Written by happy swingers

26 Dec 2011

sue always enjoyed meeting her boy friend,and bringing his cum home for me to eat out of her pussy, so with a little persuasion he agreed to meet us both for some fun, he had been very happy with the ffm sue organised for him some time ago, and we hadnt told him this meeet was more than a mmf too, he arrived around 7 and we soon got naked and played, sue sucking his cock as I pounded her pussy, after a short time she got him to lay down and rode his cock for him, i made a discreet exit for a drink,,,, or so he thought, I cum back in and sue was still riding his cock, he was more than happy laying eyes shut while she did, she had often told me he loved this way,,, so kay and ally went unnoticed as I brought them into the room, kay had met john before and soon went down to his balls and played with them, johns eyes popped open as she did, and a smile came on his face, and then a bigger smile as he saw ally too, who moved up to sit on his face,

the girls gave johns cock a good work out, while I fucked them all in differnt postions and ways, we both cum in allys pussy. she then sat on his face for him to eat her out, his first ever cum feast, he lapped it up too, the girls also got out some of our toys and used the strapon on one another as we filled them with cock as much as we could, at one point, sue had the 9 inch vib in kays pussy , while i filled her arse with my cock, and then we reversed that with john fucking sues arse while i pounded her pussy, his first dp. then with some more lube I slid my cock in with his to give him his first dp in sues butt, she took it all, looking over kay was fucking ally with the strapon , and my 12 inch dildo, then much to my surprise slid the 9 inch in her arse too mmmmmmmmmm i wanted some of that too, johns face lit up seeing them playing and i felt his cock pulsing as reams of hot cum flooded sues arse, it was so hot seeing his cum run out of her and down her legs, I held off knowing where i wanted to drop my load, taking ally by the hips I thrust deep in her arse, and began pounding her hard, then sue, with cum still running out of her butt slid under ally and put the 9 inch in her pussy and licked her clit, this took ally well over the top and she screamed as orgasm after orgasm ripped tho her, sue taking a face full of fluid as ally squirted her first too, my cum racing into her butt, seeding her fully, soon my cock softened with my cum running out onto sues face as she licked it up, john was fucking kays arse, and playing with sue, when he saw my cum running out of allys butt, he moved over and shoved his cock in her arse, fucking her faster than before, groaning as his seed now joined mine in her, john and I lay watching the girls play some more as our cocks rested, but when we saw sue fisting allys pussy our cocks grew some what, and then ally fisted kays arse mmmmmmmmmm to much, the girls were going wild, we watched as the girls did every thing to one another, our cocks were hard, but we had no cum left, so we just pumped any hole we wanted now and then to keep us going, john had a dry blow, as he had sue fisting kays pussy while his cock was in it,

my cock also filling kays mouth with a few left over drops of cum as her arse was fisted by ally,,

as we lay resting John asked if we could organise another night, with the girls again, and with smiles all around I said it looks like we can, he smilled back saying we might need more help next time to keep the girls busier, I looked and said we could arranage that, as we know a bi guy who loves our meets, he half smilled and said , 'thats one thing I havent seen' so with a wicked smile, sue said you will next time, as she waved our 9 inch vib at me,