Written by cum slut

8 May 2013

Some times I just crave for cock, I have a good sex life with my husband, but I do like more than one cock at a time, so I rang Ray, a guy I had met before to set up a meet with him and his mate for one lunch time after noon, he said that he’s love to see me again and that he remembered how I had worn him and his mate out once before, so I jokingly said well you better make sure you have some extra guys then, and arranged to meet the next afternoon,

He lives in a block of flats and I walked up and knocked on the door, it opened and I was pulled in, no sooner had I got inside then I had some one put their hands over my eyes, I said hi Gary, thinking it was his mate, and they walked me in, once in the bedroom my eyes were uncovered, oh wow, Ray had certainly rang a few mates, my dress was taken of as hands began to explore my body, my lips soon found a cock to suck and fingers began to work on my clit, as I was lifted up and lay on the bed, a mouth went down licking me while 2 cocks pushed into my mouth, my first orgasm shot tho me as I felt a cock push against my pussy, and entre me with ease, I was used by them all, as one would fuck me another would play with my boobs and I’d be sucking another cock, some times 2, then Ray pulled me up sitting me back down on his cock, as he told another guy to lube my arse, soon they both fucked me, as guys watched in awe, it wasn’t long before the all to familiar swelling and groans let me now my arse was going to be seeded and soon followed by pussy guy, 2 other guys took over fucking my cum soaked holes, as my mouth took more cum too, I had taken some of my toys, and one of the guys must have found them as not only cocks now filled my holed but dildos and vibrators were used, I think to allow the guys to rest a bit too,

It was some time later that Ray had let out the last of the guys, turned out was 9 guys, when he said now lets see you take that big dildo, I had put my 12 inch dildo in the bag and he pushed it fully in my pussy while his cock took my arse once more, wow so full, as he set to once more, Gary also now looked on, straddled my back and worked his cock in with Ray, 2 cocks punished my arse as my pussy was filled with dildo, they didn’t last to long, maybe 10 mins then both set one another of for their last cum, I lay on my side, legs open cum running out as Ray licked me clean, Gary went behind and fucked my arse again with the dildo, I had already had a lot of orgasms, but this one sent me higher, my clit getting licked and huge dildo in my arse mmmmmm, then Ray slide some fingers in my pussy, more and more, until I heard him tell Gary his fist was going in next, I tried to look at them working on my body as one hell of a feeling shot tho me, my pussy screaming and I nearly passed out as I cum, Gary’s fist was in, the 12 inch dildo still in my arse and my mind going wild, they showed no mercy as they pushed me though orgasm after orgasm, then when I had no more energy to struggle and orgasm they eased up, allowing me to cum down a bit, but then wham, that began again, it seemed like hours, before they let me rest again, I sucked their cocks while we did, trying to get one last fuck, but both were spent,

As I dressed they said, with a sly smile, that’s for fucking us silly last time,

I said cool, when can we do this again,