a few beers. So I open the door and walk in with Hayden and Aaron. They take to the kitchen to get beers and I wonder the house seeing where Hannah is. I find her out the back, on one of the couches with Dan. She has one leg over his and is rubbing his cock through his pants. It's hard and rather large, when they see me walk out they are both startled and act as if they weren't doing anything. I tell Hannah to keep rubbing his cock. They both seem bemused, I say to them "I set this up so Hannah could enjoy herself, keep going." I walk over and sit down next to her, give her a kiss, and tell her to take Dan's cock out. She reaches for the zipper on his jeans, pulling it down and unbuttoning the top button. He looks at me, I say "It's okay mate, I want her to do this". He looks back down at her hand sliding his long, hard dick out of his underwear. My eyes also fixated on the action while I rub softly on the inside of Hannah's leg. She strokes his 8 inch cock slowly and I whisper into her ear, "now suck it deep, nice and slow. Make him cum. This isn't your only surprise today." She smiles at me, and then goes down on his cock. Slowly licking and caressing the head while still stroking the shaft. Moving down the shaft she licks it all over before moving her lips over the head and sucking down on the shaft. I start to rub her pussy with one hand, feeling all her juices soaking through her panties and rubbing my cock with the other hand. She begins to take his dick as deep into her throat as she can slowly going down on it and coming back up. By the look on his face he's enjoying it and isn't far from cumming. I expect Hayden and Aaron to get suspicious as to where I am soon.

A good 10 minutes has passed now and Dan looks close to blowing his load, I am now jerking my rod while watching the action. Dan gives a slight groan, and the "I'm going to cum face". Hannah strokes the base of his shaft, and holds his cock in her mouth. As he shoots his load into her mouth the back door opens and Hayden and Aaron pop their heads out, I smile. They surprisingly come outside with no hesitation, Aaron asks " What are you guys doing? "I'm giving her a new experience", I say. "You can join in. pull up a chair, have a watch and get comfortable." They both get a chair, Hannah swallowed Dan's load and has turned attention to my dick. She slowly works my shaft in a similar fashion she had worked Dan's. I tell Aaron an Hayden they don't have to join in, if they don't want to. They don't go anywhere so I assume they are fine to stay. I say to them, "you should start to warm up your cocks. It could be a long afternoon." Hannah hasn't said much, so I assume that she realises these two are the rest of her surprise. Aaron is the first to take his cock out for a jerk, about 6 inch, not very thick, still a cock though. He is already hard from watching Hannah suck. I tell him to take Dan's spot on the couch and have a feel of Hannah. Dan gets up and Aaron takes his place, quickly getting his hands on her big tits. I take some initiative and get her shirt and bra off, allowing him first go at her tits and sucked her nipples, both hands at work on her tits. Dan is sitting on a chair in front of the action, Hayden to his right, now with his member in hand. Very impressive, would have to be on the higher side of 9 inch erect and is quite thick. I lift Hannah's head off my cock and get her to look at his cock, "That's huge, that isn't fitting in me." She goes back to sucking on my cock, I'm ready to blow, so I just let go and explode in her mouth. She sucks it all up and swallows the lot.

I get Hannah to stand up and I slide her jeans off her, leaving panties on. Then with the guys watching, I get her to bend over and I slide off her panties revealing to the guys her shaven, wet pussy and nice round ass. Hayden stands and moves to the couch in front of her and next to Aaron, must feel like hes missing out and she starts sucking their dicks one, alternating between dicks. Dan took no time at all to stick his tongue in to her pussy and start to suck her sweet juices. I'm more then happy to sit back and watch for a minute. Then I tap Dan on the shoulder and motion him to fuck her. He looks more then eager, he takes one more taste of her pussy while stroking his cock. He stands up and slides his 8 inches of meat into her tight, pink pussy. Hannah gives a few moans, but continues sucking on the two hard dicks in front of her. I can't help but find my phone and take some video and pictures while she gets banged by my mates. I filmed for a good 10 minutes as they switched around and got great footage of Hayden's huge dick stretching her little hole and his photographs well, getting good shots of he three of them fucking and getting sucked. I stop filming and stroke my cock getting it harder, then hand my phone to Hayden and take his place behind Hannah, sliding my cock into her pussy and fucking her hard while Hayden gets it all on video.

I slide out, and maneuver Hannah over Aaron's cock, she sits down taking his full cock into her pussy. She rides his cock intensely, her tits smacking him in the face. Dan moves behind the couch and gets his cock sucked and Hayden takes a place on the couch stroking his member. I watch her ass bouncing while she rides, and spank it a few times. She gets off Aaron climbs straight over onto Hayden. His cock touches the lips of Hannah's pussy, she eases down onto his dick and it slides in slowly until all but 1-2 inches is in. She rides his shaft slowly up and down while still sucking on Dan's cock over the back of the couch, I once again grab my phone and start filming. After a minute or two Hayden starts to thrust up in to her pussy slamming her hard, his balls are slapping up against her skin and she is really starting to make some noise with Hayden's huge hard cock pumping her pussy. Once he slows down, I put the phone down and grab her,taking her by the hand and walking inside telling one of the guys to grab the phone and film. They all follow and Aaron films as we all walk inside. I take her into the bedroom and lay her back on the bed. Pulling her back to edge I shove my cock into her pussy. Dan and Hayden join on the bed, cocks on her face each slapping her cheeks softly with their dicks. I tell Dan to swap with Aaron and let him cum, as he hasn't cum yet. As i slowly fuck her wet, little cunt I tell Dan to make sure he gets Hayden and Aaron cumming on video. I then tell the two of them that I want them to paste her face with their cum, saying "I want that pretty face of hers soaked in cum." They oblige willingly, jerking their cocks over her face. "You want that cum babe?" The only response I get is, "mmmm." All I do is smile and keep fucking her. Aaron is the first to cum, spraying his load getting most on her tits. Then Hayden builds up his load and drops it out all over her face. All this cum on her face and tits is getting me even hornier and making me build up speed. I start fucking her pussy as hard as I can, all while still being filmed and about to cum. My load builds up in my shaft, I pull out and shoot a few thick streams of cum all over her stomach and tits. Dan hands my phone to Aaron and lines his rod up with her pussy and shoves it in, fucking her hard and fast. He builds up more speed and she starts to scream with orgasm. I edge him on, telling him he has to cum on her face. He pulls out shifts around to her face and unloads his hot, thick cum all over Hannah's face. Her face now soaked in cum, I get the phone off Aaron and take some snaps of her face and used pussy. She thanks the boys and welcomes them back anytime. I thank them all too for such a good time. Within 10 minutes they were gone and we went at it one more time. I fucked her as hard as I had all day and shot cum on her tits again. Then getting a big cummy kiss from her, licking some of the cum off her face and spitting it into her mouth for her to swallow.

Once I had loaded the videos onto the computer, we had a lot of fun watching back on that day. The highlight was definitely seeing Hayden's huge dick penetrating her tight pussy for the first time.

Will definitely be sharing our next experience with you guys and any others we have!