Written by Julie W.

4 Feb 2017

Today is a special day. Will and I will be celebrating our fifteenth anniversary. We have plans for a special evening: a nice dinner in town followed by a night of amorous love making whilst our kids stay the night with Will's parents. But for now, today has begun as any usual day. I dropped the kids off at school and have run by the gym for my daily work out.

Out of the corner of my eye I see him watching me. He always watches me. As I begin my squats I face away from them, him and his cronies. I do this because I know he likes staring at my ass and there is a part of me that enjoys showing it off for him.

His name is Phil Sommers, and he is a beautiful specimen of a man. Tall, broad shoulders, blonde hair, piercing, blue eyes, chiseled cheeks and lips meant for kissing. He possesses an athletic build, thick, shapely arms, great pecs, a washboard stomach, solid legs, a round, perfect ass and a cock that is to die for.

However, Phil's biggest problem is that he knows he is attractive. With looks and a body like his paired up with his family's infinite supply of money, he knows that he is sought after. And when you throw in that magnificent cock, it creates a perfect recipe for infidelity.

But here's my problem. Phil is and has always been my husband's greatest rival.....if you want to call it that. You see everything my husband has gotten in life he has had to work hard for. His family was not rich. He struggled through school and barely made it through college on loans that we are still paying back. Will is somewhat athletic, but he has to work hard to keep his body in the pseudo-soft shape that he is in. Phil, on the other hand.....

Everything came naturally for Phill. He played all the school sports, cruised through college on his parents' dime, bedded MANY a woman. Today he is ultra-successful as a commercial real eastate broker. I guess if I think about it, Phil has bested my husband in every aspect of his life except for when it comes to me. I was the catch Will stumbled into on accident while I was watching out for Phil. I never thought of Phil as a lifelong partner, but as my dirty fantasy.....well let's just say that in my mind Phil has bested my husband in our marital bed many times over. There is something about his cocky attitude and insatiable advances that leave me wet at night while I lie beside my sleeping husband. I often wonder how it would feel to be dominated by my husband's childhood rival......to feel his huge cock sliding into the folds of my womanhood, driving deeper than Will has ever been able to get.....MUCH DEEPER!

Today I notice that he is with four of his usual cronies and his brother, Mark is with him. Mark. Now there's another story. Will happens to work for Mark. He is just as arrogant and smug as his younger brother. He has similar facial features, but he is less muscular with more of a runners build to him. Not quite my type, as I do like men with meat on their bones, but he is still considered to be quite a catch and a highly fuckable commodity. Mark, unlike Phil, has been married in the past but is recently divorced.

As I finish my reps, I glance over and see all of them staring at me. Of Phil's minions, three are much younger than him and one is about his age. All of them are pleasant to the eye, but nowhere near as handsome as the Sommers brothers. Their eyes follow me as I walk to the locker room. It is still relatively early in the morning. No classes on the schedule today. Normally I wait for more women to show up but today is special and I have a lot to do before my date tonight. I strip out of my clothes, rinse off and head to the sauna for a quick steam.

As I lie on the bench relaxing from my work out, I hear the door open. I pay it no mind and remain as I am, lying face down on a towel. After several seconds, I feel a large hand rest on the back of my left thigh and start rubbing. I jump about quickly to see Phil seated next to me on the tiled bench. Over by the door stand Phil's four cronies.

"Patience, love. We just came to see if you had a good work out." Panicking, I jump up and move away from him. Any coverage I had on my body was sacrificed for distance between us. I am now fully nude in front of the man my husband hates most, Phil Sommers. Super asshole. Super sexy. Fucking gorgeous, to be exact. The situation strikes fear into my very soul.....not because of what he may do to me but because I am not certain that I want him to stop. "Oh, come now girl. You mustn't be so shy. We know you want us here. YOU know you want us here, so let's not play any more games. You have been a very naughty girl, flaunting your body all over the gym and making us hard. The other day when you grabbed my cock and got it hard and then left me standing by the weights with no manner of release......you owe me, doll.....and me and the boys are here to collect!"

"Never in a million..."

"Like hell you say, you little prick tease! You are shit out of luck this time! No woman to tell on us and no Steve to run us off. Don't think we don't know that you are fucking him. Word on the street is that your hubby ain't pressing all the right buttons at home." Phil grinned and winked at me. He was enjoying this.

"That's not true. Will is an exceptional lover. The best I have ever had."

"Oh I have no doubt that he works at it hard. Men his size have to. That's right. I know he has a small cock. I grew up looking at it in the locker room. The big question is, how did a size queen like you end up marrying such a small dicked man?"

"Will's cock is more than adequate," I replied, hoping to defend my husband's honor as best I could.

"If that's so, love, then why are you staring at mine right now?" I was caught, dead to rights staring down at Phil's magnificent member. Even covered by his work out shorts I could tell he was getting hard......and my vagina was starting to betray me as I felt moisture collecting within my folds. Truth be told, I was getting turned on. "Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. It's your choice. How shall you choose, love?"

I lowered my head, cheeks flushing in submission. "Please don't tell anyone. Will can never know about this."

Phil cackled loudly. "You are not in a position to be giving orders or stipulations, love. Now get over here and lean across my lap."

Resigned to my fate, I moved back over to Phil and leaned over his lap. Immediately his hands went to my supple buttocks, kneading and rubbing them in a forceful manner. "Ah, just as I imagined, perfect consistency of muscle and fat. Soft, yet firm. And I bet your cunney's wet too." He shoved two of his thick fingers into my pussy and laughed, "Why yes it is! I knew this bitch wanted us boys!" My cheeks burned scarlet in embarrassment and shame.

"So first we start with a little business.....a punishment of sorts. Because you have been such a naughty little prick tease, you will receive a right proper spanking for your antics, and you are going to suck each of my boys here to completion, letting them cum all over that pretty little face of yours."

I began to protest and tried to get up, but Phil had his left hand solidly shoved into the small of my back, wedging me between his hand and his legs. With his right hand, he delivered a powerful and stinging blow to my right butt cheek. Pain surged up to my brain and I gasped at the force of his spanking. No man had ever spanked me that hard.

"Please be gentle with me," I shouted.

"You should have thought of that before you got us all worked up." Phil slapped my left buttocks just as hard.

"Ugh! But, Phil, I beg you, please don't leave any marks. Tonight is a special night for....Argh!" Another slap to my right cheek.

"What is tonight, love?" SLAP! My left cheek began to burn.

"Phil I am begging you," desperation clung to my every word, "I will do ANYTHING you want but please don't leave bruises and marks. Tonight is our anniversary!"

"Oh I see," SLAP! SLAP! "Well then me and the boys need to leave you with a little gift to take back to your cuckold husband!" I began to sob slightly, not because of the pain I was in. Not even because of the shame this was causing me in the moment. But because I knew that I would have to explain this to my husband and I knew that it would break his heart.....his old time rival and his cronies had plowed the one thing that he had that was untarnished by this childhood rivalry.

The spanking continued and my ass began to feel as if it was on fire. Light spankings from Will always left a mark, but Phil's was destined to leave bruises the size of my whole ass. Each blow from his solid arm brought a hand that felt hard as steel onto my once luscious, white ass. How could I look Will in the face tonight?

Then came the cocks. One of the young boys presented himself to me first. I looked away......not because the cock was hideous or smelled bad, but because I knew that this would put me at a point of no return. A spanking and fingering could be forgotten in an instant, but to service these men would leave a lasting impression on them and on me. And once I start down that path, there is no coming back from it.

"Take his cock in your hand and stroke it! Now!" SLAP! SLAP! I reached out and grabbed his half hard member and started stroking it. It was bigger than Will's but not by much. After several seconds of stroking he adjusted himself closer to my face and I wrapped my lips around his cockhead. The boy had been working out and he tasted delicious. I began sliding him in and out of my mouth, taking him all the way in til his balls hit my chin. He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face with vigor. It did not take him long to work himself up. He pulled his cock from my mouth and unleashed a rather sizable load onto my face and hair. "Next!"

The second man was much smaller than the first. He came quickly, shooting part of his load onto me and part onto Phil. For his efforts, he received a solid punch to the arm and was told to stand outside and guard the door. By now I could see the other two men's cocks as they were stroking themselves. Both were of respectable size but nothing like what I knew Phil had waiting for me in his pants. They both took some time to cum. At this point, Phil had stopped,with the spankings and had proceeded to make his right middle and fourth fingers a permanent part of my vagina. "She's wetter than fuck boys! Keep fucking that pretty little face!"

When the last man had unloaded on my face, the first guy returned for seconds. "What about fucking her?" he asked Phil.

"Her cunney is mine."

"What about her ass?"

Phil looked down at my scarlet red ass cheeks and said, "Her ass? I have something very special planned for this beautiful ass!" I didn't like the sound of that. Phil bent down and kissed each of my cheeks.

It was now his turn. Phil let me up and stood. He walked over to the other side of the sauna and said in a rough, commanding voice, "Now I want you to get on your fucking hands and knees and crawl that precious ass and tight pussy over to me!" I got down on all fours and crawled over to him slowly, my breasts swaying to and fro as I made my way to him. When I got there I began to get up but he stopped me. "Not yet! Stay on your hands and knees and look at the fucking ground!" I complied.

Phil moved around behind me, slapped my ass cheeks several more times as hard as he could, then reach around from behind and started fondling my pendulous, perky breasts. He took one in each hand, then pinched and twisted my nippples all the while shoving his still-clothed groin into the crease of my ass. I could feel his enormous cock pushing up against me. Phil then took his fingers and stuck them back inside my pussy. "You like this love, getting finger fucked in front of the lads?"

"yes..." my cheeks flushed again in shame.

"WHAT WAS THAT? The lads couldn't hear you!"


"Yes, what?" Phil was loving the shame this was causing me.

"Yes, I like it!"

"Yes you like what?" He began fucking me hard with those thick fingers and my body started to respond.

"Yes I like getting finger fucked in front of the boys! FUCK!" I came hard on Phil's hand.

"Well how bout that, lads, the little slut just came on my fingers!" That got a rise out of the peanut gallery.

Phil stood and walked back in front of me. "Now kneel and undress me." I forced myself to my knees. My hands reached for his gym shorts, trembling with fear and excitement. Here was the moment I had been waiting for....the fantasy of all fantasies was coming to light. I gripped his shorts and brought them down in one quick tug......and there before me in all its glory was Phil Sommers' glorious uncut cock! It was thicker than my wrist and already over eight inches long and still only partially erect. Its head peaked just slightly from its hood, precum dripping down towards the floor. "Suck it, bitch!"

I opened my mouth and brought his thick head into me. His cock dripped with preseed and sweat.....the taste magnificent. His groin smelled of a musky, manly scent laced slightly with cologne. I kissed his cock, tongued his slit and wrapped my hand as far around the shaft as I could.

"Suck my balls, baby!" I complied, taking in each one all the while savoring the aroma and taste of his sweat. He began to moan. " Fuck, baby. Your talents are being wasted on your dickless husband. You need to be sucking my cock more often." I moaned my response and stared going to town on his monster. In the back of my mind I heard the door open and close, but paid it no mind. I had to have more of his dick.

"Well, well, well. The guest of honor arrives. Hello, brother." I turned suddenly back towards the door and to my horror there stood Mark Sommers, my husband's prick of a boss.

"Oh no, I can't. I mustn't. Please don't make me." I grabbed Phil's hips and started to cry, looking up at him imploringly, "I can't fuck your brother. Will would never forgive me. It would never be the same at work."

Mark walked over to me, took my hands and picked me up off my knees. My nakedness did not seem to phase me as I stood in front of my husband's boss, a man I have seen many times at office functions. Mark looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Hello, Julie. It's good to see you in these circumstances." Phil and his friends laughed. Mark was not like his brother. He was softer but more cunning, which made him dangerous. "Will is up for evaluation at work. He has a chance for promotion. I am thinking that the interview process should start right here and now."

I caught on quick. "So you are saying that if you fuck me, Will gets the promotion."

Mark laughed his pleasant laugh, "I would not go that far. There are some highly qualified candidates. But let's just say that what you do here today can only help his chances." I nodded my understanding. Deep in my mind, my perverted little brain was thinking, brothers! I have never shagged brothers before. I knelt in front of Mark and ripped his shorts down to the ground. I could not believe my eyes! Older brother had a sizable advantage on his younger sib. He was also uncut and a spitting image of Phil's glorious dick, but just a couple of sizes longer and wider. His balls were even bigger!

I greedily began to lick and suck his hardening member, savoring the sweat and musk that I will always attribute to the Sommers gene. After a while of sloppy slurping, Mark was at full mast, a glorious length that surpassed the length of my face and rivaled my forearm.

Then Mark got a mischievous smile on his lips. "Julie, am I bigger than your husband?"

"Yes, Mark. Your are."

"Show me how much bigger." Phil laughed with glee. He liked this idea too. He moved over next to his brother and I had to show them both where Will measured up to their cocks. In both cases, he wasn't even half as long and with Mark it wasn't even one-third of his member. I then had to make a circle with my thumb and forefinger to show them his girth. Both boys apologized to me and told me that I had been gipped in life to marry such a small man.

"Now for the main course. Shall I start?" Phil looked at his brother and he nodded in approval.

"Your conquest, little bro. I'm just along for the ride.

Phil laid me down on one of the benches, grabbed my legs, spreading them out, and then started rubbing his large cock head against my folds and clitoris. It did not take me long to cum, and as hard as I was trying to conceal it, it was more than obvious to all in the room that my pussy was enjoying itself. Then he positioned his head for the plunge.

To say that his cock felt glorious is an understatement. I was so turned on by the humiliation, spanking and dick sucking, that he plowed half of his dick in on the first thrust. I felt my lips parting and then my vaginal walls started to spread....almost to the point of tearing it felt like. Pain shot from my pussy to my brain followed by waves of ecstasy as I came again. Several plunges in and out yielded a fully compliant and lubricated glove for this hung stud. "Damn this bitch is wet! She's been needing a good fuck like this for a while, I'll reckon."

Phil began to fuck me harder, driving himself into me with wild abandon. After several mind shattering orgasms, I began to meet him thrust for thrust. "There we go, love. I like it when you buck back!" I wrapped my arms and legs around my new lover, feeling his hard muscles contract and release with his movements. I loved the feel of his hard body against mine. The solid pecs, the broad expanse of his muscular back, the feel of his steely, sweaty buttocks beneath my hands as he drove his horse cock home, balls colliding with my asshole on each thrust.

"Who's a better fuck, me or Will?"

"You are."


" Oh you are, Phil! You're so much better than my husband. You penetrate me so much deeper. OH, FUCK I'M CUMMING SO HARD ON THAT BIG DICK! FUCK ME, PHIL! FUCK ME, STUD! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG DICK!" Shortly thereafter, Phil withdrew abruptly. He was replaced immediately by my husband's supervisor.

Mark's cock drove into me swiftly as I had just been dilated by his brother, leaving me with only a little more stretching to accommodate the biggest cock I have ever taken. Mark was not as urgent as his younger brother. He spent some time groping my ass and biting my nipples, which sent me over the edge again, unleashing my juices on his pole.


Then Mark got off of me and laid down on the bench. "Come ride me, beautiful." I eagerly hopped on top and could not believe the penetration that man got. It was not long before I was cumming again. "OH FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! I AM CUMMING SO HARD ON THAT FUCKING COCK! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! KEEP POUNDING ME WITH THAT HORSE COCK!"

Mark reached back and grabbed my asscheeks, which sent me over the top again. I was in my wild eyed slut mode, impaling myself on his beautiful spear, juices flowing down his shaft and onto his balls. As I came close to orgasm again, Mark stuck his middle finger in my ass, sending me over the top to a delicious and very powerful orgasm. "FUCK IT DOESN'T GET ANY FUCKING BETTER THAN THAT." Phil's friends were cheering us on.

"Oh, it gets better, baby. We are saving the best for last." With that, Mark grabbed my red sore buttcheeks and spread them apart, leaving my asshole exposed to the rest of the party. It was then that I knew what those dirty bastards had in mind, as Phil lined himself up behind me.

"No! NO! PLEASE NO! I've only had one cock back there at a time! You boys will split me in half! Please! Don't!"

"Love, you have no idea the extent of your talents. I am fixing to show you just how much of a big cock whore you can be," and with that, Phil grabbed my hips and rammed his cock straight up my port.


But Phil did not relent. Mark sat still for several minutes until his brother got his ball sack shoved up against my perineum with his brother's. Then, like pro's at this they began to work in tandem, pistoning in and out of my pussy and ass. Within a few minutes my pain turned to pleasure and I felt a huge wave of orgasms rushing to my brain.


Within seconds I felt Phil's strong hands on my hips as he pulled me up onto his cock all the way, unleashing load after load of his spunk deep in my ass. Mark was not far behind, cupping my buttcheeks and ramming his cock all the way into my vagina, flooding my womb with his thick, ropy cum. They dismounted and left me lying on the tiles catching my breath.

"Damn, Julie. You are one great fuck. Will just might get that promotion after all." Mark kissed me on the cheek and left the room.

Phil stood over me and jacked a few more streams of remaining cum onto my ass before spanking it several more times. "Great piece of ass you got there. Same time next week." Then he walked out leaving me with three of the four minions.

It was not long before I felt one of them pick me up by the hips and enter my gaping, cum filled pussy. I could not feel him, being numb from the whole situation. He finished quickly and was replaced by another, who came on my ass. The last boy, the youngest and biggest of the cronies, took my ass, pounding me to several more smaller orgasms before I felt him grip my hips and unload in my anal canal. Then he too left, leaving me spent and alone in the sauna.

I couldn't move. My legs were trembling. I could feel dried cum on my face and in my hair. A mixture of the men's semen ran from my gaping orifices. The air smelled of sex. Shortly, two women entered the sauna. If they noticed that anything was awry, they didn't say but they did not stay for very long.

I began to wrap my brain around the event. I had just been ravaged........fucked multiple times by multiple guys, two of whom my husband hates and one who he works for. Office parties would never be the same. Work outs would never be the same. I had just been brutally violated, gang banged in the women's sauna of my own gym........and I liked it. Something tells me I WILL be back next week at the same time. Now what to say to my husband.........